I read blogs too..

Discover and develop my creativity.. I love to find inspiration in others ideas,posts, pictures, outfits and lives.

I have found blogging to be somewhat addictive, a daily ritual that has changed my way of thinking.. When I experience and do things I find myself thinking would this make a good blog post, shall I share this???? It's become a way of life, thinking..

For all the enjoyment I get from blogs I have also come to realize many people use blogging to boast and belittle others.. Now don't get me wrong I love to hear of others achievements and special events and purchases.. I don't like people's belittling, hurtful and boastful posts...

Beauty and style are found in chain stores, designer boutiques, thrift stored, libraries, cafes, kitchens, lounge-rooms, parks .... Oh I could go on...

Blog because you live to share and read because you will open your mind

Love L xxxx

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  1. Love this post lauren - so true Love Kathleen


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