How to Perfect your Babies Sleep Routine

One of the main problems Mummies have is getting their baby to sleep.Babies tend to have restless nights, broken sleep and erratic patterns. That means that you don't get much sleep either which is probably one of the hardest challenges of parenthood. There is no magic trick that will make your child fall asleep right away, but there are some things you can do to help them get a good nights sleep. If you want to perfect your baby's sleep routine, you need to keep things simple. Your baby will thrive on repetition and routine. You need to keep to a routine so that your child knows when it is bedtime and time for sleep.


Get into a straightforward routine

First, sort out your routine. If your baby tends to cry a lot at night, you will need to put them to bed as early as possible. That way, when they do start to cry, you will still have time to settle them. You should carry out the same things each time before putting your baby to bed. For example, you might bathe your child right before they go to sleep. Doing the same things, will send a signal to your little one that it's time to sleep.

Create the right environment

Of course, you will already have a cot in your baby's room, but you need to make sure that the environment is right. Children are highly sensitive to light, which is why they wake up so early. You should get some roller blinds so that you can block out any external light. This trick is particularly useful in summer when the sun sets late. You will likely want to put your child to sleep before sundown, which means that you need to create a dark environment for them. You will, of course, need to make sure that the room is cool enough for your baby to sleep.

Make sure nighttime feeds are calm

You will probably have to feed your baby during the night, which means that you will need to get up to do so. Whether you're breastfeeding or using a bottle, this can be a real strain. In the day, you will find that your baby loves feeding and makes quite a lot of fuss as you feed them. At night, though, you want to keep your child as calm as possible. Be as quiet as you can so that your child doesn't fully wake up. That way, they will drop right back off to sleep.

Give your baby something comfortable

Remember when you were a child? Did you have something like a comfort blanket? Well, these little things can make a big difference when your baby is trying to sleep. Whether it's a teddy bear or a blanket, you need to give your child something they can hold onto when they sleep. Often, they like these things because they smell like you. You should choose something that your child will love.

Be patient with your child

The final thing you need to remember is that this entire process will take time. Your baby might struggle when it comes to sleeping at first. In fact, many children find this part of their routine tricky when they are young. You need to give your baby space to relax and get used to sleeping through the night. It will be hard for you at first, but be patient. In time, your baby will get into a routine, and you will finally get some sleep as well.

I know how difficult it can be when you're a new mommy, but you can do it! If you follow some of my advice, it will hopefully help your baby's sleep routine.

Real Mums Series - Amber

My name is Amber, and I am a mama of 2 boys, wife to a shiftworking blue collar slave, & longterm admirer of our 2 fur babes that are now "holidaying" permanently at my in-laws home (damn you allergies!). By day I am a Conveyancer & baby whisperer (OK, that “whisperer” bit is a wish, I haven’t quite got that bit down pat), & by night I'm studying, tending to wounds, mouths, little minds, home duties & attempting a discussion with my husband.
As a working/studying parent, my head is continually ravaged by guilt. I feel like there’s not enough of me to go around.
I am a solid “working mum”, & I think this goes back to seeing how hard my own mum worked to be able to provide for us when I was little.
Being classed as a working mum comes with more than just the self-imposed guilt, & it’s the part that I struggle with the most – the judgement from other people.
"If you're on leave, why are you still involved with your job?" "You're crazy!" "Enjoy this time with your baby. They're only small for such a short period of time!!"
I'm hearing your cries. I've heard them all plenty of times over, & I've been strongly judged. Hell, I even judge myself. We are our own biggest critics after all.....
Do we really need to voice our dissatisfaction with other people’s choices so freely? What gives us the right to judge or dictate what is happening in other people’s lives?
Keeping the anxieties contained can be hard, & I struggle with them daily. Sleep (what does that even mean anymore?!) deprivation plays a big part in that too, I’m sure. ;)
There are always 2 sides to why we do things – 1 is to keep up appearances, 1 is to do what is right by us. For me, I enjoy the interaction & overall reward that come with working, so for me, the latter is much more appealing.
Naturally, there must be some type of balance between personal & professional lives. With the type of work my husband now does, the adjustments have been difficult on our family, but we are slowly learning to make it work.

