Theres alwaya a beginning, a middle and a end....

So lets start right here at the Beginning..
Your probably wondering who I am  and why I am starting a blog... I'm writing a blog to share, to create, to grow and to hopefully make some people smile.. I'm in my late 20s (wow that sounds more scary than it feels) though I feel like I am a massive contradiction. I'm a mish mash of the best things in life... I love drinking tea and reading books, but I also love party dresses and cocktails, I love to dance but rarely go out. I love our cat and I love to go running. I am a mixNan chic and daring young whipper snapper.. I like my life this way and wouldnt change a thing....

Well I would change one thing, and I am about too... I live in Brisvegas currently in beautiful Australia but in a few months I am moving to New Zealand, well Auckland to be precise.. Im moving to live with my man who has been there for three months with work.... blah, yuck...

Read on if you like fashion and baking, love LOVE and Kittens,  reading and dressing up... There will be many adventures

Was a pleasure to meet you..

L.Candy xxxx

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