First day back...

Today was the first day back after our Christmas break and boy did it
drag on and on.
Lucky I had painted my nails last night to cheer myself up all da..

and my new mug was also cheering me, especially when it had a mochachino in it or Green tea.

My new Mac Lustregloss also cheered me.
This colour is gorgeous and I love love love it, thanks sis. x

When I got in m beautiful boss had left me some tiny smelly gifts, I was thrilled.
The cutest tiny oil burner, the little lavender candles in the holder.

Love it...

and this goodie for my wardrobe, to keep things smelling pretty

I wore this to head back into work, it was wet and dreary so this dress did the trick of keeping me warm..
ASOS Dress
Tiffany Ring and Bracelet
Michael Kors Watch

Been reading this too, cant put it down its trashy and fun

WIll be finished in no time..

Have any of you tried this, I highly recommend it. My BFs sis bought this for me, its amazing...

Tonight we ran again and did some little sprints in the park and kicked our footy for 20 mins or so.. Determined to keep on this fitness trip..
We bought these to supplement our diets

and I got these to help with my Hair, Skin and Nails

Hoping the Vitamin B helps with our energy levels and cell development, its supposed to also help with blood flow. The Nail, Hair and Skin is supposed to help to make hair healthier, and stronger, fingers and toes crossed these help along with the healthy eating and exercise.

Now we are on the couch, nice to relax

night xx

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