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New classes to mix up a dull workout


You have been good for the last three months. You've been going to the gym every day, and you've been eating healthy. Your body feels great, but you're getting bored of running on the treadmill every day or doing the same exercises over and over again.


If this sounds like you, your workout might be getting a little bit stale. While routine is always good, performing the same exercises day in and day out can be dull for your body and your mind. Our bodies need change so they don't plateau, and sometimes you need to mix up your workouts a bit to keep exercise fun. For some variation to your workout, try going to one of these classes once a week - the jolt to your normal routine may be the perfect way to reinvigorate and reenergise your body and your motivation.


Body Pump

If you’re bored of lifting weights endlessly, try something new and go to a Pump class. Body Pump is a weights-based class that works all of your core muscle groups. The class is 60 minutes long and is set to 8 or 10 different tracks – one for each part of the workout. With exercises targeting specific body parts, like squats, lunges, and ab workouts, Body Pump is a class that helps you build up physical strength and endurance while listening to energetic music – that’s a winning combination.


Body Combat

For something a little more cardio intensive, Body Combat is your king. Combat mixes martial arts moves with high-intensity cardio exercise for a 60-minute fat-blasting routine. The instructors are super energetic and their enthusiasm rubs off on you – even though you’re panting like a dog, you’ll want to keep doing it because it’s so darn fun.



Often when you work out, you forget to stretch and relax. If your workout routine consists of cardio and weights, it might be good to mix it up a little and get some stretching and core work into your system. Plus, yoga is great to give you that sense of inner peace and calm – something we all need in our hectic, busy lives.



You may dread riding on the stationary bike, but spinning is a completely different story. Hop on, wait until they dim the lights, and get yourself fully immersed for an intense lower body workout. With loud music and an encouraging instructor, spinning is a great form of cardio; on top of this, you’ll have killer legs if you do it frequently, and who doesn’t want that?


Madeleine Richards is a writer and gym junkie who loves Body Combat classes. She wants to train to be an instructor some day.

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