Monday Madness

Ok not really a mad Monday
But made you look, he he
Happy Monday
Most people are back at work now and the holidays are slowly fading away and life is returning to routine.
I find it soothing, I like a little routine it leave little room for surprises..

Today was a surprisingly easy day, for some reason I was dreading it but it all seemed to go smoothly, fingers and toes the rest of the week goes this way...
Loving this nail combo, OPI in my back pocket

This was my yummy Morning tea with a cup of English breakfast

Its oat and banana loaf. Made with wholemeal flour, honey, bananas, oats and golden syrup to flavor. Delicious

Healthy lunch snacks, keeping with the healthy eating plan

todays outfit
Glassons dress
Witchery silver belt
Scarf Alexander Mcquen

Auckland weather at the moment, grey and rainy

L x

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