A New Home Without Moving Property? It’s All About Smarter Upgrades


Building the happiest possible home environment is a goal shared by all homeowners. Unfortunately, we all go through phases where we feel incredibly unfulfilled by our properties. It can make you believe that moving to a new one is the only solution, but it’s not.   
Utilising the best upgrades and renovations can allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll gain the excitement associated with moving into a new property without losing the familiarity of the surroundings. Let’s face it; avoiding the agency fees and other hidden costs of moving will often make it cheaper too.
So, how can you set about gaining that new home vibe without moving property? Here’s all you need to know.
First and foremost, a safe home is a happy home. Frankly, if your property is lacking the latest and greatest security features, there’s no wonder that it doesn’t boast the homely vibe you crave. In truth, fixing this problem should be top of the agenda.
Sufficient protection requires more than just security alarms. However, covering all the angles is a lot easier than most people think. With those new systems and positive habits in place, the entire property will feel more inviting. If nothing else, removing those threats will give you the peace of mind needed to relax.

Home safety can also include childproofing the property and avoiding potential slips, trips, and falls. On a similar note, maintaining a sense of cleanliness can have a massive impact. Underestimate at your peril.
For many people, a need for increased space is the main incentive for wanting to move. Upsizing can be very costly, though, while it’s also a lot of hassle. The harsh reality is that you might have to wait over a year for the sale of your current property to go through too. For the sake of your immediate and long-term happiness, extending the home may be a better option.
There are several ways to tackle this idea. Extending the building is one popular method, but it will eat into the garden space. Moreover, you’re unlikely to use this for bedrooms or office spaces. Going up with an attic conversion is often the far better choice at your disposal. While it is a costly upgrade, it’s sure to add financial value to the home. More importantly, it can transform a four-bed home into a six-bed property. For any family that is struggling for space, this is a fantastic result.
If you are lucky enough to have a basement, then you can also think about converting this area. Should your goal be to turn this into a living space, though, you must think about generating light and fresh air. Get it right, and it’ll add a whole new dimension to the home.
Creating more space around the home isn’t solely about increasing the physical dimensions. In truth, utilising the space you have in a more effective manner can make all the difference. There are several steps to completing this type of transformation. The first challenge, however, is to rid your home of unnecessary junk.

It might not feel like an overly important task, but removing your rubbish will free up valuable space throughout the property. Meanwhile, you may be able to sell some valuables on the internet to raise funds for additional home upgrade work. Even if you don’t generate money, gaining that additional space is a massive reward.
You can take this one step further with space-saving ideas such as mounting TVs to walls and buying retractable furniture. Given that it can often make it a lot easier to clean the property too, you’d be a fool to overlook those benefits.
When entering a room, the colour scheme is the first thing that you’ll notice, even if it’s subconsciously. This can have a huge influence on your response to the space as well as your mood. Therefore, choosing a new range of shades could be the greatest move you ever make.
There’s no right or wrong answer when looking at potential wall colours. Having said that, lighter shades will reflect the light to give the space a far bigger appearance. This can be especially useful for any homeowner who has a need for increased size. Moreover, the project is very cost-effective and needn’t take up too much time either.
It’s important to resist the urge to rush in, particularly as walls need to be prepped. Nonetheless, this can be a fantastic way to bring new energy to the home. If nothing else, it gives you a new foundation for building a fresh aesthetic with new furniture and accentuating pieces too.

With regards to smart upgrades, it always pays to think about the financial implications. Therefore increasing the efficiency of your home should be considered a priority. While many of those projects will require an initial outlay, the costs are far less than those related to moving. Moreover, the work usually boosts property values as well as cutting ongoing energy bills.
When thinking about eco-friendly upgrades, roof solar panels are the most common thought. In reality, though, you can make an equally telling impact with far more affordable changes. Installing eco-friendly toilets and LED lighting are far cheaper options that will bring great results. Meanwhile, fixing problems with HVAC and insulation matters is very important.
Personal habits will take things to the next level, and learning to turn off lights and appliances can be just as crucial. Still, the property should boast the necessary resources to help you reach its full potential. Upgrading the shower pressure, for example, is vital for improved efficiency. And it will bolster the atmosphere throughout the property.
Your property isn’t a showroom. It’s a home that should offer a base for your entire household to enjoy a fulfilling life. Therefore, building a happy environment is essential. Unfortunately, a bland design void of any real character will struggle to provide it.
In this sense, the small gestures often make the biggest impact. Adding a few family photos, for example, can increase the homely vibe tenfold. Alternatively, personalised canvas art and holiday souvenirs can bring a similar influence. Sporting and music memorabilia can also be used to bring office spaces to life.

