Walk for Prems proudly presented by Life's Little Treasures

And she is walking our little premie miracle Sophia Grace is walking and just in time really, On Sunday October 25th the Walk for Premmies will take place all over Australia with thousands of people taking part to support Life's Little Treasures Foundation.

We were blessed that when our little one entered the World just 6 weeks early she very quickly was breathing and eating on her own so was only in special care for a week and although she has always been on the small side she is a healthy and beautiful little girl. Not every early baby has such an easy journey and that's whey organisations like Little Treasures are so vital for families in need of support.

On Sunday the 25th of October I will be walking in support of  support of the 47,748 premature or sick babies  and I encourage you to too.

Want to know more ?? Visit  Walk for Prems 
Registration costs $25 for adults and $12.50 for children in all cities except Melbourne, where registration is $40 for adults and $20 for children.

In its sixth year, Walk for Prems will take place simultaneously in

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Launceston.

Locations Walk for Prems will take place at the following seven locations:

 Sydney Park, Barwon Park Rd, St Peters, Sydney

 Albert Park Lake, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park, Melbourne

 Sandgate Foreshore, Flinders Parade, Sandgate, Brisbane

 Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth Foreshore, Perth

 Bonython Park, Port Road, Adelaide, Adelaide

 Tuggeranong Town Park, Bartlett Place, Greenway, Canberra

 Royal Park, Park Street, Launceston, Launceston

The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation want to ensure that no family endures the traumatic and life changing 

experience of having a premature of sick baby without easy access to critical information and community support to 

help them through their journey. For further information about The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation visit 


One of Lifes Little treasures major corporate sponsors Medela 

According to Medela CEO, Jarrod Percy, the organisation is looking forward to helping the foundation in the very valuable work it does to support the families of premature and sick babies.

“Both organisations strive to find innovative solutions to ease the parenting journey, and are committed to providing information, education and support so that all parents are armed with the knowledge and confidence they need to make the best possible choices for their family. Together we hope to be able to reach even more families, and help raise awareness of what being born premature or sick really means.” said Jarrod Percy, Medela CEO

My Guide To Accessories To Suit Any Outfit

I love my accessories. For me, they are key to completing any outfit. Love them or loathe them, accessories can help define your style. They can even turn a dull and drab fashion item into something sparkly and fun. The best thing is, you can apply them to any outfit you choose. And they don’t need to cost a fortune! Here’s what you need this season:

A simple belt can reshape any item from your wardrobe to give you a gorgeous hourglass figure. You can cinch in at the waist and billow out below to create a beautiful feminine shape. Why not create an empire line shape by using a soft tie or ribbon around a long shirt or dress? They’re not just for holding your trousers up! You can use them to create interest in any outfit. Jazz up that block colour dress with a wide sparkly belt.

I love my fine jewellery best but I also have a great collection of cheaper necklaces and bangles. Chains are the big look for the coming season. Try to find chains with some detailing. You could pick a gold chain from somewhere like https://www.chain-me-up.com.au to add a touch of glamour. I’m steering away from stud earrings this season and moving back toward hoops. I also love wearing long drop earrings when I’m in a cocktail dress.

There really are scarves for every season. If it’s hot, use a smaller one with some design motifs for added interest. But when it’s cold, you can snuggle down into something chunkier and warmer. There are also dozens of ways to tie and wear a scarf so you can make a solid fashion statement. I have five or six great scarves in my collection. I like to use colours that I can match to my bag or my skirt. I love how they can add volume to the outfit, and dress up a dull top.

Who doesn’t love bags? I have to admit to owning a few. I like to mix up the colours a little too. My shoes aren’t quite so brightly designed, but I would love to own matching pumps to one of my bags. A good quality handbag can finish off your outfit beautifully. Look to match the style more than the colour. If you have a long wool coat, then pick something that complements that style.

It’s not every day that I want to wear a hat. But in the height of summer it’s quite a relief to be able to cover up a little. For me, I want a hat with a good brim. There are some really cute fedoras out there for the ladies. They look really good with trousers and jeans. A wider, summer hat tops off a lighter dress or skirt. Beanies are back! And they look awesome with cute casuals.

I have a little stand and hanger for a lot of my accessories. It’s really handy to be able to see what I have next to my wardrobe choices. See what you can dress up today.

