In my Bag......

What do you carry around? I need to have the essentials at my finger tips. I have Mimco purses for everything and a bag organizer by Cherry blooms Click Here keeps everything neat and tidy. I need pens, lipgloss options, a hair brush pins and ties, my diary and purse. I try to keep everything neat and tidy and never put junk or rubbish in my bag..

This is my Bag
A gift from my amazing fiance 

Its comfy to cary, goes with everything and is good looking

Everything in my bag...
Oroton Umbrella (Pink of Course)
Mimco Purse
Kikki.K Diary and Pens so I never forget an idea or appointment
Oroton Key Purse, this holds $10 and my go card and house key
Business Cards, because I am a networker
Mimco Purse for my lipglosses
Burberry Glasses (Im so blind)
Forever New Aviators
Tit-Tac Strawberry Fields (ADDICTIVE)
Personal Alarm
Spotty Lip stick Purse, Has a sneaky mirror
Boar Bristle Baby Brush for on the go styling


I do carry 6 lipgloss/lipsticks....

Never know what you may need...

Make-up bag for on the run touch ups

What do you carry around? xx

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