Nearly Friday...

This three day week thing is great, just a shame its so hard to be back at work. Especially since most of m office is still on break and I am one of maybe 10 people actually in the office. Its quiet and dull... I am counting the hours till Friday afternoon now.

I am being swamped in spreadsheet work.....
my whole day was spent staring at these two

I wore this
It was chilly so I braved the wind in my ASOS cape
Dress Glassons
Tights Glassons
Bag Oroton
Watch Michael Kors
Ring & Bracelet Tiffany

Close up with far too much flash, I mean really I have a spray tan

Dont you adore my Oroton bag, I do
I think it brightens peoples days
I get so many compliments on it

I came home for lunch with Mr B and proceeded to nap, opps
I got caught

This is my snack of choice at the moment or fruit

Also trying these as well, they fill your tum and are actually quite tasty

There is a storm rolling in so I am cosing up on the couch drinking a wine blogging while my amazing man makes Fritters

What a man.... Dreamy is a man who cooks and is happy

So much washing to put away , grrrrr

Planning our date tomorrow, I have a $30 birthday voucher to use up yippie

Loving my Mimco purse that m gorgeous BFF gave me, spoilt...

ok lovelies, wine time and dinner time xx

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