How to Thoroughly Clear Out Your Home

If you’re a bit of a hoarder and you want to clear out your home, here’s how to do the job properly.

Survey the Home and Make Lists

Clearing out the home is undoubtedly a big task. And you need to think about creating a plan before you start doing the work. You can do this by having a look around the home and seeing how big the task will be for you. Most people will be able to get the job done in a day if they work hard. Before you get going, you should make lists of things that you need to keep, things that you can sell and things you can sell. This will help to organise your mind before the heavy lifting begins.

Hire a Skip and Throw Things Away

The biggest problem you’ll face when having a clear out is what to do with all the junk you have. If there’s a lot to take care of, it might be a good idea to hire a skip for your home clear-out and put all the junk in there. This might save you a lot of time and stress later on because all the junk can be put in one place. Then you just need to worry about unloading the junk from your home and putting it in the skip. You can get some friends and family members involved to help you in this task.


Sell Any Items of Value

If any of the things that you no longer want are desirable to people, you should sell them. This chance to make money is the motivation for many people who decide to clear out their home. You never know what you might find stuffed in the corner of the attic. Those old items might have increased in value over the years since you last saw them. You should use online auction sites like eBay to sell your items on. This gives you a global audience of people who might be interested in what you’re selling.

Take the Opportunity to Clean

Now that the home is a little more organised and less cluttered, it will be much easier to clean. You should take the opportunity to have a clean in those nooks and crannies that you haven’t had access to for years. You should clean the floors, the walls and the windows. You should also focus on dusting the areas that were once filled with clutter because there will be plenty of dust and cobwebs there. This will turn the home into a clean slate.

Introduce a New No Hoarding Policy

Once you’ve cleared the home out once, you don’t want to go back to the bad old days again. You need to make sure that the junk and the clutter doesn’t start piling up once again as soon as the job is done. So, that’s why you should introduce a new rule in your home that bans hoarding things that you don’t really need. Whenever you no longer need an old possession, you should either throw it away, donate it to charity or sell it. It makes no sense to needlessly hold onto things that you don’t really need or want.

Travelling with a Toddler

Travelling with a Toddler

I like to think I am a pretty organised Mum, I try and plan and organise things and think in advance when the next feed is, what there is to eat, are there clean bottles, clothes, pjs... my list could go on and on and on. So when it came time to pack for our families mini break to the Sunshine coast I thought I was all over it, I thought I had it all down and that I was in for a relaxing break at the beach...

I was so so wrong. firstly I did forget a few things, accidentally packed the old  (broken) port a cot not the new one (not broken), I forget to bring any child safe or child proofing and I also booked a twin room instead of a 2 bedroom. opps.

So you get lucky, I will share my post first holiday with a toddler tips

Bring child proofing items, if you are travelling locally and can manage I absolutely suggest bring a child gate or two to section off kitchens and bathrooms or balconies that can be very hazardous to adventurous babes. We neglected to bring gates etc so we moved furniture around to ensure the kitchen was off limits, the bathroom door was kept shut so no water safety issues, we kept the balcony door shut and locked to ensure our little adventurous lady was kept safe.

Rest when you can, swap with your partner so you both can have some time to relax and some time to create special memories with your kids.

Go with the flow, beaches and fresh air, pools, cafes and new experiences tire kids out. So go with the flow, let them nap if they need too, rest and have quiet time. Just enjoy the pace and relax your rules.

Pack a variety of clothes that can be layered should the temperature change, to protect from the sun and air conditioning in hotels.

Bring items that are familiar to your babe, a toy, blanket, white noise. Create similar lighting in the bedroom and keep the temperature the same if you can.

Thats all I can think of ... Do you have any tips for travelling with toddlers? x

Keeping Your Home Safe While On Vacation

We all look forward to going on vacation. It's a welcome chance to unwind from the pressures of regular life and enjoy time with your family. Sometimes, we even save up for the entire year just to enjoy a break away from work and stress. The last thing you need when trying to have an escape is to be worrying about anything. And yet, our home security, while we're away, is paramount in our thinking. In the back of our minds sit niggling doubts about whether our home will be safe in our absence. Don't allow your vacation to be ruined by worry. Follow these simple steps and you can ensure total peace of mind.

