Best you series... 6 Tips to creating the best you

6 Tips to creating the best you

In life, you want to be the best person that you can be. There's only one of you, and only ever
will be one of you, so while you're on this earth, why not tap into the best of you?
There are small changes you can make to your life in order to get the best out of yourself and
to feel great. To improve your day-to-day life and boost your emotional wellbeing and self-
confidence, take a look at these six tips below.

1. Don't look at mirrors so much
You may have heard of mirror-fasting, and while the idea may seem crazy, there is some
logic behind it. When you're constantly worrying about how you appear to everyone else, you
may be missing out on the bigger picture. You may not notice what a kind-hearted person you
are, or how talented you are - and how can you realise these things if you're constantly fixing
up your hair or worrying about how you look to your crush? Don't avoid mirrors altogether, but
remember that what you see in your reflection is only a fragment of the incredible person that
you are.

2. Learn to say no
How many times have you said "it's no problem!" when it actually is a problem? Remember:
you don't have to say yes to everyone for every favour or request; if you would rather sleep in
in the morning instead of going to a voluntary early work meeting, you can. Your needs are as
important as everyone else's, and life's too short to keep doing things you don't want to do.

3. Exercise whenever you can
Maybe you exercise once a week, or once every day, or maybe you don't exercise at all - but
no matter how frequently you do (or don't) exercise, you can always fit in more! Don't do it just
because you want to find out how to lose weight fast; instead, exercise because it's good for
you and the rest wil follow. When you keep your body active, your brain releases endorphins
that make you feel good; on top of that, you're improving your health and wellbeing, and who
can say no to that?

4. Affirm yourself
Don't chant self-love mantras in front of the mirror if you don't want to, but find some way to
compliment yourself every day. Whether it's writing a positive point about yourself every day
in a journal or writing a note to yourself on the mirror, the more you compliment yourself, the
better you feel as time goes on.

5. Switch off
In today's day and age, we are all so attached to our computers and mobile phones that we
forget to just stop and smell the roses. Instead of going on your computer first thing in the
morning at work, use the time to chat to your colleagues about upcoming projects, and when
you get home, go for a walk instead of turning on the TV. When you unplug, you'll spend
some quality time with yourself and others, and you'll see there's so much more to life than
technology - thank goodness!

6. Smile!
It can instantly brighten up someone else's day and your own, and that's a good enough
reason for anyone!

Kayla Henry is a writer who loves everything to do with health and wellbeing. Her favourite
mantra is "don't be a victim of your circumstance" - if you're not happy, change it!

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