Everything I'd Recommend You Check as a New Homeowner


When you become a new homeowner, the hard work is just beginning. Sure, it’s great to finally secure yourself a home, and move in. But there are plenty of things you’re going to need to check out once you’ve done this. It’s not as easy as just moving in and you’re good to go. Trust me on this; you need to make sure you check the property out thoroughly.
There may well be work that needs to be done before you can get the most out of your home. And there could be important things that need to be addressed right away. Of course, a lot of this you will have checked prior to buying or moving. But it can’t hurt to have another look and make sure you’re thorough. Here are some of the key things I recommend you check when you move to your new place.
The plumbing is one of the most important areas of the home. You rely on this to get running water and to be able to make proper use of the bathroom. As such, you need to make sure the plumbing is working at all times. If I even notice the slightest problem with my plumbing, I get on the phone right away. This is something that I require for daily living, so it needs to be sorted out. I would certainly not recommend attempting to do it yourself. Make sure you get the experts involved as soon as you can.
The other key area of the home that you’ll need to make sure is always perfect is the electrics. These are two areas you absolutely need to ensure are working all the time. So I would say you as soon as you experience any lighting or wiring problems get in touch with an electrician. You need to make sure you nip this in the bud as soon as you can so it doesn’t become a huge problem. And I have to stress that trying to fix this yourself without expert help can be very dangerous. So don’t try it, just leave it to the experts to sort out.
As a homeowner, your biggest fear should be damp. This can cause so much damage to the property, and will result in thousands of dollars in repairs. So you need to make sure you check out the damp situation ahead of time. First off, I would make sure this is investigated prior to moving, or even buying. It might be a big problem that needs work to sort out. I’d also check it again once you’re all moved in. Get someone out with the right equipment, and make sure they check each room thoroughly. This way, once you identify any potential mould or damp, it can be eliminated swiftly.
You might also want to take the time to have a look at the infrastructure of your new home. One of the biggest problems I had with my old place was the trees sucking moisture from my foundations. This caused the whole property to drop slightly over the years due to the erosion of the foundations. Now, this is something that can end up being a big problem if it’s not sorted out. So I would make sure this is one of the first things you check out.
Planning Permission
Now, as a new homeowner, you might have extensions and renovations on the mind. I know that not long after moving into my place I wanted to extend. It’s important to look for ways to make the home more comfortable, and add value. But, there might be red tape that needs to be cut through. Sometimes you’re going to need to get planning permission in order to make changes to the property. So try to find out whether you need planning permission before you begin.
As a mum, it’s very important to me that I have a nice area for my kids to grow up in. That’s why I’d suggest checking out the neighbourhood when you get there. Sure, you’ll have visited beforehand, and this will give you an idea of what the place is like. But it’s important to check it out once you’ve moved as well. This time, you can go a bit more in-depth. Try to meet the local neighbours, and familiarise yourself with the location of the schools, police station, and doctors, etc.
Security System
Another important thing you’re going to need to investigate is your home security system. It’s essential that your home is safe and secure. So you have to be happy with the security system you have in place. Check the locks and the intruder alarm, and see how well they work. You may want to consider upgrading or replacing them. I’d also look into the possibility of getting a CCTV security system, and some security lights. Whatever you need to get to make you feel comfortable is what’s important.
The garden is one of the great untapped resources of any home. It’s an area that can really be turned into something magnificent. But so many people neglect their gardens, and this is a real shame. I would recommend you thoroughly investigate your garden as soon as you move. Get a feel for the size and shape, maybe even do some measurements. Then you can start coming up with ideas for things you might like to do in the garden. There are additions and changes you can make, but you’ll need to have an idea of the layout and design first.
As you can see, there is quite a lot to take on board when you move to your new home. No one said it was going to be easy, but these are all essential things. You have to make sure you check them out as soon as you can. If you can get these things sorted right away it will make home life much easier. There will be fewer problems cropping up, and the transition will be much smoother for the whole family.


Make Your Home More Cosy & Comfortable In Three Simple Steps

When we buy a home, we want to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible. No one wants to live in an uncomfortable home; it can be a real pain! I’ve got three ways that you can make your home more cosy and comfy:

Buy Comfy Furniture

One of the reasons your home doesn’t feel comfortable could be down to your furniture. There’s a big difference between comfy furniture and not so comfy furniture. If you want a comfortable home, ideally you’ll have furniture that is a joy to sit on. You want sofas that gobble you up and make you want to stay nestled in them forever. You want a bed that grabs you and holds you there for hours every morning. If you’re rocking uncomfortable furniture, then your home will feel uncomfortable, it’s as simple as that.

I like to go for soft touch furniture. I don’t hate leather sofas and chairs, but I don’t think they’re that comfy. Sure, they may look nicer and more elegant. But, they’ll never be as comfortable as some soft touch furniture. My big thing with leather is that it doesn’t feel that comfortable. The material itself is quite cold and it doesn’t make you want to lay on a leather sofa all day long. Get furniture that you find comfy, and your home will become a lot more comfortable.

