Something about flowers

Wedding flowers are expensive, fiddly and complicated... I love flowers and know that I want our reception filled with beautiful blooms in pink and white, I want some gorgeous full peonies, some tight white rose buds, some foliage for texture and some combinations of different pink flowers.

Here are some of the ideas I like so far, all images courtesy of Pinterest and Google.



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  2. You have the same colors as me!!! We are twinnies! - aimee_billie xx

  3. HI Aimee, Have you had your Wedding? OUr wedding is planned for May next year. So exciting!!

  4. I was literally researching wedding flowers on Pinterest just the other night!! I looooove flowers too and would like as many as I can afford!! xx

    1. I really want flowers everywhere for the visual aspect but also the smell and freshness they bring.. I want really casual styled flowers.... xx


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