Time saving - manicure on the run

January 28, 2015

I love a good mani as much as the next self respecting woman but babies and shiny nails don't always mix. I don't get much time to sit around and paint my nails anymore, I save that treat for when the baby is asleep.

I like to keep my routine simple and efficient.

Here are my to tips for keeping nails looking lovely

  • Preparation is key, keep nails filed into a round or square shape. Avoiding having ragged edges that catch on everything and tear and break your nails. Remember file in one direction. 
  • Invest in a top coat and base coat!! I love Revitanail for a treatment and base coat and OPI Topcoat.. 
  • Quick dry oil!! These products are wonderful, they moisturize cuticles, and keep polish smudge free. Bumps literally slide off your oily nails. I love Essence express dry drops this product is fantastic and cheap and cheery too. 
  • EDITED!!! my new absolute time saving and smudge proof guaranteed product is the OPI Rapidry - OPI quick drying Top coat.... This stuff is amazing, nails dry instantly and are super shiny..
My other fav time saving tip for nails is to do a Gel manicure, they take longer to do but last far longer...

What are your tips for a good mani?? x Do you pour a glass of wine and enjoy the experience and throw some polish on before running out the door....

What I wore - Camilla Kaftan Tuck

January 27, 2015

I'm having a new love affair, with Camilla Kaftans..... I usually don't love labels or brands I usually just find something I love and think will work with my wardrobe and roll with it. Fast forward to my new role as a Mummy and I have found myself wanting to look more relaxed  and boho feel and Camilla is fitting the bill perfectly.

Camilla Round neck Kaftan
Samantha Wills Bardot ring

Tucked up style

Do you like the boho kaftan look ....

Motivation Mondays - The Australia Day edition

January 26, 2015

Happy Australia Day, we live in an amazing country lets celebrate today and share the love x

What I wore - The kaftan

January 22, 2015

I have a new love affair with the Kaftan, and I have fallen hard. I love the ease of the boho, easy fit garment. The relaxed fit, flattering sleeves and breathable fabrics are ticking every box for me!

Since having a baby I have embraced Boho styling, and am loving the relaxed feel of my new style.

This Kaftan is from the Missoni for Target range and its on sale for $20, so run dont walk people!

Do you love a boho kaftan???? How do you style yours?

Body after Baby - My story and pictures

January 20, 2015

Disclaimer - I do not claim to have any health or exercise qualifications this is just my personal story I wanted to share my very un-glamorous story.

When I was pregnant I had a really rough journey, I had chronic morning sickness for over 5 months, I had a pinched nerve in my neck and suffered perinatal depression. I didn't exercise as much as I used too and I ate chocolate to get my through the tough times. I put on 23kg, ouch!!! It wasn't healthy and I knew it but I really couldn't seem to get myself out of the funk. I kept telling myself the only thing that mattered was that our baby was healthy, weight can be lost and fitness and tone can always be worked towards.

Fast forward to our daughters birth, an emergency caesar 6 weeks early. I was quite literally in shock, I had a problem with my bowel that was also operated on during my caesar. I spent the next 4 weeks virtually housebound apart from the odd trip to the shops. Once I had the all clear from my obstetrician and physio I began light exercise, walking, squats and gentle weights.

3 months post casear I  began the 12wbt program. Its been fantastic for me, the meals and shopping lists have made it really easy to be organised and to have healthy snacks on hand. I haven't been following the exercise program as I have still got a lot of pain in my lower stomach but I have been trying to walk regularly.  I also didn't follow the program over Christmas, I did continue with my healthy dinners, breakfasts and lunches when I was at home but I did indulge in snacks so I didn't lose any weight over Christmas and New Years but I have lost 13kg overall since my daughter was born.

I have another 10kg or one dress size to get back to my old self and I am okay with that. I have had the slow and steady approach to weight loss after having a baby. I want to be a good role model for my daughter, I want her to be healthy and happy in her self. Im trying to feel that way, and I feel closer to self acceptance than I have in a long while.

