Life Journey

Life is a journey and its a tough one at times, fun, scary, amazing, sad, joyful, tiring but most importantly its the only one you get so remember to TRY and always make the best of it. Living in Auckland has been a hard, fun and inspiring part of my journey, I came here scared and willing to give it a go, to try and make a life here, I came here to work on my relationship with my now fiance and I am so glad I did. I have learnt allot about myself, I have missed my family, friends and kitten so much its made me realize I am a person that needs a home, needs my family and friends and loves the comfort of home life. I love travelling but I also love to come home and that's what I have struggled with here in Auckland. Its bought my fiance and I closer and I truly believe we love one another more and more each day, we are so close and so happy now I know we made the right decision to try.

Heading home to Brisbane in 11 days warms my heart, my fiance and I have so much to look forward too. We are getting married next year, we are looking for our fist home together.. I cant wait to find a job in Brisbane, to settle back into living in our apartment and to start planning and home hunting.. I know we are so lucky and I thank God every day for the life we have together. x


  1. Life can definitely be a tough journey and wonderful at the same time.

    How exciting for you to be coming home! We should catch up for coffee one day sweets. X

  2. Ins definitely not easy, but it makes the good times seem worth it..

    Def should catch up xx


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