Fitness, Portions and Healthy

Since January my Man and I have been trying to be healthy, not dieting.
Just trying to not over indulge and trying to not be silly about food..
Trying to start a healthy lifestyle not a crash diet.

We have had ups and downs, and although I haven't weighed myself I def can notice a very small change, maybe a kilo or two and in two months this is healthy but not motivating loss.

We have decided to embrace portion control, hoping that this might help to lose a few more kilos.

See below...


  1. That is such a good graphic! I am hopeless with portion control, will print this off and stick it on my fridge :) X

  2. It's great hey!! The other one I found said cut your plate (mentally) into four quarters 2 should be filled with salad, 1 with meat/protein and the other with grains.. Xx


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