Blue Skies in the windy city

This is the view from our apartment, isnt it gorgeous. I have been living in Auckland officially since Friday last week. I had the most wonderful and busy weeekend of drinks, dinner and fun with my wonderful man.

Stunning sunshine

I am hanging my dresses and they fit quite nicely in the wardrobe. I was worried about space issues but my frocks are fitting nicely..

We had a lovely dinner and went out for cocktails, this was us, sorry I didnt take any pics of the bar I was kinda wrapped up in chats with my gorgeous man.

My beautiful flowers, was spoilt with three bunches of pink flowers, Lillies, Pink Roses and these Pink LEafy things...

The start of my Halloween Decorations, this is for my candy..

This was us watching the Wallabies game... The wallabies lost but it was fun visiting the Cloud and Fan zone...

I had a yummy spensive Starbucks Soy Vanilla Latte, nom nom nom

Do you love my gorgeous linen yelow dress, love love love it

This is my new croped leopard dress.. It was on sale and will be cute with tights

We had a lunch date and this is what I wore, Cute?
I heart these beads that the beautiful AM gave me, so colourful and cute.. Love x

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