Finding Materials Which Sparkle And Shine

When it comes to something like interior design, everyone has their own ideas of what looks best. Some people will prefer modern styles, while other will like to keep their home a little more traditional, and this has lead to a huge range of different options becoming available to those shopping in this field. Of course, though, there are a few common traits which you will find amongst homes. One of the best examples of this can be found in shininess, as this is something most people like, especially when it’s surrounded by softer textures.

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There are loads of products on the market which can provide this quality, giving you plenty of choice when you want to add it to your home. This is so diverse, in fact, that you can even get fabrics which have a touch of shine to them. Achieved by adding glitter or shiny stitching to things like curtains and bed sheets, you can create an effect which will barely be noticable. While it is subtle, though, it will still catch people’s eyes, and you will get to enjoy the sparkle whenever you look at the item you’ve changed.

Of course, while you can get you hands on fabrics which are shiny, it’s much more common to find hard materials which catch the light. Wood is found is most homes already, making it a great place to start. Even when the wood you have in your home has a flat texture, a little bit of treatment could change the way it looks entirely, and this can be achieved with loads of different products. To give you an idea of what is available, it will be worth looking up the treatments available for the wood you own.

Next, it’s time to think about something less versatile than wood, but still very important to modern homes. Glass can be found everywhere when you go to your local DIY store. A glass table top, for example, will be easy to get your hands on if you go to the right place. Of course, you will have to do some regular maintenance to keep this material looking sharp, but this will be worth it once you see it in action.

Finally, as the final material to consider, metal is the last thing on this list. Like wood, it doesn’t matter if you have metal which is dull and flat, as it can usually have some treatment done to give it a shine. You may not be able to do this from home, but you will still be able to choose new items which have this quality. Chrome isn’t as popular as it used to be, though, and this could make it a little harder.

With all of this in mind, you should be ready to start scouting the shiniest materials you can find for your home. A lot of people will love this sort of approach, but some may dislike it, and this is one of the biggest things to consider when you’re working on this.

The Pursuit Of Happiness Needn’t Be A Difficult Challenge


Leading a happy life is a priority at all times, but it’s very easy to overcomplicate the task. In reality, though, simplicity is the key to keeping the smile on your face. When you focus on the right elements, you will not go wrong.

So, let’s get straight to work.

Build A Happy Home Environment

Your home provides the platform for building a happy life and should be one of the first areas of focus. While it can be tempting to focus on luxury additions, home renovations should be top of the agenda. Knowing that the property is in good health can remove a lot of stress. Daily tasks like sleeping and bathing should take priority over the features that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. One way or another, establishing that happy home environment is sure to work wonders.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

People hold the key to your happiness, and this is something that you cannot afford to ignore for a second. Creating magical memories with the most important people in your world will have a telling impact. These can range from special events like planning a party to daily tasks. Even when you can’t see friends as often as you’d like, modern tech makes it easy to stay in touch with them. When surrounded by the best people, every aspect of your life will suddenly feel brighter. Without them, it can be a very lonely place indeed.

Take Care Of Your Health

For a lot of people, the main incentive for eating well and exercising on a regular basis revolves around image and looks. There is no doubt that gaining a better appearance will boost your happiness. However, the fact that you’ll fight aches and pains is the far greater reward. Likewise, the increased energy levels and boosted mental health can only have a telling impact on your future. If nothing else, this is the perfect way to reduce your stress levels while feeling in control of your life in the process.


Do Something Productive

We all want to feel validated in life. Therefore, helping others can often be the best way to help yourself. Whether it’s joining a community project, volunteering abroad, or raising money for charity with a fun run doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, simple ideas like reducing your energy consumption and leading a green life can work wonders. Leaving a positive mark on the world may also include following a career path that you can be proud of. Whatever option you take, the happiness it brings will be immense.

Remove Negativity

It sounds a little obvious, but it’s very easy to get trapped in the cycle of maintaining bad habits. From quitting cigarettes to ending toxic relationships, ending those negative factors can make a big impact. The first few weeks may feel difficult. Once you’ve got used to the new ideas, though, you’ll never look back. When combined with the other simple steps above, you’ll be sure to reach a place of greater happiness than ever before.

Why Being Cautious Always Pays Off for Homeowners

If you own your home, you will probably want to be careful with it and careful with the changes you make to it. This is a huge asset, most likely the biggest asset you own. If you make some missteps, you could end up damaging the condition and ultimate value of your home. And there are plenty of things that can go wrong for your home if you don’t take care.

That’s why being cautious is always really important. It pays off for homeowners, and even if you think this might make you dull and boring, it’s worth thinking about because you don’t want to cause yourself more problems than are necessary. Read on right now to learn more about why caution really does pay off for homeowners.

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You’ll Rush Into Fewer Rash Decisions

When you’re more cautious, there’ll be fewer rash decisions that you run into along the way. That’s got to be a good thing for you, so try to keep that in mind as you care for your home. Every big decision you make sure involve planning and careful consideration before a final call is made. If you rush into it, mistakes will get made and you’ll wish you’d spend more time on it ultimately.

The Home’s Value Can Fall Rapidly if You’re Not Careful

All homeowners care a lot about the value of heir home, and this should no doubt apply to you too. You will want to make sure that your most valuable asset retains and hopefully add to its value because then it will be worth more to you when the time comes to sell up and move on for you and your family. It’s important to remember that the value of a home can drop pretty rapidly if you make some missteps and spend money on the wrong things, so you need to be careful.

Suspicious Behaviour Should Always be Reported

If you notice anything strange going on around your building or in the local area, you should tip off the police. This can help them to prevent crimes or intervene before any damage has been done. It’s another example of how you being cautious can serve you well and potentially save you a lot of stress, upset and hassle. A simple phone call to the authorities is all it takes, and you don’t even have to be sure what's happening. It’s about being safe rather than sorry. You will feel much better if you do take this precaution.

