Get A Beach Body: Easy Hints

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I totally believe in this, If you have the confidence then get yourself to the beach and enjoy the sunshine, sand and fun. But of you need a little help with that confidence some of the below tips may help!!

If you plan on hitting the beach sometime soon, you need to make sure that you're ready to show off your body. We'd all like to slim down a little, but it is harder than it sounds. Slimming down can make you look young and feel great. If you want a perfect body, you need to make some simple lifestyle changes. Once you change the way you do things, you will see that your stomach disappears, and you start looking great. Don't believe me?  Well, take a look at my top tips here.

Cut out any carbohydrates

While carbohydrates may taste great (who doesn't love a massive bowl of pasta?), they can be fatty. If you want to lose weight fast, you should cut them out of your diet for a while. If you want to eat the same type of food without the carbs, you should look for gluten-free dishes. It may surprise you to learn that you can now buy gluten free food online. That means that it has never been easier to stop eating carbohydrates.

Drink water (all the time)

Often, when you feel hungry, you are thirsty. If you remember this rule, it will help you a lot. When you feel that you want some food, you need to have a glass of water. You never know, that feeling may have been thirst rather than hunger. If you still feel like eating after that, go ahead. The chances are, though, that you will eat much less than you otherwise would. Aside from anything else, hydrating yourself is excellent for your general health.


Eat small dishes

You need to control the size of the meals you eat if you want to drop those extra pounds. Sometimes, people get into the habit of overeating. If you have massive lots of food whenever you eat, you will put on weight like there is no tomorrow. When you make a meal, save some of it for later. That way, if you are still hungry, you can have seconds. If you fill up, though, you will not keep on eating for no real reason.

Leave the car at home

If you drive, you likely use the car to go everywhere. If you find that you are always behind the wheel, something needs to change. Why not take a stroll instead? When you start walking places rather than driving, you will notice a massive difference. You don't need to hit the gym every day to start getting fit. Just make this simple lifestyle change and see what happens. Before you know it, you will have a killer body.

Take a dance class

Again, these are loads of alternatives to going to the gym. If the idea of running on a treadmill does little for you, why not try dancing? Zumba is a popular choice for people that want to lose weight. If you start taking dance classes, you can get fit and enjoy yourself. I hope that my little tips help you when it comes to getting the body you want! Come back again soon for more of my advice.

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Surprise Your Man (or Significant other) With A Fabulous Birthday Party

If your man’s or significant others birthday is coming up, and it’s a big one - maybe he's reached the big 3-0, you might be thinking about how to celebrate. If you are considering throwing him a surprise party, you might be a little concerned about how to go about it, am I right?

However, there is no need to be. Yes, organising any party can be hard work, but it’ll be worth the effort. Trust me on this, any man who's turning 30, would love his partner to show him she cares by throwing him a surprise party.

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To help you ensure that your man’s surprise party is a success, I thought I would share my top party planning tips with you, below:

Set a budget

The first thing that you need to do is set yourself a budget so that you don’t end up overspending. Yes, you want to show your partner how much you care about him, but you don’t want to break the bank in the process.

That’s why setting a budget is important, as it will allow you to organise him a fantastic party, without overspending. Think about how much you can afford to spend, and go with that. Even if you only have a small budget, you can still throw your man an amazing party, so don’t worry about the amount you can afford to spend.

Choose a venue before setting a date

Before you set a date for his surprise party - you will probably want to hold it on a weekend, choose a venue. It’s best to choose a venue before setting a date, as that way you will have a wider selection of party venues to choose from.

If you set a date before choosing a venue, you will be limited for choice when it comes to where you can hold the party. This could mean having to spend more than your budget on a venue that’s over priced. That’s why it is best to choose the venue before setting a date for the celebration.

Tell people it’s a surprise party

If you want people to keep the party a secret, make sure that you tell them it’s a surprise. Don’t make the mistake of sending out invites without mentioning that it’s a surprise party - even if you have already told people this.

Make sure that the invitations clearly state that the party is a surprise and that your husband must not find out. Ask people not to display their invites, just in case your husband pops over to their house and sees them.

Choose the entertainment carefully

Think about the type of entertainment that your partner likes, does he enjoy dancing or would he rather do something else. Yes, every party needs music, so hiring a DJ is a must, but it’s also important to think about what your partner likes.

