This post is all about me, thought it might be nice to share the love share some of my favs and the things that make me me!

I am 28, yep that's right I turn 30 next year and i am excited beyond words! I live in Brisbane, Australia and have lived in London and Auckland. I love animals and we currently have a kitten Lou Lou and are looking at puppies for when we buy a house next year. I love to write and create, I enjoy sharing my thougts with others and I love to read.

I have a huge wardrobe and justify it by not smoking or wasting dollars, or outsourcing my beauty. I love fashion and it makes me happy, I am a bargain hunter and choose to source quality bargains rather than the latest trends. I have a pretty eclectic wardrobe, full of bows, ruffles and pink. I love color and fun and my wardrobe and frocks reflect that.

I also am a beauty addict, its more of a problem now I blog but its a fun problem.  I love playing with the newest trends and having fun with color and discussing  it with friends. I tan daily and love to splash some lippy on my lips,color on my nails and blush on my cheek.

I am marrying this amazing man next year
I love wedding planning and am finding it so fun and not stressful at all, I believe that if you marry the right person your wedding will be amazing.

I love Pink
Its so girly and romantic, it suits my coloring and is timeless

And Peonies are my fav flowers, they smell divine, look amazing and are so pretty and romantic

This is my best friend, she is so generous, kind and fun! I love her

I have many amazing friends who make my world a better place

I am a big family person, I love my family and am so blessed to have such a loving, supportive and generous one. 

I love a cup of tea or coffee and will happily sit on the couch sipping away. 

Exercise is part of my everyday

I love to go for a walk or run and lose myself in thought

Baking is one of my fav things

I love to make people smile, and fill their tummies with yummies

Tell me about you xx


  1. I love this post, Lauren! I feel inspired to do something like this too!

    1. Please do, would love to lear more about you! You could even guest post it on my blog if you like xxx


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