Burglaries Hit the Careless Homeowners First

It’s always the people who are careless that get first of all when there’s a spate of burglaries. The criminals target people who don’t look after their properties, don’t lock it up and don’t take steps to ensure that getting into the property is as difficult as it humanly can be. So invest the security of your home and be as cautious as possible. You will have a much less stressful time if you take this approach. And your home won’t be the one that’s targeted.

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You’ll Avoid Things Like Floods and Fires

Talking about fires and floods isn’t a mere scare tactic; these things really do happen and they devastate homes and lives all the time. Most of the time, these problems are avoidable if you look for the warning signs and get problems fixed before something goes badly wrong in the home. A company like ABC Home & Commercial Plumbing Services can keep your plumbing system in good working order so leaking and flooding can be prevented. And you should take steps to improve the smoke alarm systems in your home.

There Are So Many Things That Can Go Wrong

When you own a home, there are plenty of things that can go wrong and cost you a lot of money if you’re not careful. You should keep that in mind and let it influence your decision-making and how you care for your home. There are so many things that can be completely avoided if you’re more cautious with your property. So try to make yourself more cautious going forward. It’s about changing your mindset and how you look at things each day.

As a homeowner, you always have to be looking after your investment and making sure that it retains its value in the years ahead. For you to get that right, you will need to be a little more cautious than you might ordinarily be. It’s worth remembering this because it’ll serve you well going forward.

Love Life In Your Home

Life is meant for living, and one of the places we spend most of our time is in the home. It might be because we’re lounging around in bed, sleeping the night away, having guests around, or even just getting some quality time during the day. Yes, we might have to drag ourselves away from it for 8 or more hours a day, but when we are there, we want to try and enjoy life as much as possible. One way of doing that is to focus on your home, and make the improvements or adjustments that it might need doing. A home is a work in progress, but there’s so many different things that you can do to make sure it’s perfect to you. Some you might not be able to do right away, but others are some that we know you’ll be dying to do before the summer time comes around again. So, here’s a few little things that you could add or change, that we think will help you to love life in your home.

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Feeling Comfortable

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own home. But that’s exactly what can happen if it just isn’t the way you want it, or if a few things are out of place. It depends what type of weather you’re having, because for us in Australia, we’re about to head towards the blistering summer once more. The weather seems to be drying up a little, which is one of the first signs that we’re not too far away from the heat we all know and love. However, the heat we know and love can bring some troubles in our homes, especially if your house is facing so that the sun is at the back of it or on the bedrooms all afternoon. It’s near enough impossible to keep the house cool, even if there is a breeze. So what is our knight in shining armour through the summer? It’s aircon. If you don’t have some installed already, we highly recommend that you get some, ready for the intense summer heat. It can be used as a heater during the colder months, so it is the whole package if you need it to be. We know it might cost a fair bit to run, but that’s why you use it at the right times, such as during the night. You can put a timer on them so that they go off at a certain point in the night as well.

Another way you can feel more comfortable is to clear the air a bit. You could spend all day cleaning your home from top to toe, and it still wouldn’t change the fact that there are going to be little germs lying around. This isn’t due to how clean you are, it’s just down to the fact that homes are so prone to bugs and germs. If you have a young family, consider getting air quality testing companies to review your home, and suggest ways that the air quality can be improved. You might be shocked at just how many bugs you have been living with! This will help to improve your own peace of mind, and it’ll help to reduce the chance of your family getting ill.

Family Vibes

Loving life is all about spending it with your family. As you’re able to watch your children grow, we know all of the major milestones and memories will happen in the home, so making it as family friendly as possible is so important. If your children are starting to get a little older now, you’ll know how hard it is to stay connected with them. If they’re going through their teenage years, then we definitely know that you’re going to feel a gap forming between the family. So, one way of bringing it all together is by creating a little family room. It could be the living room, or you could dedicate a spare room to it. It has to be full of things that you can use during a family night. It could be games consoles, board games, or just a comfy layout so you can all relax and watch films together. If you want to love life with your family, you’re going to have to organise weekly family nights, where you can all sit down and have a joke around. If you have younger children, you won’t have to worry. But would you could do is use a spare room, if you have one, to create a playroom. It’ll engage their minds, and you can join in with the play as and when you want to!

Expand The Home

Now, we did say that you might not be able to do some of our suggestions for a long while, but this is definitely something that you should ponder on. Expanding the home is not only going to be beneficial to you in terms of giving you more space, but it’s also going to be beneficial to you financially in the long run if you did eventually sell the house. The more money you invest, the more money you’re generally going to get out of it. You could extend to add a new room, a bigger kitchen, or a new bathroom. It all depends on your needs at the time, and what you think will add the most value to your home.

Dreamy Decor

We might as well finish with something that’s going to leave you loving your home, as well as your life. There really are some dreamy decor ideas out there, just looking at sites such as Pinterest will point a few out for you. We understand that sorting out your decor is a pain in the bum, so just dedicate two weekends to it, that’s all you’ll need. During the first weekend, you should plan what you would actually like to change. Whether it be the accessories that you have, or the actual wallpaper or paint that you have on the walls. During the second weekend, blitz the house and getting the decorating done room by room. If you need an extra weekend, then so be it. But don’t leave a room half finished, it’ll only drive you bonkers!

The Perfect Party Planning Checklist

Planning a party for your kids takes times, creativity, budgeting, and the ability to be organised. Not all of us possess these skills. While most of us can arrange a small get together of friends and family with minimal effort, arranging something for 10+ children and their corresponding adults isn’t such a snap. It helps to have a checklist to guide you from the planning stages till the clear up. Well, consider this your lucky day because we have just that for you.

Start these things early:

Pick a date and a time. Try and check through the calendar, so that is doesn’t clash with any other events, birthday’s, major holidays or festivals. You want to maximise the people that can attend.

Where? Take a look at a few locations or decide to have it at home. It’s up to you but book it early and pop a deposit down too.

70’s or Princesses? It doesn’t matter what the theme is if you give people enough notice they will be able to make the most and go all out too.