Don't Advertise Your Absence

An empty home is one of the quickest ways to attract the attention of criminals. With nobody inside, houses are at their most vulnerable. As far as thieves are concerned, it's low risk and high reward. That's why it's important that you don't draw attention to the fact that you're not there. This can be done in a few ways. First, pick up a lamp that works on a timer. Set the light to come on after dark, so that it isn't obvious from the outside that nobody is home. It might be worth alerting your mailman that you won't be around. An overflowing mailbox is a dead giveaway that you're not home, and that's the last thing you want. You may also consider, if you haven't already, having a security system installed. Click here to find out more.

Get a Friend or Relative to Help

That's what they're there for, right? If you have concerns about your home while you're away, why not ask a loved one to check on it for you? Most will be glad to help. It's not asking much to pop around and make sure that everything is in order. Besides, somebody needs to feed the fish and water the plants, right? Make sure to give them a token of your appreciation upon your return. And try not to brag about how much fun you had, either!

Turn Off Appliances

It's not just theft you need to be worried about. With nobody around to react, you might find that a somewhat innocuous problem turns into something more sinister. Before you leave for your vacation, do a spot check around the house. Make sure all taps are turned off. Switch off and unplug everything at the wall. Make sure the gas isn't on. The last thing you want is to return home to find flooding or fire damage! These simple checks will ensure nothing goes wrong while you're away. Also, and this should go without saying; don't forget to lock all the doors and windows after you leave!

Follow these simple steps and you can put worry to the back of your mind. That means your only concern on vacation will be how well you can top up your tan! Enjoy yourself and remember to stay safe.

Upgrade Your Home For The Wet Weather

I don’t know about you, but where we are the temps are heating up and Summer is well on its way! We’re deep into November now, and those colder nights are a distant memory. The winds are picking up, and the forecast is a Summer of hot and stormy days. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come with January and February around the corner.

Around this time every year, I like to take stock of the Winter past and have a think about next Winter to make sure that my house is prepared for the winter. There’s a lot can go wrong over the winter months, and the last thing I want is a disaster at home! I have a short checklist of things to check and upgrade, just in time for the worst of the weather. Today, I’ll show you what’s on my checklist, and hopefully provide some essential advice! Some of it will help you for those Summer storms too!!

Warmer bedding

Let’s start with the essential things, shall we? While warmer bedding might not protect your home from hurricane style winds, it will keep you warm. Switch the bedding for a warmer alternative, and you’ll get a much better night’s sleep. It also means you needn’t reach for the thermostat and heating knob quite so early. Take care of yourself, and make sure the bedroom is a nice place to sleep. Then move onto the house itself.

Prepare your roof

One of the most vulnerable aspects of the home through the winter is the roof. After all, it takes a battering from the wind and the rain. If there are any small problems now, the winter weather will exploit it, and make it ten times worse. If there’s a loose tile, that’s an accident just waiting to happen. If the chimney pot is weakening, that could cause further damage. I’m not expert in roofing, so I usually call a roofing company to give it a once over. They’ll look for weaknesses, and make sure we’re all set for the winter.

Put away the outdoor furniture

It’s time to accept that those long warm evenings are over and gone! There’s no more chance to sit outside with friends and family, I’m afraid. With that in mind, you’re doing your furniture no good by leaving it outside. It will only deteriorate in the harsh weather. Take this opportunity to safely wrap them up, and put them away. If you’ve got a shed, great! If not, find somewhere dry and secure to store them until next summer.

Prepare the windows and doors

One area of weakness is the entrances and windows. Here, cold air can rush in through cracks and gaps. Check the windows, and seal up any gaps with caulk. As for the doors, try to make sure there are no draughts. If there are, take quick action to close them up, and keep the cold out.

Test the drainage

The winter months bring awful rains with them. If any of that water infiltrates the house, it will cause a lot of expensive damage. Test the drains now to make sure there are no blockages. Don’t let rain water build up around the house.

That’s my winter checklist, folks! Have I missed anything vital?

