Inspired by Shessonic shessonic Link I am writing my 10 Currently... I love these posts and Shessonic inspired me to share mine, she was inspired by Mumma in heels  

I love these types of posts, I love to share hot tips and love to share parts of my life.


Here is my list....

  1. Listening - Slightly embarrassed to say I am loving, Thats what makes you beautiful by One Direction
  2. Eating - Healthy, well trying I am currently calorie counting, its working I have lost half a inch off my waist already.
  3. Drinking - Coffee and many cups of tea, and a few cheeky Sav Blacs.
  4. Wearing - My new Vintage faux fur jacket, its divine
  5. Feeling - HAPPY, its less than 3 weeks till we move back to Australia
  6. Weather - FREEZING, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr so cold in Auckland
  7. Wanting - To be home already, I actually want to be employed again.
  8. Needing - A new job, we move home soon and I will be looking on SEEK again.
  9. Thinking - How blessed I am....
  10. Enjoying - Some free time, lots of walking and the love of my fiance 
What’s going on in your life ‘currently…’?