Thursday Ramblings and Plans

Today has not been a great day...

I caught up for coffee with a wonderful friend..
We chatted laughed then headed off to work cheery and smilling with our caffeine dose for the day done and dusted.

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My day clearly got worse from here..

I worked my butt off all morning catching up on work and was fdeling like I had gotten ontop of a backlog of work..

Sounds like a good day doesnt it...
I had sushi (or spushi if our Mr B)
They got my order wrong and gave me chicken and avocado instead of Tuna, I dont eat the crumbed chicken and while this upset me it didnt ruin my day...

No my day dissolved into a mess of tantrum, tears and chocolate... Over the fact I had to redo all the work I had done this morning, I was berated on the phone and made to feel like a failure and lost my temper and got very angry and upset.

From then on the day has been stress filled and troublesome...

But I am taking a positive step and tomorrow will bring happiness

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