Saturday Walks

We had a wonderful Saturday..

We ate Breakfast at Cafe Melba...

This is what Mr B ate

This is what I ate, nom nom nom
Canadian breakfast

We also strolled around the shops today and Mr B bought me this from witchery

I can see this silver leather skinny belt becoming a staple...

He was so lucky getting a pair of jeans, cashmere cardigan and t-shirt and canvas navy deck shoes for $113...
Witchery Man did him well..

Speaking of Witchery I pulled this fav out of the closet for our pizza date last night.

I love the colour and pattern...

The roughing even hold in a pizza bloated belly

I was lucky enough to get to relax and read these this afternoon

and had a soda water and mint, using the mint we bought at the markets, so refreshing..

What a glorious afternoon, We enjoyed a stroll

Then Mr B made me the most delicious stir fry with Pork and honey and soy, fresh bok choy, shallots and rice.

Don't you love these Bee jewels, so cute...

Well I best get to bed I am running the Auckland half marathon tomorrow morning.

night x

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