Lets Write.... What do you love about Winter?

Over at She's Sonic and Mumma In Heels the ladies have come up with a fabulous new weekly post. I think its a great idea, a new way to share, create, write and grow our friendships and blogs.

What do I love about Winter??

I love                                                         any excuse to snuggle
                                                                 to snuggle my gorgeous man
                                                                  (and in 5 days my kitten)

my Ugg Boots
so cosy

cups of herbal tea
so soothing

Scarfs and Hoodies

I love hot thick stews

I love layering and getting cosy in Winter, I love the snuggly time on the couch, I love going for a run and not returning with a burning hot face, I love not getting heat rash on my legs and arms and I love scarfs, beanies and hats..

What do you love? x


  1. What a beautiful post!! That 'you are my cup of tea' print is so cute and totally me!! xx

    1. Thanks lovely, I love the Teacup print too, adorable

  2. I absolutely adore the You Are My Cup of Tea - oh how sweet!

    I love scarves too - my favourite one is now 12 years ago and still gets worn daily for months as soon as it's cold enough to whip it out again.

    My uggs are firmly ensconced on my feet too!

    1. Its super cute hey! I am currently snuggled up on the couch hoodie and scarf on and uggs on my feet, bliss indeed x


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