Selfish love

This weekend my man and I decided to have a few too many drinkines after work on Friday, we actually had a ball just the two of heading out to dance and have drinks. Another friend of ours thinks its funny we are so happy together, I actually love it being just the two of us, Im quite selfish like that, ha ha

I know I am with my soul mate, I dont know if you believe in that but I trully know we are meant to be, we are best friends, lovers, we are one anothers greatest fans and biggest support. Who could ask for more? I love that we enjoy sharing one anothers interests and we enjoy the dull and mundane together, we will grocery shop, clean and gym together because its way more fun with your bestie, right!

Love comes in many different forms and ours isnt perfect nor the only relationship ideal but its perfect for us and we are the happiest we have ever been together and cant wait for the rest of our lives ...
That was me, I wore my snazy dress that the Man bought me and my snazzy new pink suede shoes too

Silly head.

and cause I didnt take any pics of the two of us, here is one of us too selfish and perfectly happy two peas in a pod... x

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