Get The Temperature Right

The least comfortable homes are ones where the temperature is never right. It’s too hot and stuffy during the summer and cold in the winter. It seems like no matter what you do; you just can’t get the temperature right. So, if you want to make your home more comfortable, you need to address this problem! To prevent your home from getting cold in winter, buy electric heaters for certain rooms in your house. This will give them a much-needed boost of warmth. Also, make sure your home is insulated properly, so you trap in all the heat. To make your home cooler in the summer, think about air con units like the Actron ESP. Having air conditioning will cool your house right down and make it way more comfortable to live in.

I think it’s important you have things in place so you can alter the temperature of your home when needed. There’s nothing worse than feeling too hot or too cold; it makes your house much harder to live in.

Think About The Lighting

I find that the difference between a comfortable room and an uncomfortable one comes down to the lighting. A room that is lit in a certain way can be way more relaxing and cosy to be in. Whereas bad lighting can ruin the room and make you want to leave. But, what makes good lighting? The answer to this isn’t straightforward. Different rooms may be better suited to different light levels!

Want to know my top lighting tip? Dimmer switches. Get dimmer switches installed in your house and you can control the light levels. This means you can set the lighting in a room exactly how you want it. Thus, your home becomes a far more comfortable place!

Mothers Group and Me - Featured on Hello Mamas

As a new Mum I went along to my local Mothers Group anxious to make a good impression, praying for my baby to sleep and not grizzle and to fit in.... I had spent a good hour or so the day before picking a outfit, washing my hair and thinking of things to talk about. 

I don't find it particularly easy to make new friends and as a new Mum I was worried about making a good impression and not ruffling any feathers. I went along, with bub in tow ready to talk about sleepless nights, coffee, dirty dishes piling up and post baby life… However I wasn't prepared for the competitiveness on how my baby is “doing this” and “my baby is doing that”, “I'm already going for 5k runs”, “oh you can’t manage a daily shower??” Hmmmnnnn... totally hit me for 6. I left with my head spinning!

I got home and felt deflated. My first Mother’s group had left me with the distinct feeling I wasn't as good at this mothering gig as I thought I was.  I chatted to a few of my friends with babies about my Mothers group experience and many had had similar experiences. As a new Mum I know we are desperately trying to appear competent and together, to find our own groove and get to know this little person we are now in charge of 24/7. There are enough pressures on new mums and making friends shouldn't be hard or stressful. 

It took a few months but I eventually found a little group of Mummy friends, and although I don't attend a traditional mothers group I have found so much comfort in my Mummy friends and online relationships I have built. Another blogger Flat Bum Mum and I created The Laundry Lounge on facebook as a safe place to share our questions, funny stories and support one another. Then I was introduced to Hello Mamas I could have sung with joy! I have spent hours reading stories and searching on the site and only wish I had found it sooner. The App allows you to search mums near you and find like-minded mums friends that have common interests and personalities. It totally takes the anxiety out of meeting mums and enables you to build your local community. I have now joined the Hello Mamas team as an Influencer! Watch out for me being featured on their blog with upcoming stories and join our community.

My Guide to Living Life to the Full

Do you think that you live life to the full? So many people just go through the motions in life. They get up, go to work, eat, go to sleep. Or something to that effect. They do this most days. Occasionally, they’ll have a bit of fun. But is that really living, or existing? If you want to live and not just exist, this guide is for you. Start living life to the full with these tips:

Do Things that Scare You

If you’re not doing things that scare you, are you really living? Do things you’re afraid of doing, so you can say you’ve done them. We’re usually afraid of doing things because we’re scared of looking silly, or even failing. However, once we take the steps to do them we realise we were more than capable. This brings more confidence and willingness to try new things!

Get Some Help if You Need it

Some people need a little help to get the most enjoyment out of life, and there’s no shame in it. Maybe you’re a little older and not as mobile as you once were. Maybe you’d like help with tasks that you find more difficult now. Home care could be the solution. Your friends and family may even be happy to assist you.

Make a List of Things You’d Like to Do

To get it all out of your head, make a list of things you’d like to do. Call it your bucket list. Add to it as you think of new things. Start working your way through it. This can be immensely satisfying! It’s a sad fact that many people don’t even start their bucket lists. Start fulfilling your dreams now. We weren't all born to work and die!

Focus on Learning All Through Life

Learn as much as you can all through life. Something you’re not good at? Get better at it. Something you want to learn about? Start now. There’s no better time like the present. The same amount of time will pass whether you decide to do it or not, so you might as well.

Say Yes to Things More

We can all get stressed and busy, so it’s easy to say no when you’re asked to do something. Say yes for a bit instead. Go out of your way to do things even if it seems like it’ll be a bit of a rush or a struggle. Just get out there and live as much as you can. Watch the film ‘Yes Man’ to back up this point.

See People You Love

Make the most of your loved ones and see them. Set some time aside as often as you can for a catch up, even if it’s just half an hour. You’ll feel so much better when you work on your important relationships!

