Lets Talk NAILS

Example of perfect nails and hands...

I have what can only be described as thin, peely and short nails. Not ideal for a polish loving girl. I must admit I am nail lazy, I love to polish my mits a couple of times a week but I am not good with maintenance.

I got lazy and my nails are currently shocking, so follow me as I try to grow my nails longer, stronger and maintain them. x

See said nails, short stubby and uneven..

Now lets talk about nails and what makes them grow. 

  • What you eats makes a difference, oily fish, and zinc rich food help nail growth
  • Tap your finger tips (not the nails) to increase blood flow to the nail bed
  • Keep the nail bed well oiled, and moisturized this helps to stimulate growth. Dry nails beds equal stunted growth
  • Nourish from the inside with vitamins, Fish Oil, Vitamin A, D and B all help to stimulate cell development as does vitamin E
  • Polish protects the nails from damage, water and helps to stop peeling.
  • Use a nail hardener to increase nail strength, and increase the amount of cuticle oil used to compensate 

Now you probably want to know what products I am using to try and improve my nails?

and tons and tons of 

Ill keep you updated on my progress x