Create a menu, and think about food intolerances and allergies. It might be worth putting together two separate menus – one free from and one standard. Avoiding nuts is probably just for the best. Consider a catering company if this seems like a lot to deal with.

How much? Set a budget, stick to it as much as you can.

Who? Who will be helping you on the day of the party? You can ask a friend or two if there are a lot of people or children attending.

Now you have the basic bones of your party, it is time to start putting the details down. There is a fine line between giving people too much notice and not enough notice. With too much notice, people are likely to add it to the calendar and not see it again till a reminder shows up a week before, with too little notice people can feel like an afterthought. So these things should be taken care of one month earlier.

Vendors: Who are you hiring and what will they be taking care of? Hire a trusted jumping castle company for your entertainment, someone to take care of the music (unless you’re just going to handle it yourself, the food and decorations too. If you booked a while ago, call them again to double check they have the right dates and times, and make sure you have taken care of the financials.

Invitations: Send them out now. A nice touch is to make them yourself, or you can commission some from somewhere like Etsy. If it’s a children’s party, and you aren’t inviting the whole class, discreetly hand your invitations out so that you don’t upset other children.

Venue: Usually you will have to clear the balance one month before your event, so give them a call and pay the remained for the balance. Take the opportunity to run through any details too.

You are heading into the home straight now, so in the last two weeks before your party, you can take care of some of the other details. Everything should be paid for by now, so it’s just the fun stuff left.

Go and have another look at your venue.

Check that you have all of the decorations you need or have booked a company to take care of them. If you are a bit light, get that sorted asap.

Think about travel. Make sure that people have sorted out how they are getting to the venue and help out where you can. Just by sending a Google maps link, you can help people make some early decisions. Make sure you have given reasonably detailed instructions for parking too, as this can cause a lot of stress upon arrival.

Final call: If you haven’t had some of the RSVPs back then pop a call or an email over, and it’s a great time to call in with any vendors and give instructions for anything.

It’s the final countdown. You have a week to go, and if you followed the rest of the checklist everything would be under control, and all you will have to deal with is those pesky last minute RSVPs (there are always some) and enjoying yourself. Well, almost.

Music. It doesn’t if you have hired a DJ or you are doing it yourself, carve out some time to dedicate to getting a top playlist together. You can use iTunes or Spotify to gather new releases, or work with the DJ on what the be the type of music is.

On the day:

Get some help setting up & on the clean-up.

Make sure people eat and drink. Half of hosting is making sure people are well taken care of, so ensure you are eating and drinking too.

And you’re done! Print this checklist off to help you on your way to party perfection.

This Is All It Takes To Add More Flavour To Your Cooking

Even if you are cooking your meals from scratch, you might still think that something is lacking. We’re told that home-cooked meals are always tastier than pre-prepared and ready meals as we are able to use the freshest of ingredients that are bursting with flavour. But sometimes, dishes can still taste a bit lacking in flavour even if you have cooked with fresh ingredients.

Want to try and improve things in the kitchen and cook dishes that are so flavourful that they knock your socks off?! Here are some top tips for delicious dishes.


Be Bold With Your Seasoning

One of the main problems that home cooks have is that they are quite shy when it comes to seasoning their meals. They are wary that they add too much salt and pepper and that their meals come out too peppery or salty. This is especially the case with health-conscious folk who worry about their salt intake. However, the truth is that it is always better to go for more seasoning as it can be easily absorbed into some ingredients. Make sure you always taste before you do add more, though, so you don’t add too much. And remember - to consume a healthy level of salt, make sure you don’t add any at the table.

Don’t Prepare Garlic Too Soon

We all know that cooking is easier when you have prepared all your ingredients before you start. However, one ingredient that you shouldn’t prepare too early is garlic. If you do chop your clove of garlic in advance, its flavours will become very pungent. In fact, this could add a little too much garlic flavour to your meals!

Add Depth With Truffles

Whenever you are cooking something with a lot of cream or a dish that features a lot of mushrooms, it’s a good idea to add a few shavings of truffles. Thankfully, black truffle price is a lot more affordable for non-professionals these days. This great ingredient will add a fantastic richness to the dish.

Cook With Alcohol

You also need to bring out the wine whenever you cook as well. If you are cooking a tomato sauce or meat gravy, a splash of wine will add a lot of depth to the flavour. Similarly, white wine can add freshness to white sauces and chicken dishes. Any kind of alcohol will release a lot of flavours from the other ingredients too. Don’t be too worried about giving dishes with alcohol to your kids - the actual alcohol burns off during the cooking process and just the flavour is left behind.


Only Use Fresh Lemon Juice

Adding lemon juice is another great way to bring out all the flavours in certain dishes, but be sure to only use the juice from fresh fruits. The flavour of bottled juice can be quite muted and won’t add any extra flavour to your cooking.

So, as you can see, you don’t have to keep on cooking bland food that is uninspiring. These tips can help you bring all your meals and dishes alive!

: Most Common Young Person Mistakes

Making mistakes is a part of being young. In fact, it is a central part of life in general, but errors tend to come thick and fast when you are first navigating your way through adulthood. And as major life milestones are delayed, so too are the mistakes of youth. Of course, learning from your mistakes is a fantastic thing to do. But wouldn’t it be better to learn from the mistakes of other people?

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Some of the mistakes that you make when you are young are relatively inconsequential and could be fixed by something as simple as tattoo laser removal. But in this blog post, we are going to focus on a few of them which tend to be bigger and longer-lasting. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Buying a Home Before You Are Ready

Getting on the property ladder is still a dream of many young people, but this is not a path that you should force yourself down before you are financially and personally ready. Do you see yourself living in that neighbourhood for the foreseeable future? Otherwise, you are going to have to go through all the hassle and expense of selling up and moving on. How secure are you in your job role? You don’t want to sign on to a long-term mortgage deal only to find that your current position is in jeopardy. Buying a home should be one of the most exciting times of your life, but take the time to ensure that you have properly thought through all of the ramifications involved.

