Windy and Wet Wednesday

Today has been another wet and windy day... WWW, WET, WINDY, WEDNESDAY..
It isn't too cold just slight rain and wind.. The kind you cant just walk in but when you have a umbrella you almost feel silly, best to stay in doors and keep the do dry.
This is before the wet....

Decided to paint my nails Pink Colada to brighten my day, it helped..

We bought these to give the apartment a gorgeous smelling ambiance. They look and smell divine..

Do you love my mint plants
for mojhitos....

We also planted basil and rosemary but mint for the mojhitos makes me smile..

Look what B bought me as a treat after the quarter marathon, he is so sweet..

I got these two products to help my hair, all the swimming and washing has dried my hair out terribly, ouch

I also joined the library, notice a theme to my book choices..
I am a Bronte fan...

This is me running the quarter marathon.
I don't know which pick to buy

Yes I run in sunglasses and yes I am on my iphone whilst running, I am female I can multi-task

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday x

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