2011 What a year

What a year 2011 has been, no regrets all has lead me to where I am now and that is at the Happiest point I have ever been. Here are some highlights
  • Moved out on my own
  • Became a frequent flyer, making 5 trips across the ditch in 6 months
  • Moved to Auckland
  • Fell even more in love with my man
  • Studied two more subjects of my uni degree
  • Started to become more financially independent
  • Discovered ASOS and really became a on-line shopping regular
  • Really started to get into my blogging
  • Developed many amazing friendships with some pretty amazing girls
  • Really started to cook and bake and enjoyed it
  • Read many Classic novels
  • Discovered a little about my style and decided to really try and develop my own look, a signature look

Cant wait till 2012

May it bring us all even more opportunities to live better, happier and healthier.

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