One of the biggest things that has been impacted was our eldest child’s behaviour. There is almost 6 ½ years between the boys, & Max had even become used to being the man-of-the-house while dad was away for 8 months training for his new job.
Max had started to become incredibly rude, his manners were non-existent, he was back chatting, having tantrums, sulking, & just being the complete opposite to who he was the same time last year.
With the arrival of Harley, & my husband being back home & in his new position, Max had even started acting up at school. I had put a plea out on Instagram for any advice, & the one piece of ‘advice’ I despise is “just go with the flow”. Seriously? If I was to go with the flow, I’d be rocking in a corner in a fitted white jacket with lots of fun belts all over it.
It was a random talk to his teacher that really told me what was going on with some honest & helpful suggestions.
The best piece of advice I received was from a staff member in Typo who asked if I had considered a Gratitude Journal. This simple idea pulled my 6 ½ year old out of his dark hole in 2 days. Yes, just 2 days.
On any day that Max is feeling really low, he knows to talk & write about the good things he remembers in his day, no matter how small. It has made a dramatic difference for him.

Oh, & a round of hot chocolates never fails

Vaccinations - Baby Riley Hughes story

Vaccinations, Its often a topic of debate for many people for many reasons, and while I can appreciate everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs I cant accept that your choice will affect my family and friends for reasons I can not understand. My beautiful bebe was a little premmie so for us vaccination is so important to keep her safe, I also have a compromised immune system so I am extra careful.

For one beautiful little family the loss of their beautiful little boy has driven them to fight tirelessly for the cause. I  support them and also believe its so important to vaccinate your children and those in your family and to understand the debate.

Light for Riley facebook page

The heartbroken parents of baby Riley have been forced to defend themselves from online trolls

Baby Riley was born a beautiful and healthy little boy on February 13th, 2015 but devastatingly he contracted whooping cough and died from complications only 32 days later, I write this with tears in my eyes. A baby this young cannot be immunized and protected and so as a community it falls on our shoulders to protect them through vaccinations and awareness.

Catherine Hughes has stood up to people who questioned her online

Riley's Mum Catherine Hughes wrote a touching article for Mother and Baby where she tells her little families story and why it is so vital we protect our children by being up to date with our vaccinations. Riley was too young to be vaccinated and his whole family was vaccinated.

Riley Hughes

Big Sister Olivia cuddling her tiny baby brother with her father Greg and baby Riley

Unfortunetly cases of whooping cough are becoming almost epidemic in propertion. 
Victoria has issued an urgent health warning, after 2,500 babies have required treatment for whooping cough since the beginning of this year. Those figures are up a staggering 70 percent from last year.
Likewise, Canberra has seen cases double since last year: “An ACT Health spokesman said today there had been 168 cases of whooping cough recorded in the ACT since the beginning of 2015.”
NSW’s Illawarra district has also seen a spike, with 10 of the Illawarra’s childcare centres, preschools and schools notifying the region’s public health unit of children with whooping cough, including one northern suburbs school with 13 confirmed cases. (Link to article on Kidspot)

What can we all do to stay safe during an outbreak?

Virologist Dr Dave Hawkes explains: “The current whooping cough vaccine is about 80 percent effective, which is less than the previous vaccine (from the 1980’s) but it has much lower rates of side effects. The vaccine has to be given every five – eight years, so most adults are no longer covered by this vaccine, meaning adult booster shots are as important as the childhood schedule.”
“Whooping cough may only present as an annoying cough in adults so they may not be aware that they are endangering very young children by exposing them. Most deaths occur in children too young to be vaccinated so the importance of vaccinating those adults who come in contact with the baby is critical,” Dr Hawkes explains.

