becoming a stylist...

For as long as I can remember my Mother has been telling the story about asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up and my answer, I wanted to travel the World buying clothes for David Jones.... Things haven't changed, I still want to work in Fashion and I have finally taken the first steps towards my dream...

I have enrolled in a Professional Styling Course and I am beyond thrilled and excited. I have lots to think about and plan and I need to figure a career plan to get somewhere in fashion but I have taken that first thrilling step and I cant wait. 

I have an eye for putting together outfits and interiors, I love helping people pull together an outfit, special look or get out of a style rut and I am so excited to begin learning the technical skills I will need to work with clients.

I'm looking at different channels to start this journey and cant wait to begin living my dreams x



  1. So fricking proud of you lady - Kathleen x

  2. Good on you, lovely! Good luck with the exciting things ahead!!


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