Bronzed Ambition - The tanning mitt

My bronzed faux glow

If you love to tan as much as I do, you will already probably use a tanning mitt. I must admit until about a month ago I had heard of but never used a Tanning Mitt, I  hang my little head in shame.. ha ha

I bought this baby from Model Co, and I use it every time I tan now.  The mitt evenly spreads tan, minus the orange palms, it ensures tan glides on evenly and accurately.

What Model Co Says


The custom designed ModelCo’s BLEND BUFFING MITT is a reusable self-tan application mitt guaranteed to give you a superior, flawless & completely even self-tan, whilst keeping hands clean & protected. The water-resistant barrier ensures hands stay clean & dry. Simply hand-wash with mild detergent to reuse.
The luxurious, soft-touch velour BLEND BUFFING MITT blends fake tan & instant bronzer to perfection ensuring an all-over, even application for any self-tan lotions, creams, mousses, sprays and tinted moisturizers, leaving you with an even, streak-free, professional finish every time - an absolute must for any self-tanner! Use with TAN MOUSSE and ONE NIGHT TAN for amazing bronzed skin.
Why do I need this product:
  • Streak-free
  • Stain-free hands
  • Reusable
  • Works with all self-tanners and tinted moisturisers
  • Flawless application 


STEP 1. For optimum results, apply your self-tan or bronzer to cleansed & exfoliated skin within 1 hour of showering. When applying a mousse, lotion or gel, you can use BLEND BUFFING MITT from the start to finish of application. Use the velour side of the mitt to gently glide the self-tanning or bronzing formula onto skin, using circular movements to blend & perfect. Apply sparingly on knees, elbows & ankles.
STEP 2. Allow BLEND BUFFING MITT to dry before storing away. If necessary, you can gently wash BLEND BUFFING MITT in a mild detergent.

Watch this above for how to use instructions

Do you use a tanning mitt? 



  1. Hi lovely, Can you buy the modelco Mit from priceline?? Suz xox

    1. Hi Doll, you should be able to buy them at priceline. I got mine at David Jones xx

    2. Thanks a bunch! I'll have to get one and give it a go! What tanner are you using? The colour looks great in your pic! Xox


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