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May 22, 2015

Easy to wear pieces are my current go to outfits. this cotton dress is easy to throw on and accessorize

Layer with leggings, a blazer or cardigan and your ready to go. x

What are your easy to wear pieces? 
Do you have a go to dress or style ?

This dress hides a multitude of sins, breathes, is easy to layer and is very feminine. In Queensland these types of dresses are super versatile. 

Dress Similar 

Being a Stay at Home Mum or SAHM

May 16, 2015

I am a stay at home Mum, I am proud of that and I love being at home raising my daughter there I have said it. Up until this week I felt like my role in the home was valued and a valid part of society but this weeks Federal Budget has quite literally torn my job to shreds. The community at large has labelled me ( and SAHMs like me) lazy, double dippers, takers that give nothing to society. I am sad, sad that I am being labelled for a job I love and value above all else. I am disappointed that women and men, families and mothers have attacked stay at home mums instead of supporting one another we have been torn to shreds.

The old saying it Takes a village to raise a child has clearly become redundant.

What do you think of the new Budget measures? What do you think would help encourage mothers and families back into the work force?

I believe more needs to be done to encourage employers to offer more flexible work conditions. Flexible work arrangements, job sharing, work from home positions and true part-time opportunities. Day care is just part of the problem families face.

Being at home with my daughter is the greatest job I have ever had, I thoroughly enjoy being at home and nurturing my child. I know some Mothers need to work for personal reasons, for financial reasons and I totally get that. I'm lucky that with a few strategic lifestyle cut backs we can manage to get by and for that I feel blessed. We don't rely on handouts but I do feel that as a society it is very important to support families and to not label stay at home parents for their choice just as I wouldn't dream of labeling working families. 

Winter Staple, Plaid and Denim

May 15, 2015

Yeah its Friday!! and I am sharing some of my winter wardrobe staples. 

Plaid and denim, its a winter staple and black jeans are a wardrobe must have. 
That's two wardrobe staples in one post...

You can wear this shirt open with a singlet underneath, tied at the waist with a high waisted skirt, over jeggings. Its a multi wear piece that's comfy and soft

Target Jeans, on sale Run don't walk

and wearing my gorgeous Tiny Tags necklace

Capsule Stay at Home Mummy Wardrobe

May 12, 2015

As a stay at home Mummy I haven't lost my desire to get dressed up and style outfits but there are many days I don't even leave the couch, let alone the house. So my need for fancy, sparkly and dressed up outfits is non existent and while I am totally fine with that I still want to have key pieces in my wardrobe arsenal I can throw together, layer and carry a baby, nappy bag and push a stroller in while still retaining some sense of style and Mummy chic.

Here I have put together my key wardrobe staples that will take you from park and playground, to shops, coffee and lounging on the floor . All these pieces are easy to wear, wash and style.  Over the next few weeks I will be showing you how I wear these key pieces in my Stay at home Mummy Style Chic Series. #StayathomeMummyStyleChic

Capsule Stay at Home Mummy Wardrobe

How do you unwind?

May 6, 2015

Time to myself is a precious commodity these days, so when I do have some time to myself I like to make the most of it and really relax and unwind.

Here are my favorite ways to steal some time to myself and unwind

1. Run a hot bath, with some luxurious bath product and hop in. Grab a book or a magazine, pop on some relaxing tunes and if your feeling really cheeky a glass of wine is a nice treat.

2. Grab your runners and hit the pavement, pop your ear phones in your ears for a distraction or simply stroll and enjoy the surroundings and fresh air. A walk is the greatest way to boost your mood, get your heart pumping and clear your head.

3. Write. Anywhere and anything but get your beautiful thoughts out on paper, with your keyboard or in a journal. Writing helps my mind to feel creative and active.

4. Pop on your favorite movie and immerse yourself in the story, the scenes and the characters. Laugh and let go..

5. Connect, with your partner, a long distance buddy... Head to your local and chat over a wine with a friend, even text someone. Get out of your own head and have a giggle with someone lovely.

How do you unwind?? Do you need time to yourself? xx

What I wore -Stripes and Silk

May 5, 2015

This fabulous Le Brenton Stripe top quickly became a staple in my wardrobe and for many a reason. Its made f the softest fabric, doesn't need ironing and falls in the most flattering way. 

Its by Popbasic, Buy it here!

This silk skirt is by Sussan last season, similar here

A timeless piece can be worn a million times and in a million ways and will never go out of fashion. What timeless pieces do you love?

Motivation Mondays

Mothers Day Gift Guide

May 2, 2015

Mothers Day is around the corner and this year I am a tiny bit more excited than normal because its my first one as a Mummy. I am a sentimental sap that loves little treats, and shiny or sparkly things. Here are some cute, fun and sweet options for Mummy.

What are your plans?

I am looking forward to Breakfast with my cuties, a relaxed stroll as a family, lots of cuddles and love.

Untitled #8

Floral print robe
35 AUD - clothingattesco.com

Cath Kidston leather shopper
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Philosophy bubble bath
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Essie pink nail color
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