By now you should have an idea of how to live life to the full. Start right now and you’ll begin to realise all life has to offer! Leave a comment below if any of these tips have inspired you. See you back here soon!

Protecting Your Home and Family: What You Should Know

When you choose a home for your family, you want to make sure that you’ve chosen somewhere safe. A place where its less likely accidents could happen, or intruders could take advantage of you. This is the only way you can rest with total peace of mind. If you want to ensure that you’re protecting your family and your investment, read on:

Insurance is Key

The only way you can protect yourself financially is to get insurance for your home. You shouldn’t skimp on getting a high-quality level of insurance. Insurance will stop you from being left in the lurch if you experience something like a flood, fire, or even theft. Take your time to pick a great policy that suits you and protects everything that you care about. Read the fine print and look around at other customer reviews and experiences.

Install Alarms

You can never have too many alarms in the home to alert you to disasters and emergencies. Make sure you have a fire alarm and test it regularly to ensure that it’s working. You can also set an alarm with a code for trespassers.

Think from a Child’s Point of View

If you have children or even pets in the home, think from their point of view. What can you see that could injure them or be a hazard to them? You can cover corners, tidy up wires, and get rid of bottles and things that they might want to mess with.

Get the Professionals In

Although there are lots of things you can do yourself to make sure you’re protecting your home and family, getting professionals in to do it for you will give you the best peace of mind. Professionals will be able to offer you appliance testing and tagging as well as other services to make your home as safe as possible.


Having lighting outside the home can be a great way to keep your family safe. They’ll feel much safer when they arrive home, and lighting set off by sensors can help to deter thieves too. Don’t leave it until it’s too late!


CCTV is something a lot more people are investing in lately. It can not only deter thieves, but give evidence if something does happen too. You don’t even need real CCTV for it to be effective; dummy cameras can deter thieves too. Dummy cameras are also a lot cheaper, so it depends on your budget and how important you think CCTV is.

Focus on Locks

You can never have too many locks. You should have effective locks on the doors, windows, and even the cupboards. Locks on windows and doors will stop thieves from getting in, but also stop children from getting out. Too many children have accidents because they got curious and opened a window. Locks on the cupboards stop children from getting in and harming themselves with dangerous objects and chemicals. Ideally, you’ll not only keep these things locked but out of reach too.

Do you have any more ideas for protecting your home and family? Leave a comment below!

How to Design the Perfect Home and Secure Your Family's Future

As a mother, I feel it’s important to try to look after my family’s future. I want to make sure that my daughter and future babies are well looked after now. But, I want them to benefit later in life from the decisions we make now. And that’s why  I like to prioritise the things that I think will be helpful in working towards this. So, for instance, opening up bank accounts for each to them is always a good idea, it’s never too early to start saving.
But, there are other practicalities to think about as well. I feel that where I live is very important for the family. My home is an investment, and one that I hope to pass down to my kids one day. But, looking back there are so many things I wish I’d accounted for when we bought our home. So much so, that I wish I had designed my own house. Then it would have been perfect. So, I’m going to tell you how to design your own home and secure your family’s future.
Get a Plot of Land
Okay, so when it comes time to think about designing your own home the first thing you’ll need is a plot of land. You can’t build anything without land. And you need to know what land you have in order to come up with a home design in the first place. So at this stage you need to focus your energies on securing land to build on. You can go through auctions or find out what plots are available to make the best choice. You need to think hard about location when you make this decision. Understand that your family will spend many years living here.
Draw up Designs
Once you’ve secured the plot of land you need you’ll have an idea of size and space. So, this means you can now draw up some designs. You might have your own ideas about the sorts of things you want to have in the home. I suggest you get these down on paper by way of drawings. And don’t worry too much about whether they look great. You can touch them up later; for now you just need a basic design.
Work With Architects
When you’ve finalised your designs, you need to bring in the big guns. You’ll want to get in touch with architects and find out who’s interested in taking on the project. Then you need to make sure you work closely with them to get exactly the right home for you. Now, you might have some instances where you will have conflicting opinions. In this case, you need to listen, and take on board what’s being said. The architects are experts, and they do this for a living, trust me on this. So, if they tell you something isn’t doable, the chances are they’re right!

Customise Where You Want
You need to remember that, at the end of the day, this is your home. So you’ve got to make sure you customise it wherever you can. If you want something as part of the home, then do it! Remember, you need to think about the future, so you want to build the best possible home you can. Think about future investments like solar panels and converting the garage. These will increase the value of the property as time goes by.

Securing your family’s future is essential when you are a parent. And, one of the best ways to achieve this is to design your own dream home. That way you can equip it with everything a home could need. And it will grow in value as the year’s progress. By the time your kids are older and you’re no longer around, they can either use the home themselves or sell it.