This is my motto when it comes to personal style. I am not one to follow trends, I know what suits me and what doesn't, I dress for my body shape and coloring and most importantly my age.

This diagram helps with deciding on your figure type

'Fit by Body' Dress Shape Guide by Roaman's

No two bodies are the same and I am truly believe if you love what you wear and have confidence you will look amazing but a few helpful tips cant hurt.

*Always balance your outfits, a flattering v neck top, with wide length tapered jeans
*Layer outfits to create smooth lines
*Wear what feels good, look at other women. See what other women with similar body shapes are wearing
*Create a versatile wardrobe by investing in well cut pieces such as classic jeans , a button up shirt, basic tops in varying shades
*Love yourself and your body, your confidence will outshine any outfit.

This is my fav, I love this xxx

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