6 Fun Activities To Do With The Kids This Weekend

Every mum knows that kids demand constant attention! They’re clinging to your legs as you’re leaving the door. They’re always playing games, and using their imagination. It’s up to you to help them keep this playful attitude for as long as possible. That’s why I always schedule some sort of weekend activity for the children and us. (This weekend, we were at the Myer gift emporium). It keeps them busy and entertained. Plus, we get to spend time together as a family. It strengthens our bond together, and we have hours of fun. (Best of all, it exhausts them so they fall straight to sleep too!) If you’re stuck for ideas, try one of these:

1. Go to the park

It’s simple, it’s easy, and the kids love it. They’ll run around and play to their heart’s content on the swings and slides. Just keep a watchful eye on them, and make sure they’re safe. If you’re lucky, you might run into some other moms, and you can enjoy some grown up conversation too! If there’s a wide open space at your local park, take a football or rugby ball, and run around for a few hours. You can even unwind with a picnic and a few snacks before packing up for the day.

2. Go-karting

Don’t worry, I’m talking about specific indoor go karting for kids! It’s safe and exciting if you find a place that caters for younger children. They’ll love driving around the tight bends, and racing against mum and dad! Most go kart tracks also have a range of other activities, and a place to eat. You can happily spend a few hours here enjoying each other’s company.

3. Sports

Why not take your little ones to the big game? They’ll love the atmosphere with the crowd chanting and enjoying themselves. It’s a chance for them to see some of their favourite sports stars too. If it’s their first time, be careful, and make sure they’re old enough.

4. Eat out

We like to take our kids out for dinner at the weekends. It’s a good way to get them away from the TV, and actually engage in conversation. Plus, they love ordering their favourite foods! It’s all about finding new ways to bond with your kids. As they grow older, they’ll want to do more grown-up things, and be a part of the conversation. This is a good way to do that.

5. Cooking

Kids always love to get involved in ‘adult’ activities. Cooking and baking is one those things, and they’ll love helping you out. Try baking a cake together, or making cookies. Maybe they can be in charge of icing and decorating. You’ll make a big mess, but you’ll love spending this time together!

6. Movie day

If it’s raining outside, then you’ll want to find some indoor activities for you and the kids. Movie day is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon, and you can power through all the Disney films!

When you let the kids’ imaginations run wild, there’s no limit to what you can do this weekend! Enjoy yourself, and have fun.

How I Keep My Family Home Safe & Secure

We never like to think about our homes being burglarised. In fact, it’s one of the scariest things you can imagine. But, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. I believe in preparing for the worst, and making sure your family is safe and sound. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure our property is secure. It’s always worth investing in a few security devices and upgrades when it comes to home security. There’s nothing more important than your family’s safety, and it’s easier than you think. Here’s how we stay safe at home.

I’m very careful when we’re away

Most burglars aren’t criminal masterminds. They usually local, and they’re taking a chance. With that in mind, they’re most likely to break in while you’re away. Most amateur burglars won’t risk breaking into the house while people are at home. So, you need to be careful about advertising the fact that your house is empty. There are lots of giveaways when you’re on holiday. Simple things like lights left off all day and post building up. Try not to leave any obvious patterns, and keep automatic lights on while you’re away.

Make it hard to break in

Most burglars will look for quick and easy ways to get in. Open windows and unlocked doors are an easy invitation. With that in mind, always try to keep doors and windows locked and shut. If you’re particularly worried, speak to a locksmith, and have the locks changed. Ask for solid deadbolts and heavy duty locks. That might just give you some extra peace of mind. You can also strengthen the door jambs, and double glaze your windows.

Security devices

Simple security devices are often enough to deter would-be thieves. A small CCTV camera will instantly put off amateurs and chancers. You can even buy decoy cameras at a relatively low price, which often work very well. Many newer CCTV cameras will stream direct to your smartphone, so you can always monitor what’s happening. I also suggest purchasing a reliable home alarm system. These safety features will also add value to your home.

