Valentines Day

Valentines day means different things to different people, for my boyfriend and I it means a day to celebrate being together and madly in love. We like to express our love all the time but its nice to exchange heartfelt little gifts and spoil one another while expressing our LOVE.

I was spoilt with some Lush goodies
Vintage scarfs
a gorgeous new journal
and a lovely card, we bought one another the same card by accident... cute huh

B also came home from work with flowers for me.
They are the prettiest wild roses

This was my date outfit

and my accessories


cute table rose and candle..

Loved the chandelier

all date ready

my prawn pad thai was amazing

I devoured some Giapo ice-cream, If your in Auckland do yourself a favor and get one
Its amazing

Was a lovely evening

Hope yours was too. x


  1. Oh it was , It was so much fun... wish it could be valentines day everyday xx


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