My old self on the left and where I am now on the right

she makes every second of my life that much more wonderful

Left is now and right was a few days postpartum
Left is a few days postpartum and the right is me now

I just wanted to share these photos to show women what a average woman looks like after giving birth, the media shows us only one type of image that a Mum should try and aspire to and I think sometimes we just want to see some reality to give us perspective. 

Every woman is different and every pregnancy and labor, every body after pregnancy is different and that's wonderful. 

Embrace your healthy self and dont forget to look after yourself so you can be the best Mum xx

Motivation Mondays

January 19, 2015

Its Monday again, be the light you need to see your dreams fully xxx



January 9, 2015

This year was my first Birthday as a Mummy and it was such a wonderful day full of love and surprises.

My day started with baby giggles and smiles and then pancakes on the floor while I played with my baby girl.

Dress Target

Daddy out did himself with a gorgeous card, a Camilla Lace up Kaftan and a tiny tags necklace with his name and Sophia's.

We had a lovely morning tea with our family and 

Birthday calories don't count right
Salted caramel macaroon
Rosewater macaroon


flowers delivered from the husband 

and he arranged a babysitter and a dinner date at Jamie Olivers Italian Restaurant

It was divine

I wore Camilla and Lovisa earrings 

Was a wonderful day and a perfect Birthday as a Mummy and wife x

Time Saving - Hair washing and styling

January 8, 2015

If your anything like me (and most of the female population) you like to have clean, pretty styled hair most;y everyday.. Now I have a mini me my hair styling needs to be quick, efficient and effective..

My top tips for gorgeous time when your time poor

* Invest in a good dry shampoo, and use it...
Apply to the part line before you go to bed, brush it through in the morning and wah lah fresh hair for another day

*Create a hair washing schedule, I know it sounds silly (and crazy lady anal) but knowing what day you wash your hair and scheduling it in means you will do it and you will be know when you have events/dates when you need snazzy hair and what condition your hair will be in! Trust me its a good thing..

*Find a wonderful hairdresser and build a relationship that will last. A good hair dresser can create a hairstyle that will suit your lifestyle. Having a cut and color that fits in with your life and budget is a very valuable thing, a good cut with manageable styling requirements means you will always have time to style your hair.

*Use the best quality products you can afford, a good shampoo and conditioner, a good treatment applied weekly and the best styling tools you can afford. This will keep your hair in good condition, and hair in a better condition is easier to style and maintain.

What are your time saving hair tips? x

What I wore - Birthday drinks

Just before my birthday I arranged casual drinks with my girlfriends at a Riverbar and kitchen in the CBD of Brisbane.


I wore a gorgeous Camilla Kaftan  from the Beachhouse collection and settled in for a few sneaky drinks and snacks.

and here are some happy snaps from my evening

Lingerie, Shapewear and getting a smooth line

January 7, 2015

What you wear under your clothes is just as important as what you are wearing. Nothing ruins an outfit more than pesky VPL, bra straps or lumps and bumps where there shouldn't be any. Since having my daughter feeling supported under my clothes has given me back a lot of my body confidence (I still have a long way to go).


Invest in a comfy and supportive bra. Go to a store such as Target, Bras n Things , Myer and get fitted professionally fir a bra. Nothing looks worse than an ill fitting bra you are constantly yanking up.

My next styling tip is to dip your toe into the very amazing shape wear World. There are so many types, sizes, shapes, lengths to suit all different bodies, problem areas and outfits. I love a fitted slip with spaghetti straps to give me a smooth line and a firm controlled feel. This is especially wonderful after having a baby when your tummy feels more wobbly than wash board.

Shapewear Style Guide
Image Big W Website

Next on my list of must haves are a pair of comfy and figure flattering gut sucking underwear. You know the kind of undies you don't show your nearest and dearest but that make you feel confident and firm.

There are many different lengths, fits and styles.

I prefer the high cut brief styles or the full bodysuit style as I feel they give me a smooth line and leave me feeling like my tummy is supported. If your worried about your legs the short style pants would be best.

I love this quote... Its true.... Great supportive underwear gives you the best canvas for your beautiful clothes, well great underwear and a smile xx

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