Getting into Debt

When you are young, it is very tempting to spend all your money having fun. But if you start racking up some serious debt now, this can end up like a chain around your neck for years to come. Of course, there may be debt which you have naturally accumulated such as student loans, but the earlier you start to clear these sums, the more likely it is that you will achieve the financial freedom that you are looking for later in life. There are plenty of other methods which you can use to stop debt from piling up such as creating a household budget and practising the art of frugality.

Failing to Network

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While the skills that you build up when you are young are highly important, so too are the connections that you develop. You never know when you may need to call on a contact to open a door for you or put you in contact with someone who can further your career. Networking doesn’t have to be anything as formal as putting on a tie and a name badge. It can simply be catching up with an old work colleague who you haven’t heard from in some time over a drink.

Not Starting a Savings Account

When many people start earning more money, their first instinct is to upgrade their lifestyle, treating themselves to fancy clothes, more meals out etc. And while there is no harm in treating yourself well, you don’t want to forget about starting and maintaining a savings account. The money which you start to build up now can be used in all sorts of different ways towards your future. One of the best ways of making sure that you commit to your savings goals is by automating your account so that you don’t see the money each month and aren’t tempted to use it elsewhere.

Giving Up Too Easily

Most stories of success involve a lot of striving and hardships along the way. If you give up every time you encounter an obstacle, you are never going to be able to achieve your long-term goals. For example, if you don’t like a job within the first few weeks of working there, you may find that you want to quit. However, if you push through and keep going, you may well find that it provides a lot more rewards than you initially thought. Going through difficulties is the only way that you are going to get better at anything. For example, if you want to play the guitar, you are never going to get anywhere by playing the same three songs over and over again. Instead, you need to make the effort to increase the difficulty level over time.

Not Becoming More Independent

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It is great to have family members who are in your corner and willing to help you out when times are tough. And relying on the Bank of Mum and Dad is something that more and more young people are finding that they need to do these days. However, you need to make sure that you find the right balance so that you are not overly reliant on them. Otherwise, you will never achieve the type of independence that you are looking for. Even is this means not enjoying some of the luxuries that you are used to, this may well be a price that is worth paying to achieve a greater level of financial and personal independence.

Not Committing to Learning

You may well have left school and university already, but this doesn’t mean that your learning is over. In fact, the acquisition of knowledge should be a lifelong journey which is worth committing to. Today’s work environment moves at such a rapid rate that you need to find ways to stay ahead of the competition and keep your skills current. Otherwise, you are likely to get left behind the crowd and could find yourself at the back of the queue when it comes to getting job roles that you truly care about. There are so many different skills out there that you can acquire, and even ones that are not directly related to your job at the moment may prove to be useful in the future.

Failing to Try Different Things

They say that the regrets that you have later in life will be the things that you didn’t do rather than the things that you did. And while you can try different things throughout your life, your youth gives you a fantastic opportunity to find out more about yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of people are simply too afraid of making mistakes and concerned that they are making the wrong choice. Ultimately, you may discover that something that you had initially thought that you would hate turns out to be a passion of yours.

Not Learning About Money Management

Money management is a skill that you can develop just like every other. If you don’t take the time to make sure that you are financially clued up, you could well spend your life struggling to make ends meet. For example, impulse spending is a bad financial habit which is worth getting out of at the earliest possible opportunity. Most young people aren’t working with a household budget, and this can end up doing you financial harm in the long-run. Thankfully, there are so many resources out there these days that can help you out when it comes to money management - and many of them are available entirely for free.

Failing to Find a Direction

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Finding a direction in life is not something that comes easy to everybody, but you need to make a special effort to work out exactly where you are heading. Of course, this is not to say that you shouldn’t try different things, but you do need to come up with some sort of plan which keeps you working towards achieving your goals etc. There are likely to be times when you need to readjust your plan and set yourself down a different course, but spending the time to think about where you going in life on a regular basis is something which is certainly worth doing.

Making mistakes is a common part of being young, and there is nothing wrong with making missteps along the way. But it also helps to know what some of the most common errors that people make are. Whether these are to do with your financial situation, your career or your personal life, you shouldn’t let mistakes trip you up for too long or derail you from the ambitions of what you want to achieve. It is how you respond to your mistakes that will end up defining you as a person. If you let them overwhelm you, you could end up moving through life fearful about where the next one is coming from. However, if you learn from them and vow not to repeat the same thing twice, you can strive to move onwards and upwards.

Though this article has been fairly broad in the different categories that it has covered, hopefully it has given you a decent overview of many of the most common mistakes that people make when they are young. Whether you have identified something that you are prone to doing or not doing so that you can make a life adjustment, this can only be a good thing!

10 Styles That Just Scream Summer


Summer is here at last, and in the last few weeks, we have been treated to some stunning weather and lots of colour. Summer is always a fun time for fashion because we can wear any colour, any print and make the most of flowing designs. If you are looking to revamp your wardrobe for the summer season, here are all of the things you will want to bring into your wardrobe right now.

Cherry print

In the last year or so, cherry print has become one of the most popular prints for clothing of all. It is cute, colourful and cheery, and represents absolutely everything we love about the summer season. If you are looking to bring some cherry into your wardrobe this year you can choose ladies handbags, skirts and dresses which have this print on.

Other than the cherry, we are always stocked up on citrus fruits during the summer months. You can hardly go anywhere without seeing lemon orange and lime on shirts and other items, and they can add a sense of fun and colour to any outfit. If you want to show off your playful side this year, get yourself a fruit-printed shirt and have some fun. You can also get avocados on pretty much every item of clothing imaginable (and they are also a fruit). So enjoy your avocado, citrus and cherry this year to make you feel like a fabulous fruit salad.

Floral print

When you think of spring and summer fashion, one of the first things you will likely think about is floral prints. Floral prints such as small flowers or large daisies scream summer, and they always bring an air of nature and femininity to an outfit. You can buy sundresses with this print or simply stick to a flowing camisole, either way, you will instantly look like a summer princess.


