Outfits, make-up and stuff

Its been a long week, I am beyond tired tonight..
and in the morning we have our second session of Boot Camp
Im excited but need to get a GOOD nights sleep..

Do you like this spotty outfit?
Blouse Kmart (of all places)
Skirt Glassons

Too cute, felt a little french in this, wee we

With my Oroton Bag
and its new addition a Lush Scarf

Dont they look great together

This is the hill I walk up and down twice a day..
Hoping its doing some toning...

Action shot.....
Feel the burn baby

I have also been watching what I eat and having shakes and bars for afternoon tea..
Fingers and toes crossed my clothes start to feel a little looser.

The runs before breakfast help too

This dress is a Target special and trust me these pics do not do it justice at all

Dress Target
Blazer Next

This is my daily face
Ill do a specific post on the details

I love this Target dress
Its so easy to throw on in the morning

And I am off lovelies, I need rest xx

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