Supermarket Aisle Beauty - Tanning


With Spring about to hit and Summer quickly on her heels its time to tan those winter white legs and don Summer sandals and frocks. I have a tanning routine, it works for me it keeps me lightly bronzed and moisturized everyday.

Step 1 I use The instant Bronze tan, I usually apply this sparingly as its quite dark on Sunday night.

Step 2 I use Model Co Gradual tanner daily as a after shower moisturizer. Its light, smells good and keeps my tan even for longer.

Step 3 I apply Model Co instant tan on Thursday to top up my tan before the weekend, it keeps me lightly bronzed and helps again to stop those pesky streaks and rubbed off tan patches from being so darn obvious

Step 4 EXFOLIATE and begin again

Do you have any tanning tips or products you love?? x

Supermarket Aisle Beauty

Supermarket Aisle Beauty
I do the grocery shop in my household and I often grab cosmetics for myself too. I love the convenience, the affordability and the range. Do you buy cosmetics at the Supermarket?

I love and have been using the Wake me Up foundation by Rimmel for awhile now, its fantastic. Great coverage and build ability and smells divine and great range of shades and cheap and cheery price.

The Rimmel Wake me up concealer is the bomb, great for hiding blemishes, nasty under eye bags and I even use it for some contouring.

I often grab a NYX blush at Target, they have great pigment and are easy to build up too.

Maybelline Voluminous mascara  gives good curl, its easy to create thick, dark lashes and washes off so easily.

My favorite everyday lippy has to be Lychee Crush by Face of Australia, its such a flattering shade and after quite a few tubes its still a favorite.

What are your supermarket favorites?? Share your secrets..

My Best Advice for Luscious Lips


Everyone has a part of their face or body that they want to look great all the time. For some, it's their eyes, or their hair, or even their hands. But for a lot of women, it's all about the lips. I think I've got pretty good lips, if I do say so myself. I like to keep them looking fairly natural, which means keeping it simple a lot of the time. Some women like to be a bit more dramatic with their lips, drawing as much attention to them as possible. If you want yours to look super kissable at all times, there are lots of techniques you can use.

Lip Care

The first rule of luscious lips is looking after them. Are yours dry all the time or do you get cold sores a lot? You can keep your lips smooth and soft by caring for them in the right way. Firstly, staying hydrated is essential. If you often have dry lips, make sure you drink plenty of water and other liquids throughout the day. If you still have dry skin on your lips, give them a helping hand with a lip balm or other moisturizing product. Be careful about using lipstick, as it could dry out your lips. Try applying lip balm first, and then using a coat of lipstick or gloss. Another thing you can do is give your lips a gentle exfoliation to get rid of any dry or dead skin.

Lip Fillers

For some women, big lips are everything. Of course, they don't have to be huge. But you might feel that your lips are very thin and even almost non-existent. If you want to change that, one of the options is to use dermal fillers to plump up your lips. These are injected and usually last around six months before you need to have them again. Lip augmentation is almost instant, so you could walk out of a beauty clinic looking and feeling fantastic. However, if you don't like needles, it may not be for you.

Plumping Serum

If you don't want to go as far as using lip fillers, you can use a plumping product instead. You can get serums, creams and balms that give your lips extra fullness. Some of them may contain special ingredients, such as peppermint oil or bee venom, to induce a slight inflammation in your lips. They often only last a few hours, but some newer products may last up to a couple of days.

Getting Makeup Right

Of course, most women will use makeup to make their lips look luscious. But what should you do? No one can say how you should do your lips for any particular occasion. Everyone suits something different. Some women will love the natural look of a pink or matte red lipstick that's close to their actual colour. Others will opt for a bright red, brown or even orange. Remember to think about the occasion before choosing. Crimson lip gloss may not be ideal for your workplace!

It's easier than you might think to get gorgeous lips. If you don't find yours particularly exciting, you can give them a makeover in no time.

I Hate Facial Hair! Here Are Some Ways You Can Get Rid Of Yours!

The thing about facial hair is that most women hate it! You might not think it, but facial hair can have a devastating impact on a woman's confidence. They may feel that it prevents them from achieving certain goals in life, such as getting a date or a job.

There isn't a woman on Earth that doesn't suffer from facial hair. It's a common issue, yet it's one many of us consider a taboo subject! Do you hate facial hair as much as I do? If so, today's blog post is for you! Here are some ways that you can get rid of yours.


Do you have a few random hairs on your face? If so, plucking is the way forward. You don't need me to tell you that it isn't a pain-free experience. But, on the plus side, it's a quick, easy and free method of facial hair removal!

I recommend using a good pair of tweezers to get the job done. Otherwise, you could end up hurting yourself more than you need to, and you could damage your skin too. Plucking is a brilliant idea to remove unwanted hairs on or around your chin, for example. And you can use it to remove any rogue hairs from your eyebrows.


Do you suffer from hairy lips? Does your upper lip produce a five o'clock shadow? If the answer to either question is yes, it's worth waxing your lips.

You can carry out a DIY job in the comfort of your home, or you can get a pro to wax you. In either case, it's worth knowing that waxing will sting. So, if you've got a low pain threshold, bear that fact in mind!

Waxing usually lasts longer than plucking. It's a good choice if you want an option that offers long-term results.

Laser hair removal

The process of laser hair removal involves the destruction of hair follicles. Laser "pulses" get directed to each pore, and the process doesn't damage surrounding skin.

Prices are affordable to the masses, and are safe and effective on all skin tones. The downside is you cannot have the work done if you're pregnant, trying for a baby or are breastfeeding.


Pretty much all women I know shave their facial hair at some point. If guys can do it, why can't the girls? As you can imagine, it's quite easy and effective to shave your facial hairs away.

It doesn't hurt in the slightest, and it's something you can do in the shower. I don't know why some women find shaving a taboo subject. After all; the majority of women do it! There are plenty of ladies razors on the market, not to mention shaving gels and foams too.

Depilatory cream

Last, but not least, you can use depilatory cream products on your face. I'll admit it's not something I use, but that's because it never seemed to work for me. Of course, that isn't the case in general, so it's worth giving such products a try.

My Tips to Make Moving House Easy Peasy

Moving house isn’t fun. A new house can be exciting, and once you have all your stuff in there it can be quite magical. However, you need to move first. I for one, hate moving. There’s so much to think about, and a million things to remember. Hopefully, my tips for moving house will make it easy for you too:

Make a List of Everything to Take

Start off by making a list of everything you need to take. You can do this off the top of your head, or go from room to room listing items. Make sure you’re really thorough with this part, because you’ll need to refer back to this list. I found it really helped me when I moved!

Make a List of Things to Sell/Give to Charity

Obviously, the less you decide to take with you the less you have to think about. Ask yourself if these things really matter to you or if you’d prefer to start fresh in your new home. You can then sell some items to make some extra cash, or give them to charity. Whichever you prefer.

Find a Reputable Movers

Now you need to find a reputable movers to help you transport your stuff. You should be able to find a good furniture movers in your area by looking at reviews online and asking friends/family. You could consider asking a friend or somebody with a van to come and help and save you a little money, but if you want to be extra careful, a professional is probably best.

Find a Sitter for Kids/Pets

If you have kids and pets to think about, then it’s probably best you find a sitter to get them out of the way for the day. They can get in the way and make things so much harder, as much as we love them. If you can get a sitter for the day you’ll have much less to think about.

Double Check Every Room

Double check every room before you leave, even if you’re sure you’ve got everything. You can never be too careful!

Pack Everything Relevant Together

Pack all of the relevant items together, so you know exactly where everything is. This will make it much easier if you realise you need anything, and of course when it’s time for you to unpack.

Label Boxes Clearly

Label your boxes as clearly as possible so you know where everything is at a glance. All you’re doing is making it easier on yourself when it comes to unpack. If you don’t label boxes clearly, you’ll only hate yourself when you’re finished with the removal van.

Make Emergency Boxes for Each Member

It might help to make an emergency box for each family member. You don’t want to rush the unpacking process, but each family member will need a few things to make their lives easier. For instance, put the things you use every day in the box. Rather than packing each toothbrush in the ‘bathroom’ box, pack it in an emergency box. You can also pack makeup wipes, chargers, and anything else you might need in a hurry.

Use my tips and you should find moving so much more pleasant!

Summer and Spring BBQ Styling

Summer BBQ Styling
I am starting to plan my Spring/Summer wardrobe and I am desperate to add these few items to my wardrobe. Imagine a BBQ, sausages and onions frying on the BBQ, a cold wine in hand, the sun setting over the hills behind you.... I am wearing this and feeling cool, chic and casual

Monday Motivation

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I have been so so c=sick this week, so has my husband and bebe. Its been a long week, these funnies cheered me a little. What cheers you when you are ill?

Image result for getting over sick quotes

Image result for getting over sick quotes

Image result for getting over sick quotes

Image result for getting over sick quotes

Lob Inspiration

5 months ago I had my hair Lobbed and I loved it. I let it grow and got to a length where I either needed to grow it super long again or cut it short again. 

Of course I headed to pinterest and started a board, have a squizzie here 

This is my grown out Lob
No layers, all one length (except for my fringe which I am growing out)

Here is the inspiration I took to show my Stefan stylist

I asked for a angled Long Bob, just passed my shoulders at the back and past my collarbone at the front, no layers. 

Here is my hair after, I lob it

Bye bye hair