Been upto much, no not really

This weekend we planned to go out to have dinner, walks and drinks and we did none of that.. We did go for our typical Saturday morning walk and coffee... But Saturday night we planned to go to dinner and then drinks and ended up watching The Godfather and drinking wine and eating cheeseburgers... Was so much fun..

nom nom nom

We woke on Sunday morning and decided to grab Breakfast at a trendy little cafe near the Harbor. We had a voucher and thought why not, well not sure I am glad we did...

Shaky Isles, food was great and well priced, coffee is strong and hot and while not to my taste many would enjoy. Service was left allot to be desired, customer service is not a high priority in Shaky Isles... The girl at the front counter had so much attitude it was as if taking my simple order was like pulling her teeth out.. Then our coffee took 15 mins to come out, and 2 mins later our meals arrived.. and were dumped on our table with out a word.. The food was great and fresh and tasty.. When the girl took our plates she again ripped the plates of the table and didn't say a word. Apparently the staff in that place are TOO COOL to speak to customers and to make a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.. Ok rant over..

I guess since living in Auckland and eating out so frequently we know what we like and what we don't, I enjoy eating out very much but half of eating out and not at home is the ambiance and experience of being somewhere different. I am not pretentious, snobby or the type of person who goes somewhere to be seen, I simply like to enjoy good food and service when I am paying for it...

My breakfast
Pancakes Canadian style with bacon and banana

The boys breakfast with slow roasted beans, turkish toast and delicious sausage..

Later we got a coffee and macaroon from the little French hole in the wall cafe..

couldn't even wait to take a picture

my nude mani Orly style


Rover Island Hot Pink Suede

Also got these slipper style patent loafers for waork and general casual outfits

Still loving the new hair too, Its growing on the boy too.

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