What have my twenties taught me? Lauren Greenlees

I am the author of Sandcastles and Papercrowns, I live in Brisbane with my gorgeous fiancé and rescue Kitten Lou Lou. We just moved back home from living across the ditch in Auckland and I am excited about a fresh start in Brisbane, planning our wedding and about a million other opportunities coming my way. I am in my late twenties now and I feel like my twenties have been the bumpy road to teach my lifes lessons and prepare me for the real World, I believe that wih my fiancés love we could conquer the World together.
Our little family

What have your twenties taught you?

That I am stronger than I thought I ever was, that I am capable of so much and what is really important in life.
I had a hard time as a teenager, I never felt like I fitted into a ‘cool’ group or a ‘sporty’ group and was teased quite badly. I went to an all girls school and had some amazing friends, loved my school but also was bullied by some of the girls and snubbed by others. I was constantly as a teenager trying to please everyone and trying to fit in. I stood up to peer pressure quite well and am proud to say I kept my values and morals even through trying times and pressure from peers. My twenties have taught me not to worry so much what others think and also to value the few friends I have who love me for me.
Best Girls in the World

How have you changed in your twenties? 
I am far more independent than I ever was, I have lived in two different countries and lived on my own in Brisbane. I have studied, worked full-time, I have lost jobs and gotten new ones, I have lost many friendships and found new amazing ones.  I try really hard to not let things get me down and to not worry so much what others think of me, its hard but it gets easier.

What lessons have you learnt? 
That there is nothing more important than being happy, and being happy doesn’t just happen. I used to be the child who was always smiling and happy, I took my happiness for granted... Now I know the struggles one can face to be happy and I appreciate every moment of joy.

What do you know now you didn't when you were a teen? 
That everything happens for a reason and you can’t control everything. Your stronger than you know. Don’t try and please people, the people worth your time will want to be around you. Don’t trust everyone

What have you overcome, been through? 
I have had a rough time since high school ended, I was very ill straight after year 12 finished, I had whooping cough, glandular fever and suffered depression. Its been a up and down journey but I am starting to get my immune system under control and my depression is something I struggle with everyday but can now manage, drug free.
I have lost my childhood best friend, and numerous others, been through a horrible relationship which culminated in me moving home from London as my boyfriend was sleeping with one of our mutual friends, I have lost jobs and failed uni subjects and had many struggles.

But through all that I am still smiling (now) and I know that it all happened for a reason and now I am truly blessed with a loving fiancé, who is my best friend, greatest fan and loves me unconditionally. I know I am  lucky to have met the man of my dreams and pinch myself daily that we are planning our wedding. I have an amazing best friend who is so kind, loyal and funny and an amazing sister who is the kindest most beautiful person and I have a loving and supportive family.

How do you feel you have grown and developed? 
I am a kid at heart and always will be but I have matured and I am def more grounded now and can appreciate the small things, I can face a challenge and I am definitely ready for the next stage in my life. We have so much to look forward to and to plan. I am looking forward to the next stage of our life, and a fresh start in Brisbane

Who inspires you? 
My amazing Mum, she is a nurse who works with the elderly, she has the most generous heart.  My amazing and beautiful friends, I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many talented, creative and inspirational people. I think there is more to success in life than money and a carer, happiness, creativity and goodness of heart are qualities I find truly inspiring. 

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