Lets Write.... What do you love about Winter?

Over at She's Sonic and Mumma In Heels the ladies have come up with a fabulous new weekly post. I think its a great idea, a new way to share, create, write and grow our friendships and blogs.

What do I love about Winter??

I love                                                         any excuse to snuggle
                                                                 to snuggle my gorgeous man
                                                                  (and in 5 days my kitten)

my Ugg Boots
so cosy

cups of herbal tea
so soothing

Scarfs and Hoodies

I love hot thick stews

I love layering and getting cosy in Winter, I love the snuggly time on the couch, I love going for a run and not returning with a burning hot face, I love not getting heat rash on my legs and arms and I love scarfs, beanies and hats..

What do you love? x