Let's write.. How do you start your day?

This weeks writing challenge is how do you start your day? Melinda from Mummainheels Link

My mornings are split into two types Weekend Wonders of sleep ins, snuggles and cosy coffee dates with my fiance and Weekday Quickie Mornings which are filled with A quick jog or gym visit, delicious breakfast and racing off to work.

I love to start my weekends with a lazy sleep in, I usually wake when my fiance decides he is getting up, I grab my iphone (mini putey) and check facebook, twitter, instagram, email and bloglovin. Then I hop out of bed, put on my runners and the fiance and I head out for a walk.

We usually grab a coffee or two somewhere and settle in to read the paper and chat. I love these mornings, they are relaxing and soothing for the soul.

                                                                           (couldnt resist posting this cosy coffee pic)

My weekday mornings are quick... I love my sleep

I usually get up, go for a quick jog or head to the gym..

Then home for breakfast and coffee

What do your Mornings hold? x


  1. I feel so special, my name has appeared on your blog to days in a row!

    I love all the pictures you have included - so cute :) Thank you for playing along again. Xx

  2. Your mornings sound great!! And I love how we are all straight onto our social media outlets to catch up on the latest!! xx


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