What you need to know, at a glance

  • The whooping cough vaccine is about 80 percent effective but only lasts five – eight years. Most adults are no longer protected by this vaccine.
  • Whooping cough kills young children (about 0.8 percent of infected children under six months of age) with an estimated 10 childhood deaths in Australia since 2009.
  • Babies can not receive their first whooping cough vaccination until they are six weeks old and are not fully immunised until they have had three doses, which happens by six months of age.
  • Most interactions infants under six months have are with adults, so if adults are not up to date with their vaccinations then its possible for them to expose the infant to whooping cough.
  • Herd immunity offers the best chance of keeping diseases, like whooping cough, at bay. 
“Whooping cough is not ‘just a cough’, it’s a deadly disease that killed our only son. We went from having a beautiful, healthy baby boy to having a box of ashes sitting on our shelf.” These are the words of Catherine Hughes, mother of baby Riley words no mother should have to say. 

How can you protect your child??

How can you help?

If you would like to make a donation, head here

and you can purchase one of these beautiful shirts and onesies from Sunday Soldiers and 100% profit from these shirts will be donated to the Light for Riley fundraiser for PMH. 

The start of my Weight Watchers Journey

Image result for weightwatchers australia

Since turning 30 and having a baby I have been struggling with my body image, I've gained weight and I am not feeling good. I know I am not healthy and I want to get back to good health before we have any more babies and well I am not getting any younger.

Three weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers and so far I am down 4kg, I feel less bloated and sluggish and most importantly I feel more in control and on the right track.

I have never done weight watchers before but after some research it sounded like the type of lifestyle change I needed. I don't like dieting (who does) and Weight Watchers doesn't feel like a diet. Its pretty simple, you have a certain number of daily Pro Points that you can use and weekly points too. The weekly points are usually saved up for the days you know you might go over, say if your going out to dinner, or feel like a wine.

The points system means for me I can live normally , go out be social and enjoy a wine and still lose weight. You have to be smart and make choices with your food and drink choices but ultimately its up to you how you use your points.

So I am into week three, nearly down 4kg and feeling good, Ill check in again soon. xxx

Have you done weight watchers or any of the other Weight management systems or diets?? x

Motivation Monday for Mummies

Breast feeding and Medela

Sophia and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Medela Mothers Morning tea at the Pregnancy and Baby Expo. It was a lovely morning , meeting other Mummy bloggers, learning all about Breast feeding and Medela and don't get me started on the babies.... so much cutie yummy baby loveliness.

Ive talked about my breast feeding story before and shared my experiences and feelings here.

Breast feeding is an amazing experience, the feeling of feeding and nourishing your child is like nothing else. It is often painful, difficult, draining both physically and mentally and doesn't come naturally.  The amazing Medela staff talked us through some amazing breast feeding facts like, the average for daily feeds can vary between 4-13, boys eat more than girls on average and 2/3 of babies eat 20% of their milk between 10pm-4am (so those sleep depriving nighttime feeds are vitally important).

What is normal??

Image {Medela }

Seriously there is no normal! There is such a range, every mummy, breast and baby is different and your breast feeding experience will be different to the next mummies.

Now last year I popped down to the Medela stand for advice on breast pumps, ready to buy and was given so much helpful advice and told to wait till bubs had arrived and purchase the right pump for my breast feeding journey, seriously impressive. No sales push, just caring, knowledgeable staff who are passionate about helping women to find their normal breast feeding.

Now for some fun pics x

Met some wonderful and inspiring blogger Mummies today. All so different and all amazing. 

and what I wore , of course

Jeans Target
Shabby Sisters Earrings

Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo

Thank you to Kids Business for the invitation xx

What I wore - The Serape

 Like a big snuggly rug the Serape or Blanket Cape feels like a hug all day long. Hiding a multitude of sins, and keeping you snuggly and warm they are the most stylish way to feel like you are wearing your blanket.

Wear them with jeans and a belt, over a tee and printed pants, wear with a denim skirt and belt for a casual look and my favorite is over a summer dress with tights, belt if you want a little definition.

My Serape is from Supre and is currently on sale.. xx

Motivation Monday

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