Inspired by Shessonic shessonic Link I am writing my 10 Currently... I love these posts and Shessonic inspired me to share mine, she was inspired by Mumma in heels  

I love these types of posts, I love to share hot tips and love to share parts of my life.


Here is my list....

  1. Listening - Slightly embarrassed to say I am loving, Thats what makes you beautiful by One Direction
  2. Eating - Healthy, well trying I am currently calorie counting, its working I have lost half a inch off my waist already.
  3. Drinking - Coffee and many cups of tea, and a few cheeky Sav Blacs.
  4. Wearing - My new Vintage faux fur jacket, its divine
  5. Feeling - HAPPY, its less than 3 weeks till we move back to Australia
  6. Weather - FREEZING, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr so cold in Auckland
  7. Wanting - To be home already, I actually want to be employed again.
  8. Needing - A new job, we move home soon and I will be looking on SEEK again.
  9. Thinking - How blessed I am....
  10. Enjoying - Some free time, lots of walking and the love of my fiance 
What’s going on in your life ‘currently…’?


  1. I love getting to know everyone better with posts like these!! Such lovely things 'currently' going on in your life. xx

    1. Its a big time of change for us which is exciting and scary. Love that for the first time ever we are a real team, there is no me anymore , its us!!

      I hope you didnt mind me borrowing your idea, loved it so much!

      Loving your blog and getting to know you better! Am so lucky to have met so many amazing ladies like you x

  2. I am loving all of these Currently posts! I am hoping to make it something that I do every month :) X


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