It was a Bachelorette night , fun, food, party girly love

My beautiful best friend organised a room in the sparkling CBD, we checked in, got starbucks and got our make-up done at Chanel. It was wonderfully relaxing and fun. I was so excited...

We went to Tepanyaki at the Stamford Plaza Hotel and watched the show, caught eggs in cups and laughed and squealed all evening. 

The shoes..... I love

It was selfie central, kisses, pouts and fun

Then back to the gorgeously decorated hotel room for funny dancing, wine and giggles..

then it was off to Fridays Riverside Bar for drinks... The fiance and I met here funnily enough and I always have fun dancing and running a muck. 

Then home for macaroons and snugly jamies...

Was wonderfully fun xx


  1. You looked so gorgeous, I'm glad you had a great night! Sares looked adorable too!

    You had a really similar evening to me, my bridesmaid organised a hotel room at Chifley's, and we hit a few cocktail places before headng out for dancing galore!

    1. It was exactly the night I wanted, easy, girlie fun... We had a ball. x

  2. You look great hun and looks like you had fun. You must be getting close now... eep!


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