Living Room, Couch, Sofa, Chair, Table
Accessories that make daily life a little easier and more comfortable can very useful too. They could be kitchen gadgets like slow cookers and bottle openers. Or it might be smart music centres or motion sensor lighting. Essentially, making the home feel like yours is the aim. Achieve this, and you’ll no longer feel the need to move.
As we get older, our bodies evolve. This can often lead to changing requirements. When this happens, it’s very easy to think that moving is the only possible answer. However, if you love the current home, you may be able to adapt it.
Those modernisations are usually related to movement around the home. Investing in stairlifts and accessible baths can transform the property by making it more practical. Meanwhile, it may be possible to turn steps into slopes or design a wash room. If required, you could even drop the height of your kitchen counters.
Practicality is an important feature for any property, and it won’t feel like home until you boast those properties. Given that no new house is likely to be perfect when you first enter it, opting for upgrade work is probably a better idea. If it speeds up the process of getting back to normality, it has to be a positive move.
Your relationship with the property isn’t contained by the walls. The external spaces have an equally important role to play. A beautiful and functional garden can bring a whole new dimension to the property, which is why ignoring the space is a huge sin. If yours has gone unloved, a little landscaping is in order.
Most people love the thought of being blessed with a stunning outdoor environment. For the vast majority, however, it’s the ongoing maintenance work that provides the main stumbling block. Installing an artificial lawn or building a patio area can reduce those needs massively. Once the garden has been transformed, it will remain beautiful for many years to come.   

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Depending on your family needs, you may wish to invest in new furniture. Likewise, jungle gyms, trampolines, and sporting activities may be useful additions. Alternatively, you may want to set aside a space for growing vegetables of building a compost. Either way, giving yourself an incentive to spend more time enjoying the external features will make the home feel brand new.
There are many circumstances where a move is necessary. After all, a change of work situation or relationship status may dictate that the current property is no longer suitable.   

Then again, moving can be a hassle and, in many cases, a revamp is all that’s required. Ultimately, if that allows you to get back to living life to the full sooner, it has to be a preferential solution.

Bright Ideas For Health Conscious Mums And Dads

As parents, your children’s health is the most important thing in the world. Still, just because you care about their health doesn’t mean you are doing everything in your power to improve their well-being. Sorry to be blunt, but ensuring they don’t bang their head or catch their hands on the stove aren’t the be all and end all. They’re significant, but there is more to being a health conscious parent. Quite simply, you have to cover every base to teach them and create good routines. To help, here are a few hacks which work all of the time.

Make Them Wash Hands

Lots of kids and adults sit down to a meal without washing their hands. Are you one of them? You wouldn’t be if you knew that www.reference.com says your hands play home to over 300,000 bacteria. Of course, some germs are good and help regulate the human body. But, others are nasty and are the causes of diseases and illnesses such as the flu or common cold. With over 300,000 on your hands and the hands of your kids, it is safe to assume they are not all good. Getting them to wash their hands will eliminate the bad germs and keep them at bay while their hands are near their mouths.

Prepare Healthy Meals

Kids eat up to four times a day with snacks in between. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare the meals beforehand to ensure they don’t eat tonnes of junk food. Buying healthy snacks such as carrot sticks is one awesome way to introduce them to fruit and vegetables early on in life. Plus, a cooler box in the car means there is no reason to worry about them being cranky because they haven’t eaten in awhile. The same goes for dinners, but try planning two or three at a time to make the prospect less daunting.

Schedule Dental Appointments

Being a health conscious parent is just about looking after their mental and physical well-being. Oral health also plays a big factor in your kids health. Of course, brushing twice a day and using mouthwash and floss should already be apart of the routine. In addition, make sure they see a dentist at least once or twice every three or four months. According to http://www.carefamilydental.com.au, kids need regular check ups to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, and to stop the onset of cavities. Nowadays, you can set up an appointment immediately after to keep the routine going.

