Great Lengths

I can finally notice my hairs growth, the pictures above give an indication of how much its grown and how the colour and condition have changed this year.
What do you do to grow out your hair? Do you have any tips, tricks or special suplements?
Brushing daily with a soft bristled brush
Wearing hair up in a loose top knot for sleeping
and taking lots of supplements assists hairs health and growth
And I found this on Lauren Conrads blog

Tuesday Ten: Foods for Heavenly Hair


  1. Great post! My tips are..
    *Only shampoo your roots
    *Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb whist it has conditioner on it
    *Do not brush whilst wet
    *Minimal heat styling
    *Minimal products in general


    1. Oh and only wash your hair when it really needs it! Use dry shampoo and chuck in a top knot to stretch it out between washes :)


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