For a more geometric style for your clothing, chevrons are incredibly popular at this time of year and they usually feature a mixture of colours and metallics. Chevron patterned clothes are great because they will make you immediately stand out from the crowd and you will look amazing without having to make too much effort.

Soft pastels

For an easy summer outfit, you simply need to bring the right colours into the mix and make sure that you show off how simple it can be, pastel colours at this time of the year remind us of hot beaches and sipping cocktails, so wearing flowing pastel clothes will always bring an element of summer to your wardrobe.


If you don’t fancy wearing a dress all day because you will be running around and being active, the ideal clothing for you is a cute little playsuit. Playsuits are bright, light and airy meaning that you are instantly able to run around and be active on a hot day and enjoy playing with your family and friends without overheating. A playsuit is something everyone should have in their wardrobe.

Lace and frills… and rips

If you want to make any outfit immediately look ready for a summer party, just throw a little bit of lace and some frills over the top. Summer is a party season and a festive season, and pretty much every man and his dog enjoy wearing lace and frills during this time of the year. You will look festive ready all season and you will be able to stay nice and cool.

Have you ever worn a pair of ripped jeans in front of your family? You will likely have been inundated with offers to sew up your clothes for you to fix the tears. But, aside from your family, everyone loves a good pair of ripped jeans during the summer. They allow air to reach your legs, they make a huge style statement and they are effortlessly casual. If it’s too hot for jeans you can also switch to a pair of shorts, which will look amazing with a plain cami and a cute kimono.

Swing dresses

For those lazy days where you take a small walk and then sit in the beer garden with a drink, there can be no better outfit than a soft swing dress. The beauty of swing dresses is that they are loose and flowing which means that you won’t feel uncomfortable or bloated during the daytime. You can happily sit outside and enjoy your drinks with your friends and stay comfortable all day.

Oversized shirts

For a chic and effortless style, the best possible thing you can wear for a casual summer outfit is an oversized shirt with a pair of rugged shorts. You will be able to tuck one side of the shirt into your shorts and leave the other out for a look which seems as if it has come straight out of a fashion magazine. You will impress everyone who sees you and they will have a huge amount of outfit envy!

Sporty chic

Summer is most people’s favourite time of year to get out and be active. The lovely weather gives the perfect conditions for long walks, sports and runs in the morning. If you want to motivate yourself to do some exercise one of the best things you can do is wear sporty clothes throughout the day. Not only will you constantly be ready for the gym, but you will also be able to show off some really, stunning patterns and styles.

A splash of colour

Summer is all about making the most of colour and personality, and during this time of the year, it is the ideal time for you to bring a huge splash of colour to a simple outfit. Let’s say you are wearing a plain white dress: you can immediately lift your entire outfit and make it pop by adding a splash of orange, pink or red. If your wardrobe seems to mostly consist of black and white, a small splash of colour can really make a plain outfit feel like a summer wonder.

Incorporating a Little Fun Into Your Home Is Child's Play

When we move into any property or decide to focus on our interior design, we tend to spend most of our time mulling over what major pieces of furniture to incorporate into our living space and what white goods will give us the best bang for our buck. Needless to say, while this is all necessary, it’s inevitably a bit dull. But once you’ve got the basics handled, why not let your hair down a little and start spending some time focusing on incorporating a little fun into your home. Now, there are various things that we generally associate with children or teens and that adults tuck to the back of their mind until they have little ones to provide for themselves. But this is a crying shame! After all, there are a few fun home additions that adults can indulge in too! So, if you’re up for a spot of fun, here are a couple of nostalgic items that you can stylishly fit into your home design, that will keep a smile on your face day in and day out!

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Bean Bags

Now, there are certain childhood items of furniture that are best buried and never brought back up again in adulthood. Let’s take blow up sofas and seats as a prime example. Sure, they were a great novelty when we were young. But they’re not exactly an item you’d want to have hanging around your home nowadays. Not only do they look tacky, but they’re hardly the most functional of items - deflating and popping at any given moment. But there is one form of furniture that most of us had in childhood that could definitely make a comeback - the humble bean bag. Now, beanbags are great and you don’t necessarily have to have them in the bold and wacky colours and prints that you might have had in days gone by. There are much more neutral tones on the market nowadays. Not only are they easy to pull about the house (meaning you can transfer them from one room to another easily), but they’re extremely comfortable. Once you’re used to sitting in one, a regular sofa just won’t do anymore! You can even incorporate them into your outdoor space with outdoor floating bean bags. Not only will they prevent you from getting grass stains on your favourite clothes, but they’re a much more comfortable alternative to the hard ground. If you do invest in bean bags, remember to maintain them responsibly. The beads may need topping up over time, as they will inevitably compress with regular use. But they’re easy to come by and refilling is an extremely simply process!

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A Trampoline

We can all probably recall the longing for a trampoline that we had in younger years. No matter how we initially came into contact with them - whether through physical education classes at school or bouncing on one at a friend’s house - we yearned to have one of these playthings in our own backyards. Not only would this allow us the opportunity to bounce about and have a laugh, but it would provide reliable entertainment during playtime with our siblings, extended family, and friends. However, trampolining isn’t just for kids! Believe it or not, adults can have a good go at it too. There’s little that beats the thrill of the wind running through your hair as you fire up into the sky and plummet back down repeatedly. What’s more? It can actually prove to be good for you as well as fun. While most of us spend our time avoiding physical exercise, trampolining is a simple exercise where you will find yourself laughing through the workout. It won’t feel like a chore at all! So, what benefits are to be had from it? First off, it’s a low impact form of cardiovascular fitness. You can gain a similar workout to running or jogging without having to worry so much about the impact that the exercise will have on your joints. It also greatly improves your balance and coordination as you get used to how landing at different angles changes your projection and direction. You might be a little wobbly with your first few jumps, but you’ll soon grow used to it. Down the line, you can even start incorporating a few different jumps, flips, and rolls.