Create Regular Sleeping Patterns

Depending on their age, the amount of sleep they need will differ. On average, kids need at least nine hours a night if they are not going to be a nightmare the next day. To get them down, a parent needs to set a routine so that they can slip into bed each night without realising. Start by giving them a bath or a shower, and then changing them into their PJs. Then, maybe give them half an hour watching TV before they have to hit the hay. All of this together means the kids know when bedtime is coming and won’t (hopefully) fight it.

Hopefully, these tips will help you and your kids become more health conscious in the future.

Don’t Let Your Home Energy Use Destroy the Earth

Like it or not, we all need to do a little bit more if we’re going to keep the effects of manmade climate change at bay. Most people want to do well, but are not sure how! The good news is that it’s easier than you think. No matter how big your home is or how many people live there, you’ll be able to reduce your energy use and do your bit to protect mother earth. And there’s an added benefit too: most of the things you can do will also reduce your energy bills, putting more money in your back pocket. Score!

Source: Pexels.com

Keep The Home Toasty

Everybody wants the earth to be healthy...but we always want to stay warm when it’s chilly, and cool when it’s hot. So we’re going to need to turn on that heating and have the AC pumping from time to time. The important thing is to make sure whatever air we do generate isn’t being unnecessarily lost due to insufficient insulation. For example, if you have the heating on but don’t have cavity wall insulation, or have draughty windows, then a lot of the heat you’re generating will be getting lost to the outside air.

Use What You Need

And talking of heating, how hot does it need to be? If you turn down your heat even by a degree or two, you can make a big difference to your energy consumption, and thus your bills. In some cases, you might be ineffectively using resources without even realizing it. Have a water efficiency audit conducted by a company like ultraplumbingandroofing.com.au and you’ll be helping the environment and reducing your bills at the same time. A few simple adjustments might make the energy you are using much more efficient, with no compromise on quality.

Utilize Technology

You might have a traditional energy meter in your home, but realistically, how often do you look at it? Never, is the most likely answer. Fortunately, you can not invest in a smart meter, which will show you how much energy you’re using, where you’re using it, and how much it costs you. It’ll show you in real time exactly where the energy is being used, allowing you to reduce the usage in real time, rather than waiting for your bill to come through, which is what would usually happen.

Simple Practices

Most of the changes we can make are simple ones and have to do with our practices within the home. For example, taking shorter showers each morning can make a big difference when spread over the year. You can also ensure that any televisions or consoles you have in the home are completely switched off when not in use. The same also goes for the lights.


This is only a starting point for the changes you can make. As better technologies are released, introduced them into your home. If we all do our bit, we’ll be making it much easier for the earth to stay healthy for longer!

Want To Earn Major Parent Points? How To Throw Your Kids The Best Party Ever!

If you’re a parent, you’re probably constantly looking for ways to make your kids happy. If you’re keen to win some major parent points and get in your child’s good books, there’s nothing better than throwing the best party ever! If your child’s birthday is coming up, here are some tips to help you plan a day to remember.

Choosing a theme
Choosing a theme is a fantastic way to help you decide how to decorate a room, select a venue and plan games and entertainment. Think about what your child loves, how they spend their free time and what kind of party they would like best. Are they a mad soccer fan or do they love Disney? Use their interests to help you make a choice. If you’re not sure, try and drop some hints and subtly ask what kinds of party ideas they like and what they enjoyed about other events that they’ve been to, for example, friend’s parties. If you’re stuck for ideas, have a look online for inspiration.

Where to host your party
Before you send out invitations, you need to find a venue. If you’re hosting the bash at home, you don’t need to worry about checking out other options. If you don’t have a lot of space or you don’t fancy embarking on a major clean-up operation afterwards, there are loads of alternatives you could consider. You could book a private room in a restaurant, hire a leisure or community centre, book some lanes at a bowling alley or rent out a soft play area for the afternoon. Your budget and the number of children attending will probably affect your range of options, so make sure you check capacity and cost before you book. If you’re putting on a party at home, take advantage of outdoor space. You could put up gazebos or awnings if you’re worried about the weather.

