Ombre Update

My hair has been many colors, I have been a Golden Blonde, a Virgin Blue Blonde, a  sultry brunette, back to sandy blonde, back to vanilla blonde and every shade in between, I generally like to change my look with different colors and styles.

Platinum Blonde

Creamy Californian Blonde

Sultry Choc Brown

Toying between Blonde and Brunette

Sandy Blonde

Back to Platinum and short

Growing it out
First Ombre Blonde attempt

Ombre Blonde

My hair is growing, stronger and healthier. I have volume and movement in my hair and it is bouncy and I love it.

I dont think I will change it anytime soon, I like the color at the moment and I love not having to color and damage my hair. The ombre look is both natural and trendy. 


  1. Hello love your blog !!!!
    Love you ombre blonde hair - you are making me want to rock the ombre!

  2. Hi Sophie, I love your blog too!!!! Ombre seems to be the easiest of colors to rock, it suite everyone... x

  3. I have been every shade of hair colour from chocolate brown to platinum blonde. I'm phasing out my ombre for the wedding and am now rocking my natural colour with 2 shades of blonde highlights. Love how hair can totally change your look!! xx

    1. Really, I cant imagine you with chocolate brown hair! I bet you still looked amazing, want to know a secret, you were one of my three hair inspirations! I love your hair, its got great volume and shape and I love the ombre!

      I think the blonde highlights for the wedding is a perfect idea! I will probably do something similar as I think it will photograph better x


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