For instance, if your partner enjoys playing pool, you could hire a couple of pool tables, as well as a couple of foosball tables. Music is a must, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be other forms of entertainment as well. It’s a party for your husband, so it’s important that there are things he likes to do, as well as dancing.

Don’t forget about the food

There is nothing worse than being hungry at a party, so having food is a must. This can be a selection of crisps, dips, nuts and other light snacks, or it could be a little more filling. The type of food that you do is up to you, just make sure to do food that your partner likes.

For example, if you partner is a cheese lover, why not do cheese and biscuits? Instead of doing just regular cheeses, why not do various cheeses from across the world?

Planning a surprise party isn’t always easy, it can be incredibly stressful. However, if you follow the tips in this guide, you can plan your partner the perfect surprise party.

What I wore

Two of my winter must haves have been fur vests, I posted many times about my love of stripes.. I wear stripes all the time , here, here and here

I love the classic combo of a stripe swing dress and fur vest. My gorgeous House of poly necklace finished the outfit perfectly x

My Laser Hair Removal Experience

I'm not a hairy lady but I do get the odd hormonal hair on my chin ( I suffer from Poly cystic Ovary syndrome). I also have some soft hair above my lip that drives me crazy. I used to wax it myself but life is busy now with a baby and I hardly have time for a shower some days. I walked past a Laser clinic in a shopping center and goggled it. I was pleasantly surprised by the prices and reviews and I decided to give it a go.

I booked a session and turned up for my appointment, after a 10 min information session about the dos and dont's, the hows and whys and the after care I was ready for my treatment.

I lay on the bench, was supplied with safety goggles and the treatment began, it took all of 5 mins. It felt warm, and hot in some spot and like a very light rubber band being flicked against the skin.

After my skin felt warm, but not uncomfortable, a soothing balm was applied and I was on my way. A few hours later there wasn't even any redness, there was a slight itching sensation but nothing unbearable and a day later you wouldn't even know I had had laser hair removal.

I am booked in for my second treatment in 4 weeks and I am hopeful for good results. I should need between 3-8 sessions to be hair free for life


Motivation Mondays

Real Mum Series - Meet Lilly

Pop over to Flat Bum Mum and Meet Lilly from The Stylish Teacher . She is this Months Real Mum

lily 6 

Not a member of The Laundry Lounge ? Join here before our next meet up. Which is this Saturday night in case you are wondering.
We are now meeting two Real Mums every month.  Here at the end of each month and on SCPC mid-month.  It’s double thee mum fun. 

What i wore - Mummy casual

Mummy style is a hard one, my life has changed dramatically since becoming a stay at home Mum. No longer am I dressing for the office, for nights out and after work wines. Now you are more likely to find me playing on the floor, having casual coffee dates and running errands and for this I have developed a whole new style. 

It took a little while to find my groove and really find my sense of style and comfort but I have embraced my new life and style and now love putting together outfits. 

My top tips for new Mums
Go easy on yourself, don't rush into putting together your new wardrobe ans style, let your life play out and see where your style heads. 
Don't sit in a rut, if you feel like getting dressed in the mornings is a torturous exercise call in a expert stylist, join in a style challenge, chat to your friends, get on pinterest. Start finding your grove, slowly but surely

Stay at home Mums or SAHM Styling #sahmstyling

Are you a stay at home mum or a SAHM? I am and I love it. Its truly the best job in the World....But Its easy to fall into a bit of a style rut, to stay in your pjs all day everyday, but I really think its important to dress for the day. Obviously taking care of the house and the bebes and kids is most important but so is feeling like a adult, a fully functioning adult.

Building a budget wardrobe, that's casual and functional. individual and you is a challenge one that has to fit around all the jobs we do as SAHMs so lets share that challenge together. 

