Still looking

I have been in Auckland for 1 month now...
I miss my friends and family and Kitten so much..

I am enjoying exploring a new city and settling in, I haven't got a job yet and am still looking. I know I don't have to work but I like a little financial Independence and its nice to be busy and have a nice routine. Mr B and I are so happy, I miss him so much when he goes to work each day. I think I have fallen more in love with him than ever.

Do you love my Kate Spade case?

I do

I love the secret message

I went looking for pink dresses and even in my limited Auckland wardrobe I still had these 3

Our mint plant is thriving

Weather here is lousey...

All dressed up for Saturday night Mexican dinner with Mr B

Loving this Mascara by Australis..

Mexicana restaurant, Mexican Cafe, Such cool decorations



Lemon Sunrise

Miss this little face

Rocking the wave, been practicing heaps..

Love and miss you all x

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