Embarking on

a new lifestyle
Its been a up and down journey for me, my weight and healthy eating and living. I love to exercise and eat yummy tasty food, but I also love sweets and naughty treats. I got lazy, sick , had relationship problems, moved out and then to a new place and then again, I started study and a new job, I moved to Auckland and in a 18 months managed totally gain over 8kg, lose my body confidence and get totally out of my routine and for over a year struggled to get back into my running, healthy eating and it caused me to lose so much confidence.

2012 is a fresh start, my man and I are eating healthy snacks, planning meals and running again. We start boot camp tomorrow and for the first time in a long time I am excited about exercise and the effects its going to have.

I cant wait to feel good about myself, to put dresses on and know I look good, to have photos and not worry about chubby arms, legs face etc ..

Healthy me, I cant wait to see you again xxx

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