Alternative Lighting

Chances are that you had a night light of sorts when you were younger. These are a great way to soothe yourself once the sun has set and the day’s natural light has come to a close. Now, most of us replace fun night lights with standardised lamps, which are designed to give you a small boost of light when needs be. While they won’t completely flood your room with light, they are likely to give a nice glow to the space that is sufficient to help you get by in your home without bumping into things and knocking things over. Now, there are seemingly endless varieties available on the market, and you should consider getting more than one. However, why settle for something completely normal when the world of lighting is your oyster? There are so many alternative items out there. From lava lamps to glitter lamps and even oil wheels which will splash psychedelic light prints across your walls, soothing you with the slowly moving motions and ambient colours. Sure, you might not want these in every room. You may not even want them as your go-to source of light in any room. But they’re a fun novelty to pull out as and when you please.

While it’s extremely tempting to stick to the norm and lead a beige life at home, you really can benefit from straying from the beaten track from time to time. So, be adventurous and daring and incorporate some of the above items into your interior design. Not only will they add a little fun to your home and your lifestyle, but they’ll encourage you to let your hair down and comfortably relax too!

How To Organise Your Entire Home - 10 Useful Tips

Everyone has a little bit of clutter lying around their home. In fact, most of us have a little bit more than a little. Regardless of how much junk you own, there are always benefits to having a clear out and getting your house organised. Decluttering your home means that it’s easier to find things when you need them, you have less to clear up, and you can relax easier because you're not constantly surrounded by mountains of mess. Knowing how to go about this mission isn’t always easy, so to help you, here are ten useful home organising tips.

Set Realistic Goals
Before you get started, you need to know exactly what it is that you want to get done. This means looking at every room in your home, deciding which rooms you want to organise, and evaluating how much clutter you actually need to sort through. Once you’ve done this, you can figure out roughly how long it will take you to do each room, which means you’ll be able to set start and completion dates and times. Ensure that these are realistic or you’ll stress yourself out.

Complete Each Task
When you get to work on one room or one specific task, it’s important that you stick with this job until you get it done. There’s no point in starting your kitchen and then moving onto your bedroom when you’re only halfway finished. When you’re organising a room, things tend to look worse before they get better, so leaving a space half finished just means you’re leaving it in a bigger mess than it was before. Always complete tasks completely before you start something else.


Clear Out The Clutter

A big part of organising your home is cutting down on the amount of junk and clutter your own. This means getting rid of anything you no longer want, need, or use. Some things, like old toys, ruined books and DVDs, and ripped furniture can be thrown away, but most of your clutter can and should go elsewhere. Broken electronics, for example, can often be recycled for cash. You may be able to sell other things too, and then donate whatever you can’t or don’t want to sell.

Use A Sorting System

If you just jump right into things, going through your belongings can quickly turn into an unorganised mess. It’s important that you create and use a sorting method so that you know exactly what you’re keeping, and what you’re not. This means you won’t accidentally throw something away you intended to keep. Most people use the three box method, which entails you splitting all of your belongings into three boxes, labelled ‘get rid of’, ‘keep’, and ‘put in storage’.

Sleep On It

After sorting all of your belongings into boxes, it’s vital that you make sure that the decisions you’ve made are actually the right ones. After all, you don’t want to get rid of something and then regret it the next day. Because of this, you should put your boxes away, stop for the day, and go to sleep. If there’s something you really want to keep and can’t bear to live without, then you’ll know by the morning. Then, you just need to move it from the ‘get rid of’ box to the ‘keep’ box.

Add Extra Storage

Once you’ve figured out exactly how much stuff you have left in your home, it’s time for you to put it away. Although you have gotten rid of a few things, you may still need extra storage, so consider ways to add this to your house. In some cases, this is as simple as buying a few boxes, but in others, it means hiring a structural engineering expert and having a garage or outbuilding built. Whatever you decide, make sure it works for your home and your stuff.


Give Everything A Place

If you want your home to stay tidy, then everything in it needs its own space. This means you need to find somewhere for all of your books, DVDs, CDs, bills, and even the bags you take with you when you go shopping. Everything needs its own specific place in your home, or it won’t get put away after it’s been used. Instead, it’ll be dumped on a side somewhere, and the piles of clutter will start to build up again.

Accept Good Enough

Whether you like it or not, your home probably isn’t going to end up looking like something out of an interior design magazine, but there is a reason for that. The houses in these pictures aren’t lived in and have been staged by a team of designers to look absolutely perfect. Your home, on the other hand, is your home and should look as such. Because of this, you should stop trying to achieve this perfect image, and instead accept that your home is good enough.

Think Before Buying

After spending so much time decluttering and organising your home, the last thing that you’re going to want to do is ruin it. Unfortunately, this will happen if you get back into old habits and start buying things you don’t really need or won’t fit comfortably in your house. Because of this, it’s important that you really think about what you’re buying before you buy it. If you won’t use it regularly, don’t have a place for it, or have something similar, then leave it at the store.


Keep It Up

Organising your home isn’t a ‘once it’s done, it’s done’ job. You’re going to have to keep up with the cleaning and the organising, or your house will slip back into the messy state it was in before. Unfortunately, despite how much you try, this may happen anyway, but you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Houses get messy from time to time, so just roll up your sleeves and get back to work. Your home will be organised again in no time.

Organising your home isn’t an easy job, but the tips above should make the task a little easier for you.

How to Care for Yourself When You're Feeling Down

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No matter how naturally upbeat and enthusiastic we are about life, no matter how ready we are to seize the day and live our bliss, there will always be rough times now and then when we feel down and need to treat ourselves with a bit of care and respect until we’re feeling back to our usual selves.

Life can be stressful in all sorts of ways. Maybe you’ve been hit by a difficult financial situation, and have turned to Cigno loans, or maybe a loved one has fallen ill. Maybe you don’t even know why you’re feeling down, but just know that you are.

Here are some tips to help you properly care for yourself during these difficult times, so that you can heal up and get back on your feet.

