Its still freezing, brrrrrr

So its still freezing here, brrrrrr
B and I had a date at the Korean BBQ the other night.. It was so fun, we had a hot plate like this on the table
We ate meats and vegetables and cooked them our selves, was fun and smokey.

Then we went to the Japanese bakery and got this

Its a double Chocolate Cheesecake

So creamy and the biscuit base was crunchy and tasty

Do you love my nails, Its OPI Russian Navy
I went to

L Nails
They did a wonderful job

Its so so cold here, I seriously did not pack clothes for this weather.
I had to buy a coat, because everyday for the last week I have gone out and ended up freezing, so it was def a necessary purchase..
Like this but navy, its lined with navy blue and white spot fabric

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