Organising entertainment
In some cases, the entertainment will be covered by the venue, for example, if you go to the swimming baths for a pool party or you go bowling. However, if you’re at home, and you’re worried about keeping a group of children entertained for a few hours, it’s wise to get in touch with companies like Fly by Fun. You can leave the kids in the care of experienced entertainers, and you can customise your package to suit the event. If you don’t fancy doing the decorating or planning games and buying prizes, you can arrange for everything to be taken care of for you. If you’re keen to go the extra mile, you can make the party even more memorable by booking appearances from your child’s favourite characters. You can also add a personal touch by ordering customised party bags and banners with your child’s name online.

Are you thinking about what to do for your child’s next birthday? If the thought of party planning is daunting, there are ways of making the process of throwing the party of the year much less stressful. Once you have an idea of numbers, look at potential venues and choose a theme. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of running a magic show, staging a mini Olympics or dressing up, leave the entertainment to the professionals and put your feet up.

Take A Load Off: Professional Help Moving Home

Moving home is never an easy task. You have a lot of work to do, from selling your old property to unpacking at the new one, and this is while making sure nothing is forgotten. Most people struggle to do all of this work by themselves, unfortunately. Thankfully, though, you’ve got plenty of places to look for help. This post will be going through some of the professionals you can use during this time. If you decide to use all of them, you could have almost the entire job handled for you. This could make the whole process a lot faster, easier, and stress-free.

architecture wood house window roof building home neighborhood suburb sign construction cottage facade residence property industry business residential housing family moving luxury farmhouse suburbs new build estate buy sell siding real estate investment for sale new home mortgage upscale residential area outdoor structure

  • Real Estate Agent

The very first person you’ll want to talk to is a real estate agent. This sort of professional is essential, whether you’re buying or selling. Assuming you’re doing both, your meeting would start with your current property. They can help you to get it to a very good standard while helping you to choose the best price to put it on the market. Alongside this, they will also start looking for a new home which matches your budget and general requirements, taking you to viewings when they find something suitable. Of course, there are limits to what an estate agent can do, though. This is why you’ll need more help.

Pros & Cons:

  • It’s the fastest way to get your house on the market, while providing potential buyers with a good experience.
  • Handles most of the work for you, bringing buyers and new houses to you as quickly as they can.

  • Can be very expensive to sell your house using an estate agent, especially if it takes a long time.
  • You will have to rely on them to make decisions for you which some will find hard.

Law, Books, Legal, Court, Lawyer, Judge, Justice

  • Lawyer

Once you start to make deals, you’ll need to start thinking about the law. The contracts used to pass properties between parties are incredibly complicated, and far too hard for most people to write or edit. Instead, you should be using a legal professional to help you with this sort of work. A lawyer will handle all of the documentation for the sale and purchase of the properties involved. Along with this, they will ensure that proper legal procedures are followed during the transactions. And, of course, they will make sure that taxes are paid correctly when sales are made. Having this sort of legal protection will help to make sure that no mistakes are made.

Pros & Cons:

  • The whole process will be legally binding, leaving nothing to chance. This can help to avoid court cases and huge losses of finance.
  • If there is anything wrong with the property which could cause legal problems in the future, you’ll know before you buy it.

  • Lawyers can be very expensive if you hire a very good one. This can make it hard for people to afford their services.
  • Legal work takes a long time, while it is completely necessary.

  • Removalist

Physically moving all of the possessions from one building to another is a challenge very few are prepared for. For the inexperienced, this sort of job can take days, requiring help from loads of people. The bigger your home, the harder this job will be. Instead of handling it yourself, it’s best to have someone else do the work. A company like brisbaneremovalists.com.au is the perfect option for most people, as they can handle the bulk of the work you’ll have to do here. With your direction, they will be able to pack all of your belongings safely and securely. From there, they will move them to the new property, unpacking everything for you. You might have to get involved at this stage. But, the bulk of the work will be nothing to do with you.

Pros & Cons:

  • Using a moving company will make the whole experience a lot more pleasant, with their skills and experience.
  • You won’t have to take time out of work or ask anyone for help. Instead, you will have a dedicated team to do it for you.

  • Like the other services on this list, using a removal company can be very pricey. Of course, you pay for what you get, though.
  • You have to do a lot of research to find the right company to help you, as some have very bad reputations.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what can be done to make your house move a whole lot easier. Using services like this will take most of the work out of your hands. During this stressful time, a bit of a break can be perfect.