Lower your expectations and demands for the time being

There’s a general rule that we tend to be harsher on ourselves than we do on other people, and often drive ourselves mercilessly to ruin, or exhaustion, while pursuing certain goals and objectives.

It’s not too hard to see why this happens — we are the only people we have control over, and because we are, well, ourselves, we become deeply agitated, and often angry, and even disgusted when we’re unable to perform to the high standard that we set for ourselves — or when the more mysterious, subconscious parts of our mind cry out for a break.

When you’re going through a difficult patch, it’s important to lower the expectations and demands you place on yourself. As long as you’re attending to the tasks that must be attended to — turning up to work, following your basic moral code, and paying the rent — let the rest slide for a while.

Feed yourself well and get plenty of sleep

Food and nutrition are at the core of good health, and especially when your mood is low, you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re starving yourself or becoming sleep deprived.

A melancholic or depressive episode is not the time to be following a rigid and stressful weight loss diet programme, or staying up late watching TV, and subsisting on only a few meagre hours of sleep.

Eat your fill of healthy, nutritious foods, whenever you’re hungry. And make getting adequate sleep a key priority of yours.

Try to enjoy forms of art that bring up your mood

Anything you can do to help to bring your mood up when you’re feeling down — even if just by a little bit — is to be appreciated and sought out.

Watching a comedy film that makes you laugh, playing with a puppy that makes your heart melt, or reading a book that you find exciting, are all ways of getting your head out of the dark space it’s ended up in, and allowing yourself to experience a few precious glimpses of sunlight.

Depending on what’s got you feeling down, these little boosts may help a little, or a lot, but in any event, they’ll help to some degree.

Four Ways To Transform Your Living Spaces

When it comes to your home, we can often feel like we can get a little complacent or bored with some of the most used spaces in our homes. A living room or any living space element to an open plan room is often one of the most used spaces, which means that we can porter neglect them in the whole interior decoration side of things and therefore they can be a little boring. But no more. I wanted to share with you four ways you can easily transform any living space in your home and the beauty of these suggestions is that they will enable you to continually change things up as little our as often as you would like.

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Add a rug to the room

One of the first things you could consider would be to add a rug to the living room or the space you have. It can really soften things up in terms of looks and they can also be a real striking feature. You can find some great rugs online in all sorts of colours, patterns and textures, so you are bound to find something that will suit the space and the style you are going for. As a feature it can really change the look of the space with very little effort and investment needed.

Think about the soft furnishings

Just like you can add a rug, you can also change soft furnishings quite often to suit the look you are trying to create. The soft furnishings normally translate to things like cushions, blankets or throws, or even things like upholstery where you change material or covers on chairs or sofas. The soft furnishings you choose can really add a touch of style to the living space.

Dress your home to the seasons

If you think about it, there is inspiration all around us, and often one of the best things to use as inspiration is the seasons. Now that we are approaching winter, the inspiration could be that you want to embrace certain gtrends like Hygge, where you want comfort and style and missing the two. You might want cushions and blankets, and adding candles for a certain ambience. But when the spring and summer seasons come around once more, you may want to embrace florals, fresh flowers and house plants. The options are endless and the seasons are great ways to feel inspired for little bits in your home.

Add different colours and creative elements

Finally, colour is a great way to inject some life into your living space. It can be brought in through different ways. Through cushions and upholstery, through accessories, pictures and ornaments you display. You can also embrace new trends and change things as often as you like, whether that is pastel shades in the spring, or greys and darker shades for the autumn and winter we are currently experiencing.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration for some of the ways that you can transform your living spaces.

10 Ways to Freshen Up the Home

We all know how it goes. We get our home exactly as we want it to look, and then we settle into the business of living, and before too long, our home just isn’t as comfortable or fresh as it once was. The good news is that making your home look and feel new doesn’t have to be an arduous task; if you’re motivated enough, you can take care of it in the matter of a weekend. Below, we take a look at ten ways you can freshen up the look, and in the process make your home more livable and enjoyable to be in.


Mix Up the Furniture

If you ever buy an expensive work of art, then they say you should move it around every six weeks or so. Otherwise, you’ll get so used to the piece that you won’t “see” it; you’ll just walk right past it. The same, to a lesser extent, can be said of your furniture. It’s been in position for so long that you likely just walk into your room on autopilot; it’s uninspiring. So why not change things around a bit? By changing the position of your furniture, you’ll be breathing some life into your room. That boring old living room might just become your favourite room in the house.

Add More Natural Lighting

If you were to think about freshness, the first thing that would pop into your mind would be a pleasant spring day. The sun is shining, there’s a light breeze in the air, and and the smell is oh so divine. While it can be difficult to replicate that sensation precisely in your home, you can take a step in the right direction by amplifying the amount of natural lighting you bring in to your home. If you have big windows, then make sure there’s nothing obstructing the flow of sunlight. It’s also possible to add a large window to a wall that’s currently without, so take a look to see if it’s an option.

Get Rid Of Old Items

It’s easy for a home to become cluttered, especially if you’ve been living there for a few years. After all, it’s rare that a person throws away old belongings. We’re hoarders by nature, or at least it seems that way! So why not have a clearout? If you haven’t used an item in a few months, it might be time to donate it to a charity shop. You’ll get rid of more items than you might think, in the process making your home a more spacious place to be. These old items can also include old pillows and throws, though you’ll want to replace them.

A Lick of Paint

If we didn’t know any better, we would suggest that paint has some magical properties! By painting your interior or exterior walls, you can dramatically change the feel of your house. With just a few hours work, a room can go from “dated and dingy” to “modern and fresh”; what else is capable of such a transformation in such a small space of time? If you don’t want to tackle the job yourself, you can hire a company like Brisbane House Painters to do it for you. When you walk into your freshly painted home, it’ll feel just like it did when it was brand new. Now that’s fresh!