Bec from Styled by Bec and I am starting the #SAHMstyling hashtag, to encourage all the stay at home mums to share their style and challenge one another to get out of that style rut and feel wonderful. Lets help one another to develop a comfy, casual style and share our fabulous bargain finds! Not a SAHM, well share your style too and inspire us! We all have our stay at home days, our work days our nights out and casual style so share and inspire, encourage and have fun x

My Tips for Becoming a DIY Pro Around the House

If you want to become a DIY pro around the house, you’ll need to do a little work and research first. Nobody is born a DIY pro; it’s learned. I like to do things around the house as it helps to save us a little money. Obviously I draw the line at very difficult or dangerous jobs, but most of the time I can get things done fairly easily. Use my tips and you can do the same:

Start off With Simple Jobs

You can’t go all gung ho right off the bat and try to perform difficult DIY tasks. I admire ambition, but I totally think you need to take it slowly. You must start off with simple jobs so you can get a handle on the skills involved, and then work your way up to the harder tasks. Don’t be put off if you can’t get the hang of them right away; it takes practice to build up skills like this. It’ll be worth it in the end though! Painting is the perfect job to start with, pick a room and give it a go!!! I drive my husband mad painting furniture and upcycling..

Start a Collection of Tools

All good DIY enthusiasts need a collection of good tools. Having all of the tools you need is essential for getting the tasks done. They don’t necessarily need to be the most expensive collection of tools out there. However, you should have something for most jobs. Bear in mind the better the tools, the easier the job at hand will be (usually).


Watch Tutorials

If you’re unsure of how to do something, no problem. Simply watch a few online tutorials and you should get the gist of it. It really isn’t difficult; you should be able to find pretty much anything you’re looking for online. You can learn so much, and it’s completely free!

Consider a Workshop or Course

There are a few workshops and short courses available you could take to help you hone your skills. You may get the opportunity to have one on one advice here, which can help you to improve. You’ll learn some valuable tips and you’ll be able to take on the DIY at home with a new outlook.

Download Some Helpful Apps

There are so many apps on the appstore that can help you to complete your DIY jobs with ease. Some of them will take the place of a spirit level, while others will help you work out measurements and sizes. Lots of them are free too! You’ll become known as a handyman around the house before you know it.

Be Sensible

The key to doing DIY around the house is being sensible. Don’t try to take on a job that is particularly difficult or that you’re confused about. Why? You could spend more in the long run having it re-done. Sometimes, you do just need to ring a professional and have them do it for you. There’s no shame in it!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and now you feel inspired to become a DIY expert around the house. Leave any tips of your own below - see you again soon!

Getting Jiggy with it...

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Pre baby me, 7 years ago

Now that title probably got you thinking.... What is she on about.. I'm not talking fashion or beauty today, I am talking personal health, of the contraceptive kind. I've had a history of lady problems, I have Poly cystic Ovary syndrome, painful periods, ovarian cysts and in the past have had Pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. A whole boat load of fun so my contraception journey has been for more than safe sexy time.

I've been on a million different contraceptive pills to try to avoid painful periods and hormonal fluctuations and obviously to avoid unplanned babies... and having had only a handful of boyfriends and a few flings I was always practicing safe sexy time with condoms.

Contraception isn't something that us ladies really talk to much about, I talked to my girlfriends when we all started our sexy time journeys about the what, when and who of safe sex but only recently has it come up again as a topic with my Mummy friends.

Me now, a Mummy and Wife 

Post baby contraception, its one of the first things my obstetrician wanted to know my plans for post baby. To be honest I hadn't given it a second thought, apart from I don't want to do that again in the near future. I knew I had a couple of weeks to think, and so I broached the topic with my Mummy friends. Most went back on the mini pill so they could continue breast feeding and some were taking the fun option and using condoms, apparently they have come along way since back in the day when they were colored, flavored and plain.  After 3 months I decided to give the Implanon a try, it lasts three years and I don't have to remember to take it each day and its ever so slightly more effective than the Condom.

A interesting topic and one we should all totally become more comfortable with, being safe is a responsibility and as a educated adult you should know the risks, side effects and benefits of all contraception methods. No-one wants to miss out on getting jiggy safely, there's no fun in that   xxx

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What I wore - The Denim Jacket

I love a denim jacket, I can remember as a child having a totally rad acid washed jacket with cute My little Pony patches on it, I also had the matching denim skirt but that is another fashion story. 

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Not actual jacket, he he

Now I am older and have far more refined taste in denim and I am still very partial to a denim jacket. I fell madly in love with this jacket from the Danni Minogue Petites range for Target as soon as I saw it, Its a relaxed style, slightly cropped (which is great for a short torso like mine) and a soft and comfortable denim. 

I have been wearing it non stop and here are a few of the ways I have worn it lately. Do you have a denim jacket? How do you style yours? x

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