to theme or not to theme

To say I have been looking at wedding magazines, blogs, webistes a little in the last month is probably a understatement. I can appreciate a theme, or colour cheme but I am leaning towards a simple and elegant color scheme.

I have always loved pink so I was very excited to have pink, lots of white to keep it fresh and any metallic elements will be silver.



  1. I vote for no theme - stick to whatever makes your venue AND YOU glow and look the best on the day.
    BB and I are hosting our destination wedding in tropical north QLD, and we decided early on to just keep the decor minimal and let the stunning scenery and venues shine. (And people are more likely to be staring at me if there's not much else to look at, haha!)

  2. I agree... I'm sure once the plans all start coming together you'll feel yourself creating a theme which is 'you'... like what you've posted above, all your inspiration will come together and be your theme! Thinking about a particular theme may only complicate things even more!

    How exciting though!! Let the planning begin - looking forward to following the plans!!



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