Who's Dat Girl??

 Who's Dat Girl, a new amazing online boutique

Check out my interview with the inspiartional and dream chasing entreprenauer Sarah creater of The Dat Girl online Boutique

Who's Dat Girl?

undefinedDat Girl is the girl that you see at the café, the restaurant, the nightclub or in a friend's Facebook album, who through her outfit exudes confidence, she is glowing and she leaves you thinking, "who's Dat Girl?"
Every girl has been Dat Girl who has left others wondering.
The online fashion store launched in Australia, September 2012 with the goal to provide beautiful, current, fresh clothing and fashion, which leaves every young lady turning heads and feeling just like Dat Girl.
Dat Girl stands by its promise to achieve its fashion goals without breaking the bank and will not list anything on this website over $200, because we believe fabulous isn't created by a price tag.

I interviewed Sarah from Dat Girl and here is what she had to say about her amazing store and what inspired her.


My name is Sarah, I am 25 and I am actually qualified as a lawyer. I have thought about starting a clothing store since I was about 18/19 and use to tell my best friend all my ideas and dreams, but at the time I was at University and it just couldn't happen. In the past few years, I have noticed the growth in online shopping, including my own growth in purchases (haaha) so I knew that retail was no longer the way to go. Last year in about November, I turned to my fiance and said that I didn't want to just dream about doing this anymore. I have always tried to be more of a doer than a thinker and it's hard sometimes and damn scary, but I decided at least if I give it a go I can never wonder "what if".

I came up with the name Dat Girl, because I wanted something catchy that went with the concept in my mind. I am constantly out and about and stare at women, who I think have on an amazing outfit, I wonder about what they do, who they are and most importantly where they got that dress from!!! I think when we feel good in an outfit, we'd like to think that others are wondering the same thing about us. I want to provide the outfits that give women this confidence and I want to do so without them having to max out their credit card or search around multiple level shopping centres. I know that I love when I can find something unique and decent priced, all from the comfort of my desk!
My wish for Dat Girl is that it provides current, fresh clothing, that it is easy to navigate and user friendly and that people actually enjoy shopping with Dat Girl - on the last point you'll probably see some quirky photos the models have taken or little throw away comments in the description fields.

Here is my top five wish list from Dat Girl

Spring Holidays
More Details

Paint a Picture
Paint a Picture
More Details

Pop Yo Collar
More Details

Cloudy Thoughts
More Details

Rock Pop
Rock Pop
More Details

Now I was super lucky and won a jacket from the Dat Girl Website
its gorgeous and a perfect accompaniment to my wardrobe.

** This post was not sponsored in any way, I truly believe in Sarah's idea and want to support her as a friend, female entrepreneur and inspirational dream chasing lady xx

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