{If you really knew me}

These fabulous and insightful posts are everywhere in the blogging World at the moment! I thought I would share mine.  Hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better :)

If you really knew me...
You'd know I love PINK and am drawn to sparkly things
You'd know I am a desperate sook, I cry at the news, movies, weddings anything 
You'd know I love to dress up, I am a frock and jewel wearing lady
You'd know I love to bake but don't enjoy cooking, something to do with peoples reactions to a cupcake I guess
You'd know I am supportive, loyal and honest to a fault
You'd know I am a love addict, I love love, I love hearing others love stories, and it truly warms my heart
I am not confident, I am so nervous and lack self confidence and self belief (much to my fault)
I have the sweetest tooth, I love chocolate and lollies and ice-cream. Especially while I am sick..
You'd know I love to give gifts and see peoples joy in receiving a little surprise
You'd know I suffered depression for many years and feel it made me stronger, wiser and  more humble
You'd know I need to be fed often, I am very prone to being  HANGRY
You'd know I make the best of what I have, a big smile, is truly beautiful

Now you know more about me, I would love to know more about you xxxx


  1. I love this! I think us being paired together for the swap was perfect because I am hangry-prone too, love cupcakes and bows, and sparkly things!

    1. I love these things so so much, and I LOVED my gifts. xxxx

  2. In my own experience,on dealing with difficult times,we eventually come out stronger..your blog reflects your inner strength and love for life.

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    1. Thanks, I feel strong and happy and so much more in control of my own destiny now xx


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