How to live more Fabulously

How to live more Fabulously

Most of us would like to live without a care but for most of us work and the realty of life can bring carelessness to a screaming halt ... So we cant all spend wildly and party and run free, so what... I like to live with little bursts of fabulousness, brightening every day and making each and every day sparkly. Here are my faviourite tips to living a fabulous, happy and sparkly life

1.  Enjoy treats, regularly  They don't have to be naughty.. Just let yourself be indulgent. Enjoy a bubble bath, a delicious creamy coffee, or a little sparkly something for your wardrobe...

2. Be generous with compliments and positive thoughts. Let others know when they look sparkly and happy, compliment others on their outfits, smiles and good deeds. Making others feel good will in turn make you feel amazing and best thing is its free!

3. Brighten your home or living space with beautiful things. Put your fav things on show and enjoy them daily.
I like to display my fav shoes, bags and books.

4. Stop and smell the flowers. Take the time each day to enjoy beautiful things, smells and people. Stop and take a mental snapshot of lovely things... Think of these when your having a dull moment, youll smile and look even more sparkly

5.Wear your precious things often. Dont save special things for a rainy day for special occasion. Wear them proudly and enjoy them...

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