Post Natal Depression

March 5, 2015

PND or Post natal depression, its a thing.. a common thing. I suffer it, many friends have experiences with it and I just want to share my story so I might help even just one woman feel OK.

Lets get one thing straight though, I love my daughter, she is my most precious thing, my being and I love her with everything that I am... But I didn't love her at first sight and in the wee hours of the mornings when she needed feeding every 45 mins I cried tears of frustration and utter despair. From the moment I met her I would have protected her with my life, I honestly would have but I didn't feel connected, I didn't feel love when I looked at her and I felt confused and frustrated at my lack of understanding toward this new bundle who needed me all day everyday.

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I lasted 6 weeks before I saw my doctor in absolute desperation, I hadn't had more than 4 hours sleep a night for 6 weeks and I was on the brink. My doctor was amazing, she talked to me and listened, she gave me advice and sympathy and NO JUDGEMENT. I was amazed, she gave me the options of medication, counselling, support and most importantly she made me aware.

Aware that I was not alone, that this was common and it did not make me a bad mother or a failure.
Pop over here to view the stats on PND

I have a history of depression and I am very ok with that now, I know I have anxiety and depression and most likely it will never go away. Its part of who I am and what makes me tick, I suffered perinatal depression throughout my pregnancy and sought counselling but resisted medication because I wanted to try and avoid it if I could.

I am ok now, I have my great days when I feel I could take on the World as super Mum and other days when I despair at my life but mostly those days are few and far between.

I am lucky though, I have the most supportive and understanding husband and family and friends who have stuck by me and that network is my saving grace.

If your reading this and you need support reach out, to me, your friends, family your doctor. The most important thing is you seek support, its ok not to feel ok.

If you need advice or support or maybe your just curious, pop over here to the PANDA website. xxxx

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What I wore - Shorts and stripes

March 4, 2015

Shorty shorts are not my thing, I don't get the butt check baring short... How are they comfy???

But I do love a tailored short, something with style and shape. 

These shorts by Dannii Minogue for Target are the perfect length and fit. They sit above the hip with a fabulous flattering paperbag drawstring. 

Comfort and casual styling, never goes out of style. 

Motivation Mondays - Stay true

How to get out the door on time with a baby on your hip

February 26, 2015

I hate being late, it makes me feel sick and guilty, anxious and upset. So when Miss S arrived a new level of army like precision organisation was required to get out the door on time. When I first left the house with her I was panicked, what if I needed something and what if she cried but over time we got our rhythm and now we love to get out and about together.

Here is my How to arrive on time guide

  • Always have a fully stocked nappy bag. When I arrive home from an outing, I restock the nappy bag, nothing worse than being caught out. Nappies, wipes, spare outfits and bibs
  • Create a routine for leaving the house that suits you and bub. 
  •  For my daughter and I, I get ready while she plays, and watches me,then I change her, dress her and she has a bottle if necessary, Then we hit the road...
  • Pack toys, food, bottles (or breast feeding necessities) , forgetting these always leads to panic. Before I get ready I mix a bottle and pack 3 spares. 
Don't stress, babies are seriously the most unpredictable critters and they need us so roll with the punches and enjoy that they need you.... one day they wont!

What are your tips for getting out the door with a little one? x

What I wore - Lace and Denim

February 25, 2015

I love a easy to wear, classic and feminine outfit , these Target ankle length distressed denim jeans with the Lace Sussan blouse was a fabulous, comfy and girly choice. 

Target Jeans, Similar 
Sussan Lace blouse, similar

Motivation Mondays - Live beautifully

Another swing frock - The Black swing dress

February 18, 2015

Two swing dresses in as many weeks, I'm onto a good thing. I love these swing dresses. They are so easy to throw on and jazz up with some pretty beads. 

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This one is from Target, exact match

The swing dress is both flattering and easy to dress up and down.

Pop on some cute flats (these are from Target)

Sugar Ballerina Flats - Black

and a jazzy necklace (this one is from Colette)
Intertwined Box Chain Necklace
Some sexy heels these are from Ninewest

and a pair of drop earrings for a winning evening look. 

Glam Diamante Flower Drop Earrings

and a cutie snap of me and the bebe xx

Life Lately

February 17, 2015

Life lately has been fun and tiring, we are planning little miss S baptism, Valentines day was Saturday and we are finally settling back into our routine after the Christmas/New Year.

These fabulous print pants were a steal from Kmart this week, $5 people!! Run don't walk 

Have been drinking too many wines, its soothing and restorative properties are almost necessary when you are sleep deprived and a Mummy. 

Could spend hours a day watching her do this... zzzz

I woke up with this hair, seriously.... Love a good hair day 

 A quick coffee and muffin date with my girl rounded out our Friday!

Nabbed this beauty in the buy one get one free Samantha Wills Valentines Day deal

Valentines Day pretty pink makeup

the loves of my life at breakfast to celebrate Love day

much love to you xxxx

My precious Daddy celebrated his birthday this week and we had this fabulous citrus cake

Valentines Day and roses, no brainer

Sitting, so much cuteness when she plays

Have a wonderful week x

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