Everything Rugby....

Everyone is talking Rugby... Last night there Bronze medal game was played and the Wallabies managed to come out on top of the Welsh.. It was a brilliant match..

We watched the match at our Kiwi friends place, whilst toasting there new home and drinking Veuve. Was a fun evening..

Every News channel, every shop, paper and person is just Rugby mad, ALL Black mad, its such a mad and intense and special feeling to be apart of it all.

Today we had a brilliant day, we went for coffee at our spot then headed to buy B some new threads. He was spoilt and we found him 4 pairs of shorts and a cool wallabies beer cooler and special bottle opener and lime knife..

Then we headed to Parnell for some browsing, the shops all look like the above. Gorgeous little village style..

was so quaint and fun..

We loved this garden, so vibrant and country like

B bought me these choccies, because I stubbed my toe.. If there is a way to injure, hurt, fall I will inevitable manage to do it..

Delicious and love the packaging.

Do you love the linen yellow dress...

Im wearing the beautiful necklace my friend Natalie gave me as a going away gift. I adore it!

And I am still loving my mani with OPI Russian Navy..

Im loving Auckland, its weather is very un-predictable and a little chilly but B and I are having so many adventures together and I am so happy being back together.

I got a little homesick this afternoon, a little overwhelmed by everything that has changed and missing some special people from home. I have so much to do here, with study and finding a job, trying to make friends and find my feet but I think with a little rest and work I will be on my feet again..

Thanks for reading again lovelies and feel free to leave comments, follow or if you like to be a stealth visitor keep visiting. x

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