Add a Work of Art

And the paint doesn’t have to be limited just to the walls in a direct way. It can also hang on the wall, too, in the form of art! A work of art creates a focal point for your home. There is a skill to buying pieces of art, so don’t rush into buying anything. Wherever possible, avoid those mass produced pieces; it’s much better to have an original, even if it’s not from an artist as well known as Picasso. Whatever you go for, make sure it’s something that catches the eye and brings the room to life.

Give it a Deep Clean

Now, we’re sure that you’re taking the time to tidy up as you go. But a light dust here and quick vacuum there, while useful, is not going to significantly boost your home’s freshness levels. For that, you’ll have to go deep. Every month or so, commit to spending a few hours really giving your home a deep clean. That means pulling all of the furniture out and getting rid of all the dirt and grime that will surely have built up over the month. If you’re really adverse to getting on your hands and knees to get the job, consider hiring a cleaner. They’re affordable, professional, and will leave your home looking spotless.

Add a Few More Plants

It is surprising that more people don’t make the most of indoor plants. They require little maintenance and bring bags full of benefits, including improved air-quality and mental health. And, it’s hard to deny that they’re pretty beautiful! There was a New York woman who replaced her flatmate with hundreds of plants, and, OK, you don’t need to do that, but take a look at your home and see where you can add a few (but really: the more, the better!). You’ll have that eternal spring thing going on, which is sure to make your home feel fresher.


More Colour

If your home is currently filled with dark tones, then bring the colour! By adding splashes of colour around your home, you’ll be making it more visually appealing and inspiring to be in.

A Relaxing Space

A home that’s orderly, well-tidied, and clean will feel fresh, but to really enjoy the space, you’ll want to create a relaxing space. This can be simple as adding a few more pillows and throws to your living space, or as complex (well, more complicated than an extra pillow) as creating a cosy reading corner. With that installed, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your property, which will at this stage feel like a brand new home!

How to Create the Garden Seating Area You Can Be Proud Of

If you’re keen on showing off your garden this summer, you’d better get started with creating a stunning seating area that will host your garden parties, barbecues and catch-ups with friends on a Friday night over a glass of wine or two. While the weather might not always be nice to you, you have to make the most out of the space and location to the best of your abilities. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.
Decking and Flooring

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The first step is creating an elevated platform that is like an extension of your home. You can opt for traditional decking with steps and rails, or a paved area that uses Indian stone or weather resistant paving slabs. It is important that you weatherproof all the wooden elements, or they will deteriorate over time and need replacing in a couple of years. There are several wood protection lacquer available in DIY stores.
Choice of Materials for Seating

Once you have the blank space, it is important that you choose the right garden furniture. While rattan can be decorative and comfortable, it is not that good when it comes to rain and sun. The good news is that you can get some faux rattan, plastic garden sets that will not get damaged by wind, sun, temperature change, and rain. Simple plastic chairs and tables tend to fly away in the wind and don’t last long at all.
Shading and Lighting

It is also important that you take care of the shading and lighting of your patio. You can find plenty of outdoor patio and deck lighting ideas online. When it comes to late night parties, you can get some solar powered lanterns that will not only keep the area illuminated but also create a great atmosphere for a friendly chat. If your patio area gets direct sun, you can get canopies and sun shades that can be removed whenever needed, but keep you protected from the sun’s rays when it is too hot.

While the sunshine might not bother you, the wind will for sure. You can get bamboo screens installed around the seating area, so you can stay out even when there is a storm outside, or the breeze tells you to get back inside. A more natural solution can be planting fast growing hedges and shrubs around the patio, or getting potted plants that will break the wind’s force.

Image via Artem Bali

If you would like to transform your garden, you will have to add your personal touch. Visit your local antique and thrift store and get some unique plant pots, garden ornaments, statues, and sun catchers, as well as decorative candles, lanterns, and wind chimes. Adding that personal touch will make your newly created patio feel more like home.

If you would like to enjoy your great outdoors this summer, but don’t want to sit in the garden, creating a seating area and patio is a great idea. Make this your next DIY project and enjoy barbecues, family gatherings, and friendly chats all through the summer.

3 Things That Can Transform Your Garden

Whatever you want to get out of your home, it is highly likely that you can make a difference towards getting there by also looking at what is going on in your garden. In many ways, the garden is one of the most importants parts of the house. You probably spend a lot of time there, and it is also true that you probably find a lot of comfort in that part of the home. For a lot of families, it is one of the major communal areas as well. In this article, we are going to think about some of the things you can do to really transform your garden in no time. All of these are simple and easy, and yet will make a huge difference to how the garden feels to be in, how it looks and what you can get out of it.


Decorate Your Patio

If you have a patio area - and most gardeners do these days - you might find that decorating it can really make a huge difference oteh garden as a whole. There are many ways in which you can decorate a patio, and it can really mean that you ed up with a space which you want to spend time in, as much as any of your interior places. It could just be the simple addition of a few outdoor rugs thrown on the floor. Or maybe you want to go out of your way to get a couple of good chairs which can stay out in the patio rain or shine. Either way, decorating your patio in some way can make it more comfortable, and mean that you can get much more out of your garden on the whole.

Install A Sculpture

Just having one sculpture in the garden can really make a profound difference to your experience of it. For one thing, sculptures tend to effectively provide a focal point for people to look at, which can increase the aesthetics of the whole garden massively. But they are also sometimes functional, such as when they act as a pump for a pool or pond, or they can be merely good to look at in a number of ways. Installing a sculpture is easier than it sounds, moreover, and might be all you need to do to really see a difference in your garden this year. It can be one of the simplest ways to transform your garden that there are.


Reshape The Lawn

For most gardens, the lawn follow a traditional rectangular shape, but if you want something a little different you might find that reshaping it could be a fun way t do so. This can be easily achieved by anyone with a basic understanding of these things, and it won't’ be more than a day or two’s wok. Yet, from all that, you i'll be likely to get a positive result which will really transform your garden in a big way. Reshaping the lawn is a great way to turn your garden into something completely new.