Yep Im clumsy, if there is a way to injure, spill, trip or drop something or myself, guarantee I will manage to do it. SO needless to say when B and I decided to play 6 a side netty (netball) i was worried, I managed 4 weeks no injuries...

Last night I took a dramatic fall, I tripped, spun and fell onto the concrete...
I now have a cankle and very bruised and swollen thigh

But I did get to wear my new Nikes and they were so comfy

Since I am so sporty now We had to get me a cap too

I think I am getting better at doing the wavy hair thing

My friend from Oz came over on the weekend, we went on a bit of a shopping spree....
So much fun

I got so many bargains
Valleygirl Dress

Glassons Dress

Valley girl green dress

Glassons tunic

Cutest Valleygirl top
Will wear with black shorts I think

And I got this singlet, love it

Bek and I out on the town, Mr B was out too. Was so much fun

The next day hurt though...

Oh and behold my new bobble bottle, pink love

Miss you x L

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