When I grow up

happiness is the key to life

I have never been the person who wanted to take over the WORLD, nor was I the kind of person who wanted to be the biggest or best, I never wanted to step on anyone or be anything I wasn't. I am not the World Dominating type, I am 28 and still don't really know what I want to do with my life But I do know that more than a career, more than a job I want to always be happy. I have been unhappy, I have had depression and been through some very sad and dark times and I know the true value of being Happy. Please don't ever take it for granted..

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious or trying hard to achieve your dreams but don't sacrifice those you love or the things you love and believe in to get there as I guarantee it wont be worth it.. I hope you all live to be wise and happy old things and I hope you all look back and are hapy at the choices you made, dont regret your life you only get one. xxxx

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