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I love a good writing challenge and thoroughly enjoyed The Lets Write posts created by Melinda from Mumma In Heels , She has has graciously handed over the ‘Let’s Write’ weekly blog post  to Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes who tweaked and rejigged and came up with Write Stuff. 

This theme for this weeks sensational challenge is “Celebrate Your Inner Princess“

I am my daddys little princess, and have been called princess by many a co-worker and I take it as a compliment. 

* I am obsessed with jewels and pink, I love to accessorize and dress up.I own a million party frocks although I rarely go out anymore.. I do wear dresses more than once but I need to change the look every time and must have a new frock for every special occasion

* I am beauty obsessed, hair obsessed and polish obsessed. I love to feel polished and dressed up. I change my look constantly and love to have fun. I am currently growing out my hair after a Bob cut (NEVER AGAIN) please stop me if I ever start talking of a lob, bob or shorter do... I rarely have unpolished nails on my mits and love to have a face of make-up to give me confidence

* I am extremely persuasive, much like Sonia from Shes Sonic Link Here I also find people want to help me and do the things I want, go where I like and help me.. I also like to think that people are so helpful because I have good manners, am kind and smile allot. hmmmnnnn
My Dad says I have always had a skill at being Bossy and getting my own way being persuasive, love you Dad..

* I believe in Happy endings and fairy tales. I have my prince and we live in our own little Castle. I am a realist I know that men dont ride around on white horses and live in real Castles but with a little imagination your life is a fairy tale. I live in a fairy tale world with my Prince and we will have a happy ending to our story.

Your turn, What are your Princess Ways? xxx


  1. Isn't it funny how persuasive a princess can be? Bossy? Hell no! ;)

  2. Oops, pressed e button too soon. Thank you so much for your post, sweetheart! X

  3. Thanks Missy, I like to think I am persuasive not bossy.. I mean I always say please and thank you xxxxx Cant wait for the next

  4. What a lovely post - I'm definitely not a princess, but I was my (biological) father's princess, so this raised some interestly sad and soppy memories. Thanks for sharing, babe xox

    1. Ohhhh didn't want it to be sad, you may not think your a princess but your very much the mostest awesomest loveliest lady xxx

  5. I'm write with you there on the fairy tales part! I am exactly the same :) Xx


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