Neighbourhood watch

There’s a certain comfort in knowing that your neighbours are looking out for you and your home. Take the time to get to know the folks next door, and along your street. If you’re going away, ask them to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. You can even organise a neighbourhood watch group to stay on top of things. When the whole community looks out for each other, you’re in much safer company.


Finally, try to keep the outside of your home illuminated at all times. Burglars will target houses that have plenty of dark hiding spaces. Bright lights make it very difficult for them to creep up and hide in the shadows. A bright light and CCTV cameras will deter thieves almost immediately.

It might sound like overkill, but you can never be too careful when it comes to your family. Take the precautions that you need to feel safe. Don’t take any chances, and work with the community to boost safety.

Its a daily Miracle - Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

On any day I have probably been up once or twice the night before, out of bed at 5ish and wrangling a toddler and trying to spoon food into her mouth and that's all before 7am.. So when its time to get my face together I need a mini miracle...

I stumbled across the Miracle Skin Cream from Garnier and I absolutely love it. Its kinda magic, it comes out of the tube a white and light cream and when you rub it between your palms to apply it becomes a tinted iridescent cream..

Once applied it gives my skin a luminous moisturized glow...

It evens out my skin and makes me look fresher. 

Its available at the Supermarket too, so you can just pop it in your trolley

What they say

MiracleDay Cream

Garnier invents Miracle Skin Cream, the anti-ageing cream with instant and long-term results.
A breakthrough formula with 12 patents that combines self-adjusting technology with anti-ageing benefits for an instant & long-lasting transformation.

Instantly, its self-adjusting formula is enriched with micro-pigments that provide natural coverage by adjusting to match your skin tone. Skin is immediately flawless, radiant and appears visibly younger.

Enriched with 7 anti-ageing actives* + SPF 15 protection, fights against the signs of ageing for lasting results.

In 28 days, wrinkles and imperfections are reduced, complexion is more even and skin is firmer.

*An anti-ageing complex of 7 active ingredients: LHA, Pro-Retinol, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, firming peptides, anti-oxidant ginger.

You are welcome xxx

Myer 2015 Christmas Giftorium

Myer  2015 Christmas Giftorium

Sophia and I were lucky enough to be invited to this years Myer giftorium in Brisbane. We had a lovely time wandering around perusing the beautiful gifts, displays and personalized gift options.

A fabulous one stop shop  for all your tricky to buy for giftees. There are sparkly, smelly, shiny, fun gifts, personalised gifts and creative gifts. Stocking stuffers, gifts for the kids, the gardener or the chef.

Fancy some online Giftorium action?? The Myer website has been given a little Christmas decorating with a dedicated Giftorium section, a giftician service booking option and a option to book in your visit with Santa.

We loved the Kids activity area, plenty for them to see and do. Santa and his train are just around the corner and I spot to write your letters to Santa too. 

Who could say no to a personalized Nutella Jar??? I certainly couldn't....

The Giftorium certainly puts the fun back into Christmas shopping. The beautiful displays, the Christmas music. There are personal shoppers, Ipads to order items not in stock, gift wrapping and shop and drop services so you don't have to carry a million parcels around and even a wrap and deliver service. Its Christmas shopping made fun and simple. 

Did I mention there was plenty of fun to be had?

Kirsten from Kirsten and Co with her personalised Nutella being photographed by the gorgeous Melissa from Suger coat it

My favorite everyday outfit : Jeans and a Tee

I love jeans and a Tee, there I said it. I am officially a SAHM and my #everydaystyle reflects casual and comfort based styling. I love to be able to carry my baby, run around the supermarket, park or sit in a cafe and feel cute and comfy and jeans and a tee never lets me down. 

What is your favorite #everydaystyle outfit??

My hot tips for changing up your look, drape a scarf around your neck or some beads and you change your look, wedges, sneakers and change the look again

My current fav jeans, Target

Lily Loves Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans - Washed Blue

My favorite Tee, Sizeable

Ruby Sees All Eternal Day Tee 12


What Does It Really Take To Turn A House Into Your Ideal Home?

Most of us here have had a go at decorating and perhaps even dabbled in a little interior design at home. But when you’re busy at work, and you’re short on time, just planning a major renovation can be a headache. The first thing you need to do if your home isn’t working out for you is identify where the problems are. Maybe the kitchen isn’t big enough, or you want a second ensuite bathroom. Make a list of what your home is missing and what doesn’t work well for you.

Armed with a list, you can now start to decide what you would like to work on. It can be a good idea to tackle everything at once sometimes. That way, all the mess happens in one go. You can clean up, tidy your interior design and start enjoying it all. It can also work out cheaper to have everyone on site at once rather than calling contractors back in again and again.

Next you need to cost it all out. There are plenty of budgeting templates you can use online. Just take a look at You’ll need to factor in the workforce, materials and delivery charges. Chances are you’ll have to find alternative accommodation for a while. This is usually essential if the kitchen or bathroom are being renovated. Building an extension for a dining room can be equally disruptive. And sourcing all the items you need can be a challenge if you’re not in the trade yourself.

Project management is a lot of hard work, and can take up a lot of your time. If this is your first major refurbishment, then you may have a steep learning curve. Sometimes it’s easier to leave it to the professionals. Companies like offer a full service. You don’t need to worry about scheduling or even alternative accommodation. If you fear you may make mistakes, then you could find it cheaper to let a professional team take over.

Depending on the size of your project, there may be contractors in and out of your property for several weeks. This can be annoying and disruptive for your neighbours so it could be a good idea to warn them of what will be happening. Making peace with some token gestures like a meal out can be a good way to keep them onside!

If you work from home, then you may need to find a temporary office somewhere. This could increase your budget, or you might try your luck at the local library. Plumbing and electrical works can be very disruptive if you need to stay at home during works. Perhaps you could treat yourself to a holiday?

A new kitchen or utility area can make a huge difference to your life at home. Having a second bathroom can save your family valuable time in the mornings. It’s always worth making the improvements to your home if it can offer you the lifestyle you desire. Most home improvements can also add value to your property. There maybe disruptions and there may be a mess to contend with. But after a few short weeks, you’ll have the home you always dreamed of.

A Guide to Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia might be the best move you ever make. But it’s a huge move, and you need to get it right. So, let this guide help you out. I have experience in moving to amazing new countries having moved from Australia to the United Kingdom and then back and then from Australia to New Zealand and Back...

Get Your Paperwork in Line

To be allowed to live in Australia, you have to get a Visa that allows you to work there. This is different from simply traveling to the country. A travel visa is not enough to allow you to live there permanently and get paid for work. And trying to work without the correct documentation is a criminal offence that will lead to deportation.

A skilled migrant visa can be given to people who have particular skills and qualifications. This includes nurses and doctors. The Australian government give these skills priority when deciding who to let in. Just make sure that the visa you get offers you an Australian permanent residency.

Find Work & Schools

It’s best to get your work arrangements sorted out before you leave for your new life in Australia. This is what most people have to do in order to be allowed to enter Australia anyway. If you can get in without a job, it’s still a better idea to get work arrangements sorted in advance. Life in Australia can be quite expensive, so you need access to cash.

You also need to think about the children if you have a family. If they’re between the ages of 2 and 5, you should add them to a school waiting list to make sure that they get into the school you want. And if they're older, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting them into the local school. As long as they speak English, they’ll fit in pretty quickly.

Consider the Different Regions

Australia is divided into various states and territories. And although Australia might appear huge when you look at it on the map, it’s isn’t. This is because the vast majority of Australia is not inhabited by people. People tend to congregate around the large cities and towns. So what are the best cities?

Well, the city that most people are most familiar with is Sydney. And this is the common destination for people who are moving to the country. But there are other cities that you should explore before you make your final decision though. There’s Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, which are all great too.


Finding a Home

Before you move permanently, you’ll have to find a home for you and your family to live in. This might be more difficult than you imagine. For some people, this is good news and for others it’s bad: buying property in Australia is expensive so Renting is common, so you might want to consider this.

Of course, you can buy a home if you want to make a long term investment but for people on modest incomes, renting is the best option. And, when you’re looking at rental properties, it’s important to remember that the price will be presented as per week, not per month. So, don’t get your hopes up when you see a low price!