NFuzion Review, New Do means New Products

April 16, 2015

New Do Means New Products

My blonde hair can get a little brassy and dry so I need to be on my hair game to make sure that does not happen. 

Soft and bouncy and no brassy to be seen
Image 1  Image 1

These have a vibrant purple hue that washes away any hint of brassy and leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling subtly of a masculine like perfume. 
The conditioner is light and also purple in color, its nourishing and not heavy and washes out to leave soft and bouncy hair. 

Image 1

and my favorite product.. The Hair Booster...
this stuff is amazing, it again has a soft masculine scent and with just one pump rubbed through damp hair my hair is soft and manageable, easy to style and feels and looks healthy. 

Now where can you get these fabulous products????

Salon Supplies To Your Door

and if you sign up today you get a $10 credit towards your first order, sweet...

The Lob

April 14, 2015

The Lob

The hottest haircut of the minute. A blunt cut that hits just below the shoulders, its universally flattering and suits most hair types with a few adjustments.

Image result for the lob Image result for the lobImage result for lob haircut

Image result for lob kate upton Image result for lob blonde Image result for hilary duff lob

I had 8 inches cut off of my hair and went from long and lank to full, bouncy lob length hair.

Ill post a how to style soon....

Image result for the lob
Image {Google}

Love it?? 

Motivation Mondays

April 13, 2015

I've had an unintentional week off, after being sick with gastro (ewwwww) and then getting a cold (gross, achooo) I have been in a funk and hardly have left the house...

So today's post is about focus

Image result for dont lose focus

Image result for dont lose focus

Image result for dont lose focus

Image result for dont lose focus

Life's Little Luxuries

April 12, 2015

Luxury, what is it to you? My everyday little luxuries can be a simple take away coffee from somewhere swanky with a decadent biscuit, a new designer nail polish or lippy...

Image result for take away coffee and macaroon
Image {Google}

On a grander scale I love a designer handbag or accessory, a luxurious hotel stay, a bottle of expensive bubbly, a glamorous car , beautiful flowers

Image result for louis vuitton speedy sand castles and paper crowns
On a cost per wear basis this bag is excellent value for money and I should know I have used her everyday since I received her for a gift and not a single sign of wear..

When it comes to luxurious, I do expect quality and performance, I expect attention to detail and expert workmanship.

I also love the anticipation involved in a luxury purchase, the saving and considering... Do you splurge on luxuries or carefully consider your purchases?? Do you buy luxury goods because of the label or the workmanship?? Spill......

Current Wish list pieces

Josephine Wallet 

Chanel Chance

A Jaguar, any of them...... Dreaming I know

A night away at the Palazzo Versace 

What is on your luxury wish list? xx

This post is Sponsored by Jaguar in accordance with my disclosure policy. 

Natural Ways to fix your nails

April 11, 2015

Natural ways to fix your nails or your paws as I like to call them. 

Post baby and my nails are flakey and dry, all the time! I spend allot of time washing bottles and playing and there isn't much time for pampering but these steps have helped to improve my nails and hands ten fold.

 The below treatments have helped to get my nails back to beautiful at home and they don't take much time, give them a go and let me know if they help you.

Image result for nails oil
Image {Google}
Treat your nails to a oil dip.... I either rub coconut oil or cuticle oil onto my nails and the surrounds nightly or if they need a really good treatment soak them in oil for 10-30 minutes

Image result for nails treatment products revitanail

Apply a nail treatment like Revitanail daily until nails are hard and the length you love

Image result for short nails sand castles and paper crowns

Keep nails short and sweet, this helps keep them strong and stops them getting caught on anything.

Image result for rub hands with cream
Image {Google}
Massage your hands with a sweet smelling hand cream, this helps increase blood flow to your paws

What do you do to keep your nails and hands looking lovely? xxx

Two becomes Three - Cars

April 10, 2015

Since two became three our outings have changed ever so slightly. We now have lots of things we need to fit in our car so our little miss is safe and comfy when we are out and about.

Our little family was a twosome for many years and our needs from a car were pretty simple, zippy, easy to park, fuel efficient and enough room to throw the footy gear , an over night bag and the shopping..

Fast forward to now and we still have our little car and we have allot more stuff and a baby that needs to fit into our car...

We are on the hunt for a Family Car, something that will have a little personality, some spunk,,, fit loads in, have safety in spades and also feels grown up and maybe even a little sexy...

Image result for land rover discovery
The original Land Rover Discovery
Image {Google}

Growing up my Daddy was always in love with the Land Rover Discovery, he loved all the specs and the good looks. A family car with lots of real life practical uses, It was his dream car, a classic with safety, good looks and lots of practical features. My Dad is a outdoorsy camping type of guy, quiet and unassuming. He loved to read car magazines and I will never forget him showing me car magazines with reviews of the Discovery time after time.

Image result for Discovery HSE in Aruba driving on a sunny road
The New Discovery
Image {Land Rover}

Maybe he was onto something with the Land Rover, Dads usually are.

Post sponsored by Land Rover in accordance to my disclosure policy. 

Bohemian Traders Dusty Linen Dress

April 2, 2015

Oh and my new hair do....

But back to the dress, made if the softest linen, so thick it flutters and falls so gracefully. I love a dress you can pull on and feel lovely in

My favorite accessory

The Dusky Linen Dress
Loose fitting, cool linen
Thick linen that flatters and falls so delicately

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