Gelato Pastel Loveliness

Gelato Pastels, creamy hues are so hot right now... Hot okay they are not Hot colors but they are most certainly on trend. Everything from from bangles, jeans and dresses are in the shops... I am loving this fun and girlie trend and plan on investing in some Gelato colored jeans...

Dont let this trend stop at your wardrobe...

Love a little pastel polish too

Designer Gelato

Loving the pastels... x


  1. Love the notebooks! So in love with pastels at the moment!

  2. I LOVE pastels at the moment! I need to get me some pastel pants real soon!!

  3. Such gorgeous colours!! Love the pastel jeans, I think thats a great way to update your wardrobe & you would probably get lots of wear out of them too. Just so many colours to choose from!


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