Theres something to be said about....

Being with the one you love, I have spent every waking moment with Mr B (that he isn't at work) and I am more in love with him than ever.. hmmmnnnnnn
We had a lovely weekend together, and to be honest it wasn't perfect but it was the kindness and understanding he constantly shows me that made it so perfect. I am a little down in the dumps, I haven't found a job yet nor do I really have any prospects yet. I thought a job would come easily and it isn't... Mr B is so supportive cheering me up and being understanding, I have never known such love and support from someone not in my family.

We got up Saturday morning and went to the markets and wandered around and picked up some fresh produce.

Then we walked to Newmarket and wandered around the shops..

We wandered around the long strip of shops then caught our first Bus home..

I also had my first Kiwi Ice-cream, was dericious
The ice-cream was creamy and the chocolate dericious

I picked these outfits for Saturday night
I wore the Red Dress
Dress Glassons
Shoes Nine West
Bangle Lovisa
Necklace Lovisa

I made these Mojhitos
I popped in a drop or two of Vanilla Essence, made them so scrummy

I curled my hair... I need some practice to perfect this look

Mr B loves this new colour in my hair, Im not set on it yet...

Do you like my outfit on?

I tried again on Sunday to curl my hair, Im getting quicker and better...

This was us on Saturday night

We had so much fun, listening to music and making cocktails
then going to a few fancy bars

This pic is of Library Bar, I liked it it was pretty chilled

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. x

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