Its Spring and the weather is gorgeous, the days are getting longer and lighter. Everything feels fresh and new..

Its now only two weeks till I move and I am so so excited. I hope I get to see most of my friends before I go. I am so looking forward to my going away dinner with all my lovely friends....
Aren't this gorgeous, they are from my mums garden...

Do you like the fringe...

My gorgeous man and I, two weeks ago tonight he was here in Oz...
Feels like a few weeks ago..

Again, they are gorgeous..

I needed some Home Maintenance
Loved this colour..
Great pearl toner

These were a bargain from Chemist Warehouse, love a good bargain.
And just because its Spring..
More flowers



Peonies, gorgeous pink and so fresh...

Hoping these next two weeks with my family and Friends is lovely. I am so excited to be with my love in Auckalnd.. Not long now.. x

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