DIY Lymphatic Drainage

Puffy face and neck?? Me too. I hate it, I do have a round to heart shaped face so weight gain and fluid retention goes straight to my face. This leads to puffy cheeks and neck, me feeling uncomfortable and fat...

Celebrity examples of puff

Drinking lots of water will help you to combat dehydration and water retention. When your body is dehydrated it holds onto every drop of water making you puffy. Regularly drinking water will help, also ensure you drink more when you eat salty foods and drink alcohol.

Exercise regularly to ensure your lymphatic drainage system is in tip top shape and also helps to maintain weight.

I also do the following to assist my depuffing...

Facial Lymphatic Drainage 
Check out this video

Attempt to do this weekly using a lotion so as not to pull and tug on the skin. 

Also try this DIY Mask
Mix organic honey and ground coffee beans into a thick paste. Apply to face avoiding eyes..
Leave for 15 minutes
Wait for the compliments.. x
Do you have any tips for de-puffing the face and neck?

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  1. I'm going to try this mask, thank you! I've been combatting puffy eyes for years. Drinking water and exercise truly does nothing to help it for me at all but laying off the soft drinks (soda) and decreasing caffeine helps a LOT. And a good eye cream